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The Walton's family is shown during the filming of A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (CBS, November 21, 1993).

The family reunion is marred by news of President Kennedy's assassination. John-Boy has become a Washington, DC-based TV commentator, Mary Ellen is a doctor, Jason is a professional musician, Ben cuts lumber with John at the mill while Olivia and Grandma maintain the house, Erin is a schoolteacher, Jim Bob is a pilot, and Elizabeth joins the Peace Corps.

The picture was reproduced from a magazine article dated November 19, 1993.

The Walton's Mountain Animals

The following table list various facts about The Waltons. Please help me collect this information by correcting mistakes and adding information that is missing. My email address appears at the bottom of all pages.

Pre-series and First Year ***** ***** *****
  • The Walton's female dog (sometimes male)
  • Family owned her for 7 yrs
  • Found Jim Bob and Elizabeth in Brian's Cave after taking Bullett there to save its life s1/e3
  • Is injured from a fight with a bleeding bear s1/e4
  • Helps John and John-Boy hunt a fox raiding the chicken coop, is shot by Tip Harrison, and found by Jason and his harmonica s1/e10
  • regularly appeared until death in The Journal s8/e6.
The Foundling s1/e1
Chance #1
  • Walton's first milk cow Pre-2
  • Gives birth to Bullet s1/e3
  • Regularly appeared until her death in The Graduation s2/e22
The Homecoming - A Christmas Story Pre-2
  • Bull calf, offspring of Chance #1, who was born in the episode The Calf s1/e3
  • Sold to Mr. Anderson for $9, but bought back for $12 with Grandma and Olivia's money, and Olivia's quilt s1/e3
The Calf s1/e3
Pete Sick raccoon what Elizabeth tries to nurse back to health. The raccoon dies at the end of the episode, and the family give it a funeral. The Boy From The C.C.C. s1/e8
Earl Curtis Norton's dog The Bicycle and The Fulfillment s1/e22 and s2/e20
Jim Bob Junior Jim Bob's baby duckling hatched under his armpit, and named by Grandpa The Townie s1/e23
Second Year ***** ***** *****
Old Blue Mule given to John-Boy by Granny Ketchum. The Odyssey s2/e2
Daisy Mary Ellen's newborn lamb The Odyssey s2/e2
Bay Charlie Potter's milk cow The Chicken Thief s2/e6
Rover Pig that is given to Ben by Yancy who found it wandering around. But George Porter insists the pig has his markings on the ear, so makes Waltons pay him five dollars. The Prize s2/e7
Lancelot (Lance) Erin's fawn that she finds wandering without its mother. She eventually releases it back into the woods, but not until the deer helps to catch two poachers. The Fawn s2/e9
(no name) Frog that Jim Bob and Elizabeth catch to replace the pet fawn that Erin rescues from the wild, but must eventually return to the woods. The Fawn s2/e9
Charity The female dog that gives birth to puppies under Ike's pool table. The smallest puppy is given to Luke Enright, and named Fibber. The Ghost Story s2/e21
Bo Grandpa's dog (sometime in his past) who supposedly was thrown off the Norfolk Southern railroad but was found later in front of the stopped train with a red flag in his mouth signaling a washout The Triangle s2/e14
Fibber The smallest puppy of a litter born to Charity. Given to Luke Enright. The Ghost Story s2/e21
Chance #2 Second milk cow The Graduation s2/e22
Thunder Bay Carl Jensen's thoroughbred horse that comes in second place in race The Thoroughbred s3/e3
Porthos Jim Bob's guinea pig (named after The 3 Musketeers: Athos & Aramis already passed on) The Runaway s3/e4
Benji John-Boy's pet terrier that he had when he was a child. He writes a short story about the dog that was submitted to Majestic Press. The Book s3/e10
Cindy Elizabeth's pet rabbit The Departure s3/e12
Rooster Hyder Snow's hunting dog The Shivaree s3/e19
Myrtle The Walton's goat, given by Maude Gormley s4/e7; Myrtle is used as "set dressing" on the movie being film on the Mountain s4/e11 The Wing-walker s4/e7
Calico Elizabeth's cat, died in The Loss while giving birth to litter of three kittens The Loss s4/e10
Calico the Second The only girl in the litter from the mother cat Calico, which Elizabeth gives to Olivia Hill The Loss s4/e10
Betsy The Walton's laying hen, lost in forest with 8 chicks The Search s4/e15
Prudence Maude Gormley's cat. The Fox s4/e17
(unnamed butterfly) Elizabeth's butterfly that dies The Burnout s4/e18
Clementine The Godsey's cocker spaniel puppy (Corabeth found the dog at the animal shelter) The Fledging s4/e23
Rover Jim Bob's peacock that he found (it came from a man near Westham) The Baptism s5/e4
Caruso The Baldwin sisters' parakeet named after the singer Enrico Caruso. The Night Walker s5/e6
(no name) Walton's wild mustang, branded with "W" branding iron. The Last Mustang s5/e12
Gabriel Fern Lockwood's first canary The Recluse s6/e3
Jason Fern Lockwood's second canary, named after Jason Walton. The Recluse s6/e3
Ruby The Walton's peahen, mate to Rover The Volunteer s6/e6
Red G.W. Haines' horse. The First Casualty s6/e8
Dynamite Male calf, offspring to Chance #2. The Battle of Drucilla's Pond s6/e9
Judy Elizabeth's pony, given by the Baldwin sisters, when she was paralyzed The Ordeal s6/e19
Jay-Bez Elizabeth's pig for 4-H project. Grandma Comes Home s6/e22
Beauregard Judge Baldwin's hunting dog (died in 1925) The Obsession s7/e4
Chirpee Grandma's canary The Portrait s7/e6
Nick Jeffrey's dog, named after Saint Nicholas The Spirit s8/e12
(no name) Mary Ellen's horse ridden on nursing rounds, given by Nurse Nora. The Diploma s8/e3
Tiger Yancy Tucker's male dog, appears infrequently. Father of Reckless' litter of puppies s6/e7. The Baptism s5/e4
Dickey Miss Emily's golden retriever dog, given by Miss Mamie. The Beginning s9/e13
Gingerbread The Walton's baby goat, named by Elizabeth, offspring of Myrtle. The Flight s6/e10
Harold Jeffrey's female cat. The Fastidious Wife s8/e13
Apollo (Charlie) Jeffrey's kitten, offspring of Harold, the cat. The Fastidious Wife s8/e13
Aphrodite The Godsey's mouser, offspring of Harold, the cat. The Fastidious Wife s8/e13
Old Joe Catfish that John says is ten-foot long The Last Straw s8/e19
Molly Elizabeth's horse that John bought from Luke Bridgewater. Broke leg and put out of its misery. The Outrage s9/e1
Pepper Molly's foal that was bought by Drew Cutler. The Outrage s9/e1
Doc Drew Cutler's old dog (deceased). The Outrage s9/e1
Needy The dog owned by Eula May Moonie The Hostage s9/e20
Isabella Yancy's pet turkey. Traded to Jim-Bob for inner tube. A Day of Thanks on Walton's Mountain 11/22/82


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