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richard thomas.

Richard Thomas is shown as he appeared in the November 20, 1993 TV Guide article "The Other Side of the Mountain" by Deborah Starr Seibel.

Richard, who was 42 years-old at this time, was filming the CBS broadcast of A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion on Sunday, November 21, 1993. Previous to this he had gotten rave reviews for his performance in Shakespeare's Richard II.

The picture was reproduced from a TV Guide magazine article dated November 20, 1993.

The Walton's Mountain Family

The following table lists various facts about The Waltons. Please help me collect this information by correcting mistakes and adding information that is missing. My email address appears at the bottom of all pages.

Walton's Mountain, Virginia (Jefferson County) : Schuyler, Virginia (Nelson County)

Rome Walton

(never appeared)
  • First settled the Mountain in 1789, according to Grandpa in the Homecoming Pre-2 and The Deed s1/e20
  • Arrived on Mountain with only a mule, plow, and rifle s1/e4
  • Married Rebecca Lee
  • He and Rebecca Lee are mentioned when John-Boy and Jenny walk up to the old homestead s1/e17
  • Original Walton to settle Mountain in 1765 s7/e23
  • Cleared the land and went to Buckingham County to buy a Jersey milk cow in 1796 s1/e20
  • Children Samuel and unknown (father of Zadock)
  • Built and played the 108 year old fiddle that he gave to Zadock, who then gave it to John, who gave it to Jason in s8/e17 The Remembrance
Rebecca Lee Walton (unknown maiden name)

(never appeared).
  • Wife of Rome Walton. Arrived at an unknown time after Rome
  • Children of Samuel and unknown (father of Zadock)
  • Gravestone appears in s2/e17
Samuel Walton

Mentioned s5/e10
  • Came over from England in 1810 s5/e10.
  • Wife Zula (as told by Zadock Walton s8/e17)
  • Four sons, Zebulon, Henry (oldest), Benjamin, and Matthew s1/e5 & s1/e12.
  • Worked at mill on James River that was just above Scottsville, Virginia.
  • Matt died in war s1/e5
  • Died, according to Grandpa, when he saw a falling star and died the next morning s1/e6
Zula Walton (unknown maiden name)

Mentioned s8/e17
  • Huband Samuel
  • Four sons Zebulon, Henry (oldest), Benjamin, and Matthew.
Matthew "Matt" Walton

Mentioned in The Typewriter s1/e5, The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12.
  • Husband of unknown wife.
  • Died in a war according to Grandpa s1/e5.
  • Father of Cora Walton Denby s1/e12.
  • Brother of Zeb s1/e12
  • Sold his share of the Mountain to Zeb, including John-Boy's Meadow s1/e12
  • Cora tells her husband that her father had 'sand in his shoes' (a wanderer) like him s1/e12
(unknown) Walton (unknown maiden name)

(Not mentioned.)
  • Mother of Cora.
Cora Walton Denby

Joy MacIntosh

The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12.
  • Father Matt.
  • Husband Ham.
  • Son Job.
Hamilton 'Ham' Denby

Warren Vanders

The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12.
  • Wife Cora.
  • Son Job.
  • Denby family lost their Kansas farm to the "Dust Bowl" s1/e12
  • Later settled in Upper New York state, at the Mohawk Valley s1/e12
Job Denby

Ken Wolger

The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12.
  • Son of Cora and Ham.
Benjamin Walton

Mentioned in The Hertitage s2/e17.
  • Zeb's brother.
  • Lived in Goochland County.
  • Zeb and Esther visited him in a horse-and-buggy (that broke an axle)
  • Gravesite appears in s2/e17
Henry Walton

Mentioned in The Conflict s3/e1.
  • Zeb's oldest brother
  • At age of 11, Henry met Martha Corrine while working at mill his father worked on James River just above Scottsville, Virginia
  • Fought in the Civil War from 1883 to 1865 (enlisted with Stonewall Jackson, and later fought was Jubel Early)
  • At age of 16 Henry married Martha Corinne
  • Lived in Blue Rock Creek
  • Two sons: first Boone and little Henry (died after two weeks)
  • Gravestone: "Henry Walton 1845-1921 Beloved Husband of Martha Corrine"
Martha Corrine Tyler Walton (Tyler maiden name)

Beulah Bondi

The Conflict s3/e1.
  • Aunt of John s3/e1
  • Met Henry at age of 10 while he (age 11) worked at mill (located on the James River just above Scottsville) that his father worked s3/e1
  • Wife of Henry: married at age of 15 s3/e1
  • Martha Corrine, 15, married Henry, 16, in 1865, she "wore liliacs and he smelled of bay rum" s3/e1
  • Moved into their home on Blue Rock Creek in 1865 s3/e1
  • Mother of Boone and little Henry (died at infancy) s3/e1
  • Grandma goes to Brightwood where Martha Corrine has been sick with bronchitis s4/e21
  • Mentioned Floyd Walton s5/e10.
  • Died in 1939, and was buried next to her husband and infant son s5/e10
Boone Walton

