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Fixed-fee price quotation, unless other fee arrangement is mutually agreed-upon. Typical situations when hourly rate is preferred:

Job cannot be estimated accurately
Work other than writing, such as editing, consulting, proofreading
Typical Fees

Consulting Projects:

Generic Hourly Rate - $35 to $95
Generic Day Rates - $250 to $650
Research Writing Projects:

Generic Hourly Rate - $25 to $65
Generic Day Rates - $200 to $520

Technical, scholarly, and scientific papers - $35 to $85 per hour (minimum 60 cents per word)
School book and encyclopedia articles - minimum 15 cents per word
Reports and feature articles - $35 to $85 per hour
Instruction, operating, installation, and maintenance manuals - $35 to $85 per hour or $75 to $100 per page
Informational and how-to booklets - $500 to $2,000
Training materials and guides - $45 to $95 per hour or $100 to $150 per page
Business plans - $1,000 to $4,000
Company and organization case histories - $600 to $1,500
Corporate analyses - $1,500 to $3,000
Newsletters - $200 to $500 per page
Data sheets - $300 to $600 per page

Assignment Terms and Conditions
Writing fees are for copy only. Assignments, unless otherwise stated, are handled primarily by mail, e-mail, fax, and telephone. The copy written is based on material primarily provided by the client and/or materials researched by request from the customer.
There are no additional charges to the client other than those agreed to in the purchase order. The Team will absorb the cost of local phone calls, postage, and other incidental expenses, and do not bill clients for these expenses. The client pays out-of-pocket expenses, primarily overnight shipping or messenger if required.
Fees are payable upon satisfactory completion of the assignment. The fee will be paid within 30 days of completion.
Revisions are free provided they are (a) assigned within 20 days of receipt of completed assignment and (b) not based on changes in the assignment made after the assignment is submitted.
A purchase order or letter of authorization is (generally) required for all jobs. This material will be deemed a contract binding to all parties.

Company Home OverviewResumesWritingsFees


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