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WILLIAM ATKINS is a freelance science and business writer, editor, proofreader, researcher, and consultant, specializing in:
Astronomy and Space Science,
General Sciences,
Computer Science,
Commentary and Editoral.

William's resume
(updated March 22, 2012) and

Project list (updated March 22, 2012)

Bachelor's of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics,
Bachelor's of Business degree in Industrial Relations/Personnel Administration, and
Master's of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship.

Work Experience
Eleven years of experience performing Engineering and Management Projects as an Engineer within NASA's Space Shuttle program. Writing experience involved shuttle mission procedures, technical training guides and manuals, and management articles.
Three years of experience as a Technical Writer with Caterpillar, Inc. Writing experience involved engine-related technical articles.
On-going writing experience in Project and Organizational Management, Employee Training and Education, plus expertise in writing training guides, business plans, newsletters, book reviews, technical papers, corporate analyzes & case histories.

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William Arthur Atkins

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