Morgan Woodward

The Conflict s3/e1
The Moonshiner s7/e3.
  • Son of Henry and Martha s3/e1
  • Grandfather of Wade s3/e1
  • Husband of Rose Jameson s3/e1
  • Rose died about a year before s3/e1
  • Married at church in Albemarle s3/e1
  • He died in 1943, after being hit by a car while crossing the highway carrying two jugs of moonshine s3/e1
  • Mentioned in The Estrangement as making moonshine, and having Corky and his nephew Wade Walton run it s4/e12
Rose Jameson Walton (Jameson maiden name)

Mentioned in The xxxxxxx.
  • Wife of Boone
  • Grandmother of Wade
  • Died in the spring of 1888 (as mentioned in s?/e?, but mentioned she died the year before that episode s3/e1 occurred.
  • Son died same year
Father of Wade Walton

(No information)
  • Son of Henry
Mother of Wade Walton

(No information)
  • Daughter-in-law of Henry
Wade Walton

Richard Hatch

The Conflict s3/e1
  • Husband of Vera
  • Father of son Floyd
  • Grandson of Boone
  • Became one of the country's leading wood carvers s3/e1
  • Settled in the southwest part of Virginia after s3/e1
  • Age 19 s3/e1
  • Works (but eventually quits) the Westham Woodworks in Westham, Virginia s4/e12
  • Runs moonshine for Grandpa Boone to Richmond, Newsport News, and Norfolk with partner Corky s4/e12
  • Is arrested by Sheriff Bridges and fined by Judge Horsley, either $50 or 50 days in jail s4/e12
Vera Walton (Mouren maiden name)

Linsay V. Jones

The Conflict s3/e1
  • Daughter of Ben Mouren of Hampton, Virginia s3/e1
  • Ben died of lung disease in 1929 s3/e1
  • Wife of Wade s3/e1
  • Mother of son Floyd s3/e1
  • Leaves Wade after unable to get used to the city, but eventually returns to him s4/e12
  • Has relatives in Afton, Virginia s4/e12
Floyd Walton

Son of Cousin Wade
Appears but no actor name is mentioned
  • Vera is pregnant with Floyd in The Conflict s3/e1
  • Son of Wade and Vera s4/e12
Uncle Charley

only mentioned
  • Had an encounter with a bear on the meadow s1/e20
Zadock Walton

Cousin of Zeb
Woodrow Chambliss

The Remembrance s8/e17
  • Cousin of Zeb (younger than Zeb)
  • Lives in Big Spruce, in Boone County s8/e17
  • Grows hybrid apples on his 21-acre farm/plantation
  • Donates (deed of gift) his farm and apples to Agriculture Department at Boatwright University upon his death as a living farm
  • Arlington Harrington, attorney from Charlottesville that is drawing up Zadock's will s8/e17
  • Gives John his 108-year old fiddle that was originally owned by Rome Walton (John gives it to Jason)
Felicity Walton (and Cousin Alisa and Uncle Amos) Mentioned in The Matchmakers s3/e16
  • Mentioned by Grandma when Felicity moved in with Alisa and Amos, and never left
  • Alisa and Amos have since died
Corabeth Walton (Godsey) Ronnie Claire Edwards

The Matchmakers s3/e16
  • See "Friends" section for more information on Corabeth, Ike, and Aimee
  • John's second cousin from Doe Hill, Virginia.
  • Married Ike Godsey, adopted Aimee
Amy Only mentioned s1/e5
  • Died of scarlet fever, according to Grandpa
  • Unknown relationship to Waltons
Immediate Family and Their Offspring
Grandpa Zebulan 'Zeb' Tyler Walton

Edgar Bergen (first) The Homecoming

Will Geer (second) s1/e1

(born March 9, 1902, died April 22, 1978).
  • Married Esther
  • Father of two sons John and Ben and unknown other child
  • John tells Ham that Grandpa divided up his land among his children s1/e12
  • Brother Henry, oldest
  • Brother Matt
  • Brother Benjamin, lived in Goochland County s2/e17
  • Born 1865
  • Amy (unknown relative) s1/e5
  • Has a chest spasm treated by Doc Shackleford s1/e6
  • Has liked the poet John Keats for thirty years s2/e1
  • Buys Esther Evening Mist perfume from the Charlottesville druggist Ollie Harper for thirty-nine cents s2/e3
  • Middle name Tyler from s2/e17
  • Seventy-two years old in s2/e18
  • Won Linville Cross Country Race in 1915 s3/e3
  • Said he drove the first automobile on Walton's Mountain s3/e5
  • Martha Anderson was Zeb's second cousin. She became severly injured on a runaway hay wagon. She died a bitter woman. s3/e11
  • Zeb likes piccalilli relish because is it spicy (like Grandma) s3/e11
  • Doc Whipple pulls one of Zeb's tooth s3/e12
  • Zeb is 72 years old s3/e12
  • Zeb's 73rd birthday occurs on Friday during the episode The Birthhday; he also has a heart attack a few weeks before his birthday s3/e14
  • He and Esther have been married 51 years s3/e14
  • Won first place raffle of Annabel Lee statute donated by Baldwin sisters s3/e21
  • Grandpa thinks statute looks like Moselle Lewis, a girlfriend before he dated Esther s3/e21
  • Zeb says that Adam Walker first settled the Blue Ridge s4/e8.
  • Full name Zebulan Tyler Walton is mentioned s4/e17
  • Tended mules during the Spanish-American War in Cuba in 1898 s4/e17
  • Saved Bob Allerton's life in the war s4/e17
  • Makes a copy of a rocking chair that his grandfather made s4/e23
  • He said that he and Grandma were married at the Mount Shiloh church in June s5/e2
  • Early girlfriend Mozelle Lewis
  • Cousin in Fluvanna County
  • Favorite dance "The Clog" s2/e17
  • Favorite waltz song My Wild Irish Rose
  • Died 1941 before The Empty Nest s7/e1
  • Cousin Zadock Walton s8/e17
  • Mother was named Edzula (unsure of spelling) s8/e17
Grandma Esther Walton (Morgan maiden name)

