Episode 20 - The Outsider

(1 March 1979)
Writer: Robert Pirosh.
Director: Philip Leacock.
Music: Alexander Courage.


"In the early months of 1942 it seemed as if the only thing that didn't change was Waltons Mountain itself. The mountain was the one thing that endured in a time when all else was in turmoil. Old friends went into the service or into defense work. America was on the move and newcomers came and went. One such stranger set off a series of shock waves in our house, with the first one coming at about 3 o'clock in the morning of a fine spring day".


Ben loudly blows the horn of Cindy's red convertible as they drive up to the house. The family rush downstairs in time to see Ben carry his new bride over the threshold. The couple announces they were married in Elkton, Maryland where a marriage license is not required. Grandma joins the stunned family as they are introduced to Cindy for the first time. Cindy tells them that she did not have any brothers or sisters yesterday, or even a grandmother. She informs them that she loves Ben with all of her heart and soul. Before leaving to the shed for their wedding night, Cindy throws her bouquet. It lands on the floor but Elizabeth quickly picks it up. After leaving, John fumbles awhile, then says, 'Well, she was really pretty, wasn't she, Ma?' Easter responds, 'Oh, boy!' They return to bed wondering why Ben did such a crazy thing.


Over breakfast the family discuss what happened. After going their separate ways, Ben walks inside. Mary Ellen pours him a cup of coffee before leaving to awaken her son. John asks, 'What in the hell do you think you're doing?' Ben tries to explain but John is more worried about how Olivia will react. John insists he call her immediately before she hears it from someone else. John winces as Ben tells Olivia that he just married Cindy. Afterwards, Ben fixes Cindy breakfast in bed while talking about their new life together.


Ike learns about Ben and Cindy from Miss Fannie. He tries to tell Corabeth but she is more interested in the Alexander Browning estate at Doe Hill. During her childhood its fountain with large, white marble basin and cascading waterfall emanating from the god Pan enchanted her. Now, the estate is up for auction and Corabeth instructs Ike to buy the fountain. When Ike tells Corabeth the news about Ben, Corabeth exclaims, 'Oh, poor Olivia!' She goes directly to the telephone to learn more from Fannie Tatum.


John explains to Ben that the family is not angry with him, but hurt that they were left out. Cindy returns from picking up her possessions, telling her Aunt Susan about the marriage, and sending a cable to her father. Cindy unpacks a record player that she bought. Ben becomes upset at its huge price. Cindy says she used her allowance but Ben informs her that she will live only from his earnings. Mary Ellen hears their first fight, then watches as Ben stomps out. Mary Ellen listens to Cindy, then tells her that the family is preparing a special dinner for them. Inside the house, John finds Grandma wrapping a present for Ben and Cindy. He is surprised to find her accepting the situation. Grandma explains that Zeb would have accepted them, and so will she. Easter looks at her husband's photograph and says, 'Old fool!'


That night the couple receives a photograph album from John, a sampler from Grandma, and a wash basin, bathtub, and toilet from Jim Bob. Ike and Corabeth come calling late asking to borrow John's truck. When Corabeth asks Mary Ellen that they wish to congratulate the newlyweds, she firmly says, 'I wouldn't!' In the shed, Ben and Cindy dance to romantic music.


In the morning, Cindy is putting up curtains when Ben finds out that the material was reserved to make a new tablecloth and that Olivia's sewing machine became broken. Ben says to ask him before doing anything. Cindy begins to feel that Ben is telling her what to do, rather than letting her make her own way. Ike returns to tell his wife that he bought the fountain for fifteen dollars. Corabeth cannot believe the price and, when seeing it, insists it is not her fondly remembered fountain. Ike compares its minuscule size with monkey bars that look lower as one grows in height. Corabeth says to remove it, but Ike has other ideas.


Work is caught up and Ben likes how Cindy has transformed their new home, so tells her they are going out to supper and a movie. Cindy rushes to take a bath but forces everyone to wait for her. Ben finds a 'line that reaches to Rockfish' and speaks harshly to Cindy. The family thinks he is being too hard on her. Cindy is mad at continually being ordered around and drowns out Ben's yelling with her record player. John advises his son that he and Cindy just need more time together and more space between them.


Ike secretly sets up the fountain to surprise Corabeth. When Ike leads her to the mystery, Corabeth finds water majestically cascading down from her fountain through a three-tier pedestal. The image brings back her dreams.


In the morning, Ben announces that Cindy is leaving. Grandma tells Ben to 'listen' and 'come' as she walks to the shed. She tells Cindy to 'love him'. Cindy admits she does, but compares him to her father as 'loud and bossy'. When Grandma takes the broom in her hand, Ben advises her that telling Cindy to take the broom to him, like she did to Grandpa, will not work. But when Grandma says 'old fool, young fool', Cindy lays down the law telling Ben that their life must be 'theirs' not just 'his'. Ben finally realizes his mistake.


"The newly-weds kissed and made up once again, this time it took and the marriage went well for both Ben and Cindy. To this day in their house, there's a broom in the corner of the kitchen and Grandma's sampler on the wall - God Bless Our Home".


Cindy: Goodnight Ben.
Ben: Goodnight Mrs Walton!



The advertisement 'Pure Teas & Coffees' appears on the wall at the entrance to Ike Godsey's General Mercantile store.

Cindy's father is a colonel in the U.S. army; her mother died a couple of years ago.

Cindy's red convertible was a gift from her father when he went overseas.

Cindy's maiden name is Brunson, although it is learned in The Carousel (season nine, episode ten) that she was adopted.

Corabeth learns about the Browning auction with a letter from her cousin Mary Margaret Fitz.

The calendar on the inside of the shed's front door bears the words 'Western Virginia'.

Cindy and Ben's photograph album states on the cover 'Cindy and Ben 1942'. Their sampler states 'God Bless Our Home'. The wash basin, bathtub, and toilet came from Buck Vernon's junkyard.

The auctioneer wanted twenty-five dollars for the fountain, but Ike would not buy it for more than fifteen dollars.


Also appearing:

Ike Godsey (Joe Conley); Corabeth Godsey (Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy Brunson Walton (Leslie Winston).