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Extensive experience and abilities in technical, scientific, and business Writing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Researching, and Consulting in the technical areas of:




         Computer Science

         Astronomy-Astrophysics-Space Sciences

         General Sciences

         Business (all associated areas)


         For additional information, go to http://www.WilliamArthurAtkins.com/research.html.


Extensive experience in Project Management with the coordinating of technical and organization management projects especially involving design and analysis engineering.


Broad-based developmental and maintenance experience in Training and Educational Materials, especially in the area of engineering.


Comprehensive Educational Background within physics, mathematics, business administration, industrial relations, organizational management, and entrepreneurship.


Various Business Experiences within entrepreneurship, small business management, organizational development & management, industrial technology, personal investments, and money management.


Knowledgeable and experienced in the most often used Computer Software.


Talented in developing and maintaining Organizational Development and Management: projects.





Entrepreneur (Sole Proprietorship)

Atkins Research and Consulting, Pekin, Illinois; http://www.WilliamArthurAtkins.com/research.html

Entrepreneur (Sole Proprietorship)

Atkins Computers, Galesburg, Illinois

Technical Writer

Butler Service Group, Chillicothe, Illinois

(Contractor for Caterpillar, Inc., Technical Information Department, Engine Division)

Computer Instructor

Carl Sandburg College, Center for Agriculture, Business & Industry; Galesburg, Illinois

Mathematics and Physics Tutor

Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, Illinois




Design and Analysis Engineer and Organizational Management Engineer

Rockwell Space Operations Company (subcontractor for NASA Johnson Space Center)

Houston, Texas

Operations Engineer

Allied-Signal Aerospace Company and

Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation (both subcontractors for NASA Johnson Space Center)

Houston, Texas

Assistant Department Manager

Sears, Roebuck and Company; Galesburg, Illinois




Master's of Business Administration degree with concentration in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor's of Science degree with majors in Physics and Mathematics

Bachelor's of Business degree with major in Industrial Relations/Personnel Administration (minor in Psychology)







Member of Board of Directors for TAPS no-kill animal shelter

Tazewell Animal Protective Society, Pekin, Illinois

Writer of On-line Synopses for TV Series 'The Waltons'

Editor of The Pedaler's Press Newsletter

JSC Bicycle Club, Clear Lake City, Texas

Project and Administrative Consultant: Earth Team Volunteer

National Association of Conservation Districts, League City, Texas

Recycling Program Organizer and Task Force Member

Rockwell Space Operations Company, Houston, Texas

Clear Lake Community Association, Clear Lake City, Texas

Armand Bayou Nature Center, Houston, Texas