Ellen Corby Pre-2

(Suffered stroke before s5/e16. Died on April 16, 1999 at 87. Born Ellen Hansen in Racine, WI.)
  • Wife of Zebulon.
  • Possibly born August 17, 1867
  • Best HS friend Fern Potter s2/e12.
  • 68th birthday Saturday 8/17/1935 (given card/JBoymessage & yellow roses from El-B-JBob-ME, muffler Er s2/e15, carved chicken J, gold sewing thimble Gpa) s2/e15
  • Mother of three children John, Benjamin, and (unknown) s2/e15
  • Called Cissy in school, good at sewing, and wanted to open Richmond dress shop after high school s2/e15
  • Married almost fifty years s2/e16 and celebrated golden wedding anniversary during s2/e17
  • Grew up with Mrs. Brimmer and Kathleen Carter s2/e17
  • Cousin Sue Ellen's Savory Stew was passed on to Grandma s?/e?
  • Bertram Hanover was one of her beaus s3/e8
  • Makes her "rightfully famous" fudge for the church bazaar s4/e2
  • Old beau is Abel Bingly, iceman s4/e5
  • She and Zeb have been married for 52 years s4/e6
  • Has a cousin Iris whose son ran away to Portsmouth, Virginia and spent the night at a speak-easy drinking liquor s4/e14
  • Likes to listen to The Poetry Pantry" on the radio and wins $15 with her submission of why she likes Blue Ridge Bluing s4/e21
  • Her favorite song is Carry Me Back to Old Virginia s4/e22
  • Mentions relatives: Margaret Brent, Cousin Estelle, Cousin Nora May, and Cousin Leonna s4/e21
  • John says that she was born in Fluvanna county s5/e2
  • Cousin Jane s7/e4.
  • Sister Angie lives in Buckingham county s8/e18
  • Father Morgan fought for Union in War Between States (A Walton Wedding 2/12/95)
Benjamin Walton

Mentioned in The Typewriter s1/e5.
  • Died in World War I
John Walton Sr.

Andrew Duggan (first) The Homecoming Pre-2

Ralph Waite (second) The Foundling s1/e1

(Last regular series role s9/e7.)
  • Husband of Olivia.
  • Grandma named John after "John the Baptist"
  • Once owned a Desoto automobile The Homecoming Pre-2
  • Sawmill and Milling operation supports family
  • Original license plates on truck 35-178 Virginia s1/e1
  • Married in 1910 (at age 20, A Walton Easter) (but in 1916 The Homecoming), 25th anniversary during s6/e17 & 40th anniversary (59th) during A Walton Easter (3/31/97)
  • Married eighteen years as of s1/e7
  • Corporal in WWI & fought at Battle of Argonne in France (Tip Harrison nicknamed John "Corporal Cootiebait') s1/e10
  • Mary Ellen mentions that Aunt Bea lives in Washington D.C. (not sure if she is on John's or Olivia's side of the family) s1/e12
  • Aunt Jesse in Washington DC s1/e14
  • He and Olivia grew up together, at first he thought she was too prissy and Olivia said he was the wickedest boy in town ; they fell in love in high school s1/e17
  • Married at age 22 s1/e23
  • Nineteenth wedding anniversary at the Sea Spray Inn in Virginia Beach on the 19th of the month s2/e16
  • Takes a job as a Norfolk master machinist for 75 cents an hour (only works one week) s3/e12
  • Begins development plans for Walton and Sons Lumber Yard; buys machinery from Dackin place s3/e20
  • Twentieth wedding anniversary (gave Olivia store-bought green dress) s3/e23
  • The "Waltons and Son Lumber Yard" is created s3/e24
  • Attended twenty-fifth (1911) high school class reunion in summer 1936 s4/e4
  • In high school yearbook, voted as "most likely to succeed" s4/e4
  • Engaged to Rachel Stubblefield sometime around high school s4/e4
  • Working in Norfolk s4/e9
  • Rebuilds the second floor of the house after it catches fire in The Burnout s4/e18
  • Rebuilds the interior of the house after a fire burns it s4/e18
  • Wins a lumber contract from a half million dollar deal at Newsport News s4/e19
  • John went to school with Judge Graham Thornbury s5/e1
  • John says he used to have an old Desoto around the time when his brother Ben died s5/e2
  • Hit by lightning while trying to cover lumber s5/e4
  • House mortgage with Mercantile Bank and Trust Company of Rockfish s6/e13, paid off during s6/e13
  • Organizes the area lumber companies into a co-op s7/e1.
  • Head of WM local draft board s8/e1
  • Supposedly graduated high school in 1917, but had to retake graduation test s8/e3
  • Awarded HS equivalency s8/e3
  • Member of Board of Supervisors A Walton Wedding (3/31/95)
  • Died in 1969 according to closing comments in The Homecoming
Olivia 'Liv' Walton

