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The top illustration shows a portion of the cover of Earl Hamner's novel "The Homecoming: A Novel about Spencer's Mountain". The book was published in 1970 by Random House, New York. The right photograph shows the Walton family gathered in the living room.

I became a fan to The Waltons sometime while a student at Western Illinois University in the early 1970s. It didn't matter if I had a test on Friday, the Walton family always got an hour of my devoted attention on Thursday night. With a slender build, I was nicknamed "Slim Boy" by my roommates. Earl Hamner wrote about The Waltons in his books and on his televsion series, both which were inspired by his boyhood in the Virginia foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My Walton's site was written to honor Earl Hamner and The Waltons, and is here for you to enjoy!
-- Bill Atkins

The Historical Society: Information about:
  • The Family (including The Walton family tree),
  • The Friends (of the Waltons),
  • The Neighbors (that appear occasionally),
  • The Travelers (that pass through the Mountain),
  • The Animals (that live in the area),
  • The Locations (on and around Walton's Mountain),
  • The Quotes of Rose, and
  • The Songs, Poetry, Prayers, Quotes, and Signs (that comprise the community of Walton's Mountain).
The Trip To Schuyler, Virginia: Photographs and Story involving my September 1999 visit to Walton's Mountain.

The Complete Waltons Synopses: Expanded synopses from the television episodes written by William Atkins.


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