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Atkins provides freelance services in the science and business areas of:

The research writing and technical consultation services of Atkins involves the following areas of strong interest and prior experience:
    • Physics
    • Astronomy and Space Science
    • Mathematics and Mathematical Science
    • Computer Science and Technology
    • General Sciences

    • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    • Organizational Development and Management
    • Industrial Technology
    • Investments and Money Management
    • General Business and Management
    • Work and Home Safety
Specifically, Atkins:
  • Provides high quality writing and editing services for reference, educational, and instructional materials used in encyclopedias, magazines, books, and other such publications.
    • Is skilled at distilling and presenting technical concepts at the scientific or business level for general audiences. Scientific and business information is written so that it is easily understandable to a wide range of readers.
  • Uses comprehensive techniques for the researching of relevant background materials so that a full-range of ideas, concepts, statements, and/or viewpoints are presented.
  • Possesses the abilities for consulting on a wide-range of general areas both in science and business.

  • Offers literary services to such organizations as private businesses, corporate research centers, profit and nonprofit associations, individuals, and government agencies.
  • Performs high quality work on a deadline-sensitive basis in order to allow customers to successfully use his products and services.


The following list provides some of the different types of writing projects handled:
  • Encyclopedia, report, and feature articles
  • Technical and scientific papers
  • Informational and how-to booklets
  • Training materials and guides
  • Business plans
  • Company and organization case histories
  • Corporate analyses
  • Instructional, operating, installation, and maintenance manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Data sheets


The company is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by William Atkins.

Company Home OverviewResumesWritingsFees


William Arthur Atkins

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