Patricia Neal (first) The Homecoming Pre-2

Michael Learned (second) s1/e1

(Leaves s7/e15, returns s8/e1. Last regular series role s8/e9. Makes guest appearance in Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain 5/9/82.)
  • Christmas tradition is her applesauce cake (with walnuts) Pre-2
  • Christmas cactus is 17 years old on 1933 (started it in 1916, the year she and John were married)
  • Eighteen years old when married (A Walton Easter) in 1916 Pre-2
  • Met John when she was sixteen years old s3/e5 in 1931 Pre-2
  • Married to John for eighteen years s1/e7
  • Aunt Jesse lives in Washington, D.C. s1/e14
  • Uncle Clarence s1/e18
  • Cousin Cody Nelson s1/e18
  • Married 18 years according to Grandma s1/e22
  • She reads the magazine Ladies Home Journal s1/e24
  • Aunt Polly (Olivia won first prize at county fair from her cake recipe) s2/e7
  • Oscar Cockrell was an old beau s2/e7
  • Birthday on s2/e13
  • Married nineteen years, honeymooned at Sea Spray Inn in Virginia Beach s2/e16
  • Sister Francis lives in Edgemont s2/e17
  • Miscarriage of Joyce "Joy" s2/e19
  • Sells Binckney's Bubble Beautifier for 9 cents commission each
  • Alice (married name Enright) was her best friend when growing up s2/e21
  • Has lived in the house for twenty years s3/e5
  • Taught to drive a car by John-Boy s3/e5
  • Took the class Beginners Water Color class at Charlottesville high school s3/e5
  • Namesake (young) Olivia married Bob Hill; mother Marnie (who died) was Olivia's best friend s3/e19
  • Twentieth wedding anniversary (gave John sweater made from old sweaters from the children) s3/e23
  • Makes English toffee for church bazaar to help Clayton family s4/e2
  • Substitute teacher for Rosemary Fordwick, helps Samuel Miller in finding reading glasses s4/e9
  • Friend Francis Taylor lives in Buckingham County s4/e14
  • Close high school friend Martha Langley who moved away to Waynesfield, Georgia when she was fourteen years old s4/e20
  • Olvia says she was in love with the minister Rev. Perry when she was thirteen years old s4/e20
  • Olivia was in the 4-H club in high school s4/e20
  • Aunt Rose Burton s7/e2
  • Aunt Kate Grover Daly (Olivia's mother's younger sister) in Aberdine s6/e12 & s7/e15
  • Cousin Francis Tayor
  • Twin-brother of Jim Bob (Joseph Zebulan) died at birth s4/e16
  • Her father and mother met when she was taking piano lessons, and the teacher's son broke a vase while admiring the girl s?/e?
  • Diagnosed with TB s7/e15
  • Reprises role at s8/e1
  • Operated day nursery for Pickett employees s8/e4
  • Recuperated at Sunny Hill Sanatorium in AR during 5/9/82 movie
John 'John-Boy' Walton, Jr. Richard Thomas (first) The Homecoming Pre-2

