A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain

(February 22, 1982)

(number 1, post-season movie)



Ralph Waite, Jon Walmsley, Judy Norton-Tayler, Mary Beth McDonough, Eric Scott, David W. Harper, Kami Cotler, Joe Conley, Ronnie Clair Edwards.


Special Guest Star:

Ellen Corby


Executive Producers: Earl Hamner & Lee Rich; Producer: Claylene Jones; Creator: Earl Hamner


Teleplay by: Marjorie Fowler, Story by: Marjorie Fowler & Claylene Jones; Directed by: Lee Philip


Setting: February 1947 (just before Valentine’s Day)


Erin tells Paul about her parent’s dream house while looking at the Mountain. Paul then asks Erin if she would like him to build her a dream house. Erin wonders if that is a marriage proposal, with both laughing when they act it out. But Paul becomes serious, asking Erin to be with him all his life. Erin says, “Yes!”


That night the family gathers around the supper table as Mary Ellen announces tomorrow’s grand opening of Jonesy’s new veterinarian clinic. As Jim Bob leaves for a date, Erin and Paul enter. Jonesy knows what they are about to say, by the look on their faces. Everyone hugs the couple, excited at their engagement.


The next day Paul drives to the lumber camp where Ben announces that he bid on a five thousand board-feet contract. The huge order will deplete their entire stock, but Ben and Paul agree that they can complete the job if they hire good workers, not the Hurley brothers who currently work for them.


Mary Ellen helps Jonesy prepare his clinic, as Erin and Cindy briefly stop by. Elizabeth sees Drew off to college, but becomes concerned when a pretty girl drives up. Rev. Tom Marshall is buying supplies to paint the parsonage when Corabeth suggests that he needs a presentable wife. She knows of several eligible, young ladies of impeccable character. Tom feels that the Lord will help him, and Ike agrees.


Ben and Paul strike a deal with the owner who bid the contract. At the same time Erin looks at wedding dresses outside a Charlottesville dress store. Cindy joins her after going to a secretive errand. Erin confides in Cindy that she loves Paul, but is scared about marriage.


The Baldwin sisters are having problems with a leaky recipe machine. Ashley Longworth, Jr. unexpectedly arrives to rescue them from the dilemma and to tell them he has returned to marry Erin. He informs them that his wife has died. Ashley asks if he may stay with them while courting Erin.


After supper, Mary Ellen and Jonesy continue their work at the clinic. Ben and Paul tell Jason about the contract, with Ben admitting he borrowed money with the mill as collateral. Jason thinks he should have asked the family first, since the mill belongs to all of them. Ben tells his brother that he was left in charge, and did what he thought best. Outside Erin asks Paul if they can marry on Valentine’s Day. Paul says the contract must come first. They fight about his decision when Ashley unexpectedly interrupts the spat. Erin can’t believe he has returned. When she introduces her fiancé, Ashley says, “I’ll have to do something about that!” Ashley privately explains to Erin that his wife died six months ago but that she (Erin) was a shadow standing between them. Erin declares she will marry Paul, then runs inside.


At Ike’s store, Miss Mamie and Miss Emily are informed by Corabeth that Jonesy has no customers at his new clinic. The sisters realize they can take Dickey to see Doc Jones, even though there is nothing wrong. Jonesy quickly realizes that the dog is fine, only suffering from loneliness. Realizing that not charging will offend the two ladies, Jonesy states that the initial office visit is one dollar.


Ben and Paul are told by Charlie that all the local lumber dealers, including Jenkins, have sold all their materials to Northridge Lumber.


On a stormy night Ike welcomes Tom Marshall inside for dinner. Unexpectedly Tom finds that Ernestine Boyd was also invited. Corabeth praises Ernestine for teaching Sunday school at Rockfish and for almost never being without her bible. Tom is obviously uncomfortable with the matchmaking.


Elizabeth makes a valentine box for school, while Jim Bob is off for another date. Jonesy and Mary Ellen arrive while Ben and Paul talk over arrangements. Suddenly Erin and Ashley arrive after he finds her stranded by the side of the road. Paul looks on while Erin flirts with Ashley. He leaves as the family stares. Later, Mary Ellen confronts her sister, saying she is “playing with fire” by trying to make Paul jealous.


At the Dew Drop Inn, Jason receives a telephone call from his father. Jason explains to John the deal that Ben has negotiated. John asks to be kept posted, whereupon Jason updates him on the situation with Ashley and Paul. The next morning Erin attempts to apologize to Paul, but is hindered by the noise of the saw motor. He finally turns off the machinery, and accepts her apology. Paul promises to take her for a walk in order to develop plans. Later, Paul confronts his father, while Ben looks on, telling him that he believes he intentionally bought all the lumber to ruin them. Northridge says their deal was a good move, but will compete every step of the way. He offers to sell him lumber at cost plus ten percent, but Paul refuses.


While filling Tom Marshall’s gas tank Ike suggests he take the new cutoff past Waynesboro as he travels. Corabeth wonders where he is going, but Tom only says that it is church business. Ike says its two dollars for the gas. Elizabeth walks up to Ike wondering if mail came from Drew. None had arrived.


As Jim Bob leaves for another date, Erin waits for Paul. Unexpectedly Ashley walks up and persuades her to walk with him. Elizabeth sees them leave, prompting her to tell the others. A little later, the front door opens as Jason brings home their father. The family warmly welcomes John, gathering around the table as he talks about Arizona. Ben and Paul arrive to find that John has returned. Ben introduces his father to his future son-in-law. They have returned from Charlottesville where Paul bought an engagement ring. Mary Ellen and Jonesy leave in search for Erin, knowing that she is out with Ashley. After saying goodnight to John, the boys walk to the porch, where Paul observes Erin and Ashley arguing but eventually kissing. When Erin reaches the porch, she finds Paul angry at what occurred. Erin runs into the house, looking toward her father for help. In the morning Erin attempts to explain, but Paul wants nothing to do with her.