Robert Wightman (second, s8/e9)
  • 15 years old in The Homecoming Pre-2
  • Tried to kissed Gwen Foster Pre-2
  • First girlfriend, Marcia Woolery, in The Founding s1/e1
  • Kissed Marcia for the first time s1/e1
  • Seventeen years old s1/e2
  • Called 'Sprocket' by Charlie Sneed (since he was a 'wee baby') in The Hunt s1/e4
  • Couldn't shoot a turkey, but when forced to save his father's life, shoots a bear s1/e4
  • For the first time, John-Boy shows his writings to someone: Mrs. Fordwick, who thinks he should submit it to a publisher, saying You're a real writer - young, inexperienced - but the talent is there, the gift is there. s1/e5
  • Seventeen years old in The Sinner s1/e7
  • Decides to give up writing on the advice of A.J. Covington, but reconsiders after A.J. tells him about his life s1/e11
  • Seventeen years old in The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12
  • Buys his mother a second-hand washing machine from Ike for $20 by working for the Baldwin sisters s1/e13
  • Breaks his wrist after falling from apple tree while picking apples s1/e14
  • Showed story to first person (Miss Hunter) and first rejection (story about The Homecoming) by Collier's magazine s1/e5
  • Second girlfriend Jenny Pendleton s1/e17
  • First job as Machine operator at Slaughter Machine Shop in Wheeling, West Virginia s1/e20
  • Has a date (the movie Forty-Second Street) with Cissy Brubaker, a young woman who is staying at Mrs. Vandenberg's Boarding House in Wheeling, West Virginia s1/e20
  • High school desk is located second row from the left, three seats from the front
  • Third girlfriend Sarah Jane Simmons s1/e23, first date to a motion picture show
  • Has to cancel going to the school dance with Marcia Wollery, to drive Maggie MacKenzie to the coast s2/e1
  • He has a 28-inch waist s2/e1
  • Second job as Rent Collector for Graham Foster s2/e9
  • Applies for scholarship at Boatwright College s2/e10
  • First kiss to Jenny Pendleton (most likely his first love) s2/e10
  • 18 years old s2/e10
  • Has surgery to remove blood clot pressing against visual part of brain, admitted to Boatwright University as journalism major s2/e10
  • Miss Megan Pollard gives him a book on collected essays by Emerson s2/e11
  • Separates shoulder from fall caused by Marcia Woolery s2/e16
  • Awarded Dabney scholarship s2/e22
  • Graduates as valedictorian for 1934 high school graduation (2 boys, 4 girls) s2/e22
  • Enrolled at Boatwright University's School of Journalisms 2/e24
  • Trades Mr. Rudge's car for work around his house s2/e24
  • Age 18 s3/e1
  • License plates on his car 63 982 Virginia in 1934 s3/e2
  • First day of college (September 1934) s3/e2
  • Wins Linville Cross Country (horse) Race on Old Blue s3/e3
  • Meets the travel author Bennett lawrence Holmby s3/e4
  • Takes Audrey Butler to The Hop s3/e6
  • One of his favorite authors is Thomas Wolfe s3/e8
  • Enters the Dance Marathon (with Daisy Garner) at the Rivana Dance Palace in Scottsville, VA s3/e9
  • Benji, a small terrier, was John-Boy's pet when he was a child s3/e10
  • Submits seven short stories, including one on Benji, to Majestic Press for publication (but the company is a "vanity" type company who charges the family for the books) s3/e10
  • Works part-time reading to Ruth Thomas 2 afternoons each week for 2 hours, as hired by Mrs. Thomas of Westham s3/e11
  • Receives a grade of "C-minus" on a Biology class s3/e12
  • Car license plate 63-982 Virginia s3/e15
  • Upon Miss Hunters encouragement, decides to write novel (later called Walton's Mountain) based on earlier writings s3/e20
  • Wants to write like Thomas Wolfe s3/e20
  • John-Boy's first book Walton's Mountain is first seriously thought about in this episode, and at the end of the episode John-Boy decides to write his first novel based on his earlier writings within his writing tablets and bits and pieces of paper. Such writing tablets were first seen in The Homecoming when John-Boy received Big Chief tablets as a Christmas present. s3/e20
  • Stories rejected by Liberty, Collier's Weekly, Saturday Evening Post s3/e21
  • Story "The Statute" eventually accepted by Appalachian Journal s3/e21
  • Has brief relationship with poet Madeline Bennett s3/e23
  • Writes the story The Sailor that he reads to Prof. Parks class s3/e23
  • License plates on car 63-982 Virginia s3/e23
  • Gets a part-time job as a stringer with the newspaper s3/e24
  • Writes for the Jefferson County Times newspaper s4/e3
  • John-Boy is hired as a NYA student worker for the university library under Prof Hoadley s4/e6
  • Takes Marcis Woolery to the Boatwright Dance s4/e9
  • Rewrites the script to a movie filmed on the Mountain, that was originally written by A.J. Covington s4/e11
  • Junior at Boatwright University s4/e13
  • Has to rewrite his novel after it burns up in the house fire s4/e18
  • Buys a printing press for $550 from Clarence Johnson in order to start his own newspaper s4/e23
  • Graduated Boatwright University (EH graduated U. of Richmond)
  • Owner and editor of 'The Blue Ridge Chronicle' beginning with The First Edition s5/e1
  • Mast on paper is "The search for the truth by which the good man never gets harmed"
  • Is limping and using a cane from a motorcycle accident s5/e1
  • Sells John-Boy's Meadow to Mr. Shelby at the Interstate Land Company for $40 ($4 per acre) s5/e8
  • Chronicles history of Waltons in first book during The Last Mustang s5/e12 and writes conclusion during The Career Girl s5/e17
  • First novel "Walton's Mountain" published by Hastings House NYC, leaves show as regular after The Achievement s5/e24
  • Published novel from Randem House and Channel 8 TV news reporter (A Walton Easter 3/31/97)
  • Civilian correspondent for Stars and Stripes s7/e13
  • Reported missing-in-action s8/e1
  • Wrote G.I. Journal s8/e6
Janet Gilchrist Walton

Kate NcNeil
  • Grew up in Iowa
  • Lives in New York City
  • Editor for magazine Harper's Bazaar
  • Aunt Flo
  • Parents Ralph & Charlette Gilchrist, U.S. Ambassador to small African country, retired to house on East River Drive in Iowa A Walton Wedding 2/12/95
  • Married John-Boy in A Walton Wedding 2/12/95.
  • Gave birth to twin boy and girl in A Walton Easter 3/31/97
Jason Walton

Brother (next younger)
Jon Walmsley
  • The second eldest son
  • Won a contest for playing the harmonica sometime before s1/e6
  • Fifteen yrs old in The Legend s1/e10 and The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12
  • Won first place guitar at amateur contest at Bijou Theatre in Charlottesville s1/e24
  • Works for the Balwin sisters, making The Recipe to be presented to President and Mrs. Roosevelt s2/e10
  • Wrote and sang birthday song to Olivia in s2/e13
  • Given a recorder ("flippleflute") by Seth Turner s2/e18
  • His singing talents are discovered by Caspar Tice while in Ike's store s3/e10
  • Auditions and later plays with Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang s3/e10
  • Realizes he wants to be a musician and composer (and compose like George Gerswin) s3/e20
  • Begins music lessons with Mrs. Breckenridge s3/e20
  • Applies to Kleinberg Conseratory of Music (Previous Training: Music Appreciation-High School; Music Composition: with Mary Breckenridge; Band Experience: with Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang) s3/e20
  • Wrote and composed song 'Will You Be Mine?' that he sings with Sally Ann Harper at dance and on radio with Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang s3/e22
  • Kisses Sally Ann Harper s3/e22
  • Awarded scholarship to Kleinberg Conservatory of Music. s3/e24
  • Jason has a breakdown doing too many things s4/e6
  • Jason's girlfriend is Betsy Morgan s4/e6
  • Jason's favorite food is deviled eggs (according to Grandma) s4/e6
  • Sophmore at Kleinberg Conservatory of Music s4/e13
  • Loses his scholorship at Kleinberg due to its financial difficulties s5/e3
  • Hired by Thelma as piano player at Dew Drop Inn s5/e3
  • Rented Godsey's Hall for a Saturday night dance with Jason Walton and the Rhythm Kings s5/e6
  • Worked at Jefferson Theatre (Magnolia Blossom Theatre burlesque show) s6/e7.
  • Worked for Old Dominion Gospel Singers s6/e7
  • Worked for Bobby Bigalow and the Haystack Gang, and the Sunrise Gospeleers (also called Sunday Morning Gospeleers). Worked as Cousin George on radio s7/e5.
  • Enlists in Army s7/e13
  • Graduated Keinberg with final composition 'Appalachian Portrait' s7/e23
  • Corporal in army with two stripes s8/e1
  • Sergeant in 72nd
  • Owned Dew Drop Inn after military
  • Twenty-four yrs old at The Pledge s9/e2
  • Proposed to Toni in s9/e13 (Real-life Husband of Lisa Harrison)
  • Sons Merle Haggard Walton, Roy Acuff Walton, (third son's name not mentioned); and daughters Loretta Lynn Walton, Patsy Cline Walton
Antonette 'Toni' Hazleton Walton

Lisa Harrison

(Real-life wife of Jon Walmsley)
  • First appeared in The Remembrance s8/e17
  • Wife of Jason
  • Mother of five children (three sons and two daughters)
  • Parents were killed s9/e13
Roy Acuff Walton

Nephew (Son of Jason and Toni)
  • First appeared in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (11/21/93)
Merle Haggard Walton

Nephew (Son of Jason and Toni)
  • First appeared in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (11/21/93)
(unknown) Walton

Nephew (Son of Jason and Toni)
  • First appeared in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (11/21/93)
Patsy Cline Walton

Niece (Daughter of Jason and Toni)
  • Born in A Walton Wedding (2/12/95) during John-Boy and Janet's wedding
Loretta Lynn Walton

Niece (Daughter of Jason and Toni)
  • First appeared in A Walton Easter (3/31/97), born sometime between this movie and previous movie
Mary Ellen Walton Willard Jones

Sister (oldest)
Judy Norton (also, Judy Norton-Taylor).
  • 13 years old in The Homecoming Pre-2
  • First buys a fancy dress, but returns it and buys a catcher's mitt at Ike's store for $2.98 s1/e4
  • Won a contest for racing sometime before s1/e6
  • 13 years old in The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12 and The Deed s1/e20
  • First boyfriend G.W. Haynes, they go to their first dance together s1/e24.
  • Played Pocahontas with G.W.'s John Smith in Thanksgiving school play s2/e10
  • Thirteen years old according to John s1/e14
  • Visits Aunt Jesse in Washington, D.C. sometime after s1/e14
  • Raises frogs in a tadpole farm, but they turn out to be peepers (tree frogs) s1/e17
  • Played Pocahontas in school play with John Smith, by G.W. s2/e10
  • 14 years old in The Awakening, kissed by Kevin Sturgis s2/e15
  • Wants to be a dancer like Isadora Duncan s2/e19
  • First decides to be a nurse/doctor at s3/e5
  • 16 years old in The Job s3/e11
  • Reads a book on Florence Nightingale s3/e11
  • Earns her badge for Junior First Aid Assistant s3/e11
  • A senior in high school s4/e8
  • Is preparing to take her entrance exam at the School of Nursing, University of Virginia at Charlottesville s4/e13
  • Grandma gives her a quilting party (the traditional coming out party) s4/e21
  • Mary Ellen is baptized during the Baptist Church revival s5/e4
  • Married Curt in The Wedding s5/e7
  • Gave birth John Curtis in The Grandchild s6/e7
  • Registered nurse; graduated from U of VA in Charlottesville & passed state exams s7/e4
  • Became widow upon Curt's death in WWII s7/e10
  • Admitted to pre-med at Boatwright in The Pledge s9/e2
  • Divorced after finding him alive in Florida s9/e9
  • Married Jonesy in Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain 5/9/82
  • First daughter Katie, second son Clay
  • Became a family doctor before (11/21/93)
Dr. Curtis 'Curt' Willard

Tom Bower (first)

Scott Hylands (second)
  • The doctor that replaced Doc Vance, first appeared s5/e7
  • Past residence in Stony Gap, West Virginia
  • Mary Ellen's first husband
  • Sister Vanessa s5/e20
  • Called to active service s6/e8
  • Killed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941 s?/e?
  • Betty Hower claims that Curt is living in her howntown in Lockesburg, Florida s9/e9
  • (Tom Bower also played the pilot in The Wing-Walker s4/e7.)
John Curtis Willard