At the camp site Ben and Paul realize that the Hurley brothers are gone, having ignored their work. They decide to finish the job themselves. Later at the house, Virginia and John Curtis wait for their supper, as Elizabeth makes stew that isn’t appetizing to Jim Bob and Erin.


At the mill John offers his services to Ben and Paul after learning they are without help. Cindy returns from Charlottesville after another mysterious errand. Before going on another date, Jim Bob plays ‘horsy’ with John Curtis. At supper John asks Cindy to say ‘grace’ where she announces the “blessed new soul that has been entrusted to Ben and her”. The family rejoices, as John beams with pride.


Jonesy advises Paul that when two people love each other and a quarrel develops, someone should compromise. Mary Ellen adds that he has been ‘stiff-necked’. But Paul finds that Erin is unwilling to talk, as she meets Ashley for a date. John and Paul watch them kiss, whereupon John tells Paul that he thought he could handle her. Paul thinks he guessed wrong. Erin returns, seeking advice from her father. John says she should make her own decision. When Erin says he ‘loved’ Ashley and now ‘loves’ Paul; John thinks she has already made her decision. The next morning as Jason and Jim Bob help at the mill, Erin tells Ashley that she has decided to stay with Paul. Elizabeth looks for her valentine’s box, finally seeing John-Curtis use it to drag Virginia around the yard. Jim Bob offers to help her repair it. They discuss how each other are alone, with Drew away at college and Jim Bob actually going to the movies by himself.


Jason stops to have coffee on the way to deliver the lumber order. While inside the cafe, the Hurley brothers steal the truck. Jason explains later what happens, resulting in Paul believing his father is behind the incident. Later John pours over the dream house blueprints, telling Elizabeth he may not be able to build the house. Elizabeth says that Drew may build her a dream house, and he and Momma can move in.


Corabeth visits the parsonage early in the morning to find a strange woman answering the door. Corabeth becomes flustered and walks away. The woman believes she has “shaken a pillar of the church”. Tom agrees, and adds “to her very foundations”. Corabeth returns to tell Ike that a “brazen hussy” is at Rev. Marshall’s house. Ike says, “How about that Tom!” Later, while Corabeth is having one of her ‘headaches’ Tom and his new bride walk into the store. Tom introduces Doris to the Godsey’s, who takes responsibility for not having the wedding on the Mountain. She explains that her father, Dean Thurwell, wanted the wedding at the University Chapel in Lexington. Corabeth is impressed with her credentials.


Ashley confronts Paul, telling him to stay away from Erin. They fight, while Erin tries to break up the brawl. She finally says she is sick and tired of them, and walks off. Erin rushes to her room, ready to leave for Virginia Beach to cool off. The next morning,as John and Erin drive to the bus depot they observe Ashley’s car on the roadside. Thinking something is wrong they investigate, and find Ashley talking with the Hurley brothers. They hear that Ashley was the mastermind behind the heist, and confront him about trying to ruin Paul to get to Erin. He admits the lumber is at the Old Turner Place.


Ben and Paul return after completing the contract, with Paul deciding to move back to the camp to be away from Erin. Cindy answers the door to find Drew waiting to give flowers to Elizabeth for Valentine’s Day. Elizabeth and Drew hug and kiss, glad to be back together. John returns with Erin, explaining what happened. Erin drives off to find Paul. She apologizes for acting the fool, but admits she always loved him. Paul finally says he also loves her. They reconcile, kiss, and Paul gives her the engagement ring.


Paul readies himself for the wedding ceremony, as Jonesy helps. Mr. Northridge enters the room to tell his son that he is proud of him for the way he completed the contract. In the next room John gives Erin a letter and gift from Olivia and a telegram from John-Boy. The letter tells of Olivia’s thoughts on Erin’s special day. At the foot of the steps, Erin finds Grandma waiting for her, happy that she is there. The wedding proceeds as family and friends gather at the church. John Curtis is ring-bearer, Virginia is flower girl, Mary Ellen and Elizabeth are bride maids, while Ben is best man. Rev. Marshall officiates the ceremony as Paul and Erin are joined as husband and wife.



Drew is attending college in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Ashley’s deceased wife, Kathy, was a nurse in London.

Joe works for Jason at the Dew Drop Inn.

Jim Bob has seen the movie The Road to Utopia eleven times by himself.


Also appearing:

Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards), Cindy Walton (Leslie Winston), Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Baldwin (Helen Kleeb and Mary Jackson), Jonesy (Richard Gilliland), Paul Mathews Northridge (Morgan Stevens), John Curtis (Marshall and Michael Reed), Virginia (Clare and Elizabeth Schoene), Rev. Tom Marshall (Kip Niven), Doris Thurwell Marshall (Joanna Kerns), Mr. Wesley Northridge (Richard Eastham), Drew Cutler (Tony Becker), Ashley Longworth, Jr. (Louis Welch), Joe Hurley (Chuck Lindsley), Tom Hurley (Robert Dryer).



Man that bid the contract, Charlie who owns the lumberyard, Ernestine Boyd, Girl that picks up Drew, Couple in back seat of car.


(Jerry Douglas, Lew Horn, David Friedman, Angela Rhodes, Kristina Callahan, Paul Bareslou, Adrianne Grant, Clay Lilley).