Nephew (Son of Mary Ellen and Curtis)
Michael and Marshall Reed (first)

David Friedman (second).
  • Son of Curt and Mary Ellen
  • Born during The Grandchild s6/e7 (first), A Wedding on Walton's Mountain 2/22/82 (second)
  • Reads a picture book named Simple Simon s9/e16
'Jonesy' Arlington Wescott Jones III

Richard Gilliland
  • First appearance The Whirlwind s9/e8
  • Mary Ellen's second husband
  • Served in World War II, and Vietnam Conflict
  • Worked in Marine procurement in San Diego, California; J.D. hires him as his First Assistant Manager s9/e9
  • He quits after having to put up with J.D. and his disorganized mess after Erin quit s9/e9
  • Becomes the new geology professor at Boatwright s9/e9
  • Two children, Clay and Katie
Clay Jones

Nephew (Son of Mary Ellen and Jonesy)
Christian Cousins.
  • First appeared in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (11/21/93)
Katie Jones

Niece (Daugher of Mary Ellen and Jonesy)
Emily Ann Lloyd.
  • Daughter of Jonesy and Mary Ellen
  • First appeared in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (11/21/93)
Erin Esther Walton Northridge

Sister (second oldest)
Mary Elizabeth McDonough
  • Won a contest for sewing sometime before s1/e6
  • Has her tonsils removed s1/e21
  • Henry Ragland is fond of her s1/e21
  • First boyfriend Harold Beasley s2/e9
  • Doesn't like potato salad s2/e14
  • Enters the photography contest "Jefferson County Sweetheart Contest", but is beat out by Rebecca Cook s3/e16
  • Plays lead role in play "Joan of Arc" at church bazaar s4/e2
  • She is fifteen years old s4/e8
  • Falls in love with Chad Marshall s4/e8
  • First part-time job (after school and half-day on Saturdays) is as a telephone operator at the Rockfish Valley Telephone Exchange that is run by Fanny Tatum s5/e2
  • Graduated high school s5/e17
  • Worked as waitress at Shirley's Truck Stop & receptionist at Rockfish Business School s5/e17
  • Babysitter at James R. Dolworth's house s6/e20
  • Worked at Pringle Freight and Storage s7/e1
  • In love with Chad Marshall, G.W. Haines, Derek Pembroke s7/e6
  • Assistant Manager at Pickett's Metal Products s8/e1
  • Fiancee of Ashley Longworth, Jr. s8/e7
  • Demoted to Second Assistant Manager when Jonesy is hired as First Assistant Manager s9/e9
  • J.D. rehires her, doubles her salary with a fifteen percent share in the profits after Jonesy quits in disgust s9/e9
  • Wife of Paul. Married during A Wedding on Walton's Mountain (1982). Divorced later.
  • Daughters Susan and Amanda, and son (unknown).
  • Principal of Walton's Mountain Elementary School in A Walton Easter (3/31/95).
Paul Matthews Northridge

Morgan Stevens
  • Son of Mr. Wesley Northridge of Northridge Lumber
  • First appeared in The Lumberjack s9/e19
  • Paul uses "Cadwaller 59" tobacco s9/e19
  • Graduated from Yale University s9/e19
  • The Hurley brothers (Joe and Tom) work for Paul s9/e19
  • (Also appeared as Sam, hospital roommate to John-Boy s8/e9.)
  • Married during A Wedding on Walton's Mountain (2/12/82). Divorced.
Susan Northridge

Niece (Daughter of Erin and Paul)
  • First appeared in
Amanda Northridge

Niece (Daughter of Erin and Paul)
  • First appeared in
(unknown) Northridge

Nephew (Son of Erin and Paul)
  • First appeared in
Benjamin 'Ben' Walton

Brother (second oldest)
Eric Scott
  • In the 4th grade and won the 4th grade spelling bee s1/e6
  • Wins a star for memorizing a Bible verse s1/e24
  • Sells three Saturday Evening Post magazines, two Collier's, two Liberty magazines and a three-dollar special to the Baldwin sisters 1/e24
  • Sold magazine subscriptions s2/e4
  • Won first prize at poetry contest at Liberty magazine for couriers s2/e6
  • Raised Rover the pig s2/e7
  • Caught by Grandpa smoking cigarettes; and is taught not to smoke as Grandpa's father taught him s3/e7
  • Constructs Crystal Set (radio) and listens to Dance Marathon s3/e9
  • Has learner's permit for driving a car s3/e15
  • Girlfriend Nancy Madden s3/e15
  • Loves Sally Ann Harper s3/e22
  • Establishes "Walton Phenomenal Pines Enterprises", a mail-order business in Grip magazine selling scrub and yellow pine seedings to flatlanders s4/e12
  • Hired by Murdock Wood Products Company, but doesn't realize they are in competition with his father s4/e14
  • Ben is hired by John-Boy to sell advertisement for the Blue Ridge Chronicle newspaper s5/e1
  • Ben is arrested for breaking into a Rockfish house s5/e1
  • Ben is baptized during the Baptist Church revival s5/e4
  • Worked at Peyton Shipyards s6/e3
  • Cleanup man at Dew Drop Inn s6/e19
  • Joined family business
  • Husband of Cindy Brunston
  • Father of daughter Virginia (Ginny), son Charles Benjamin (Charlie), born May 1947
  • Virginia died 1961 (before Walton's Thanksgiving Reunion)
Cindy Ann Brunson Walton

Robin Eisenman (first) s7/e10

Leslie Winston (second) s7/e20.
  • Born April 26, 1925
  • Married at age 17 in year 1942 in Elkton, Maryland during s7/e20
  • Biological mother Bernadine Norris; father Derrick Shepard, died 7 months before birth
  • Adopted mother Florence A. Brunson (died when Cindy was 15), father Col. Henry R. Brunson, first appears s9/e7, dies during s9/e10
  • Parents divorced when Cindy was 13
  • Aunt Susan s7/e20
  • Aunt Edna in Richmond s9/e4
  • Her father dies while driving to see her, and finds out she was adopted s9/e10
  • Works for Mrs.Bassett at her fabric store but quits after seeing that she is missing daily changes in her daughter s9/e18
  • Mother of daughter Virginia, born The Idol s8/e15, son Charles Benjamin (Charlie) born Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain 5/9/82
Virginia 'Ginny' Walton

Niece (Daughter of Ben and Cindy)
Claire & Elizabeth Schoene (first)

Angela Rhodes (second)
  • Born during The Idol s8/e15 (first), Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain 5/9/82 (second)
  • Died 1961 (before Walton's Thanksgiving Reunion)
Charles 'Charlie' Benjamin Walton

Nephew (Son of Ben and Cindy)
  • Born during Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain 5/9/82
  • Named after maternal grandfather (Charles), and father (Benjamin)
James Robert 'Jim Bob' Walton

Brother (youngest)
David W. Harper
  • Youngest brother: the one with his eyes in the skies, mechanical abilities lead him to motorcycles, automobiles, and airplanes.
  • Won a contest for the funniest Halloween costume sometime before s1/e6
  • Sells the Baldwin sisters bluing for twenty cents s1/e7
  • Has acute appendicitis that is diagnosed by A.J. Covington (operation cost $22) s1/e11
  • Is forced to wear girls' clothes to school s1/e13
  • Born January 13, 1923 according to s4e16; born June 13, 1924 according to s3/e4
  • In the fifth grade during s3/e4
  • Sold fish (perch) to local residents by stocking pond s4/e5
  • Twin brother Joseph Zebulan died at birth s4/e16
  • Born at Charlottesville Hospital s4/e16
  • Jim Bob begins to build his first car s5/e3
  • He finds a peacock that he names Rover s5/e4
  • He rides his first motorcycle when Ike lets him ride his motorcycle after fixing it s5/e9
  • Comes in third place in the Overland Motorcycle Race and wins a box of candy s5/e9
  • 17 years old s8/e20
  • Graduates H.S. in The Valedictorian s8/e23
  • Served as service mechanic in Air Corp at Langley Field
  • Discharged from the military s9/11
  • License plates on his hot rod 648-352 VA s9/e11
Elizabeth Tyler Walton

Sister (youngest)
Kami Cotler
  • First doll 'Miss Margaret' s1/e1
  • Won a contest for learning Bible verses sometime before s1/e6
  • Five years old as of s1/e7
  • Takes care of a sick, wild raccoon, Pete, that eventually dies s1/e7
  • Wins a doll from Ike's store after guessing the number of beans in a jar s2/e23
  • Elizabeth's best friend in school Lucy Arnold died s4/e18
  • Elizabeth is ten years old s4/e20
  • Elizabeth's full name is Elizabeth Tyler Watlons s4/e23
  • 13th birthday s7/e5
  • 14 yrs old s8/e14
  • First date with Drew Cutler s8/e18
  • Engaged to Drew during the post-movie A Walton Easter
END of Immediate Family and their Offspring
Rose Burton Perkins

Aunt of Olivia
Peggy Rea

The Kinfolk s8/e2
  • Grandmother (Nana) of Jeffrey and Serena s8/e2
  • Aunt of Olivia (possibly called cousin by Walton children) s8/e2
  • First Wife of Bert Burton, conductor on Norfolk & Southern Railroad
  • Lived in Baltimore, Maryland before coming to Walton's Mountain
  • Former Queen of the Blue Moon Ballroom s8/e4
  • Mother of Bert Jr., a Navy captain
  • Must take nitroglycerin pills for her heart condition s9/e18
  • Stanley gives Rose the trophy they won at the Elk Spring Dance s9/e18
  • Rev. Marshall joins Rose and Stanley in holy wedlock as friends and family looking on s9/e18
  • (Also appeared as Erin and Mary Ellen's landlord Mrs. Boren in The Empty Nest s7/e)
Jeffrey Burton

Keith Mitchell

The Kinfolk s8/e2
  • Son of Bert Jr
  • Grandson of Rose
  • Builds soapbox racer to enter Soapbox Derby s8/e2
  • 8 yrs old on s8/e12
Serena Burton

Martha Nix

The Kinfolk s8/e2
  • Daughter of Bert Jr.
  • Granddaughter of Rose
  • Enrolled in 9th grade s8/e20
  • Member of Cadets of the Blue Ridge Girls Club s8/e10
Stanley Perkins

William Schallert

The Traveling Man s8/e20
  • Traveling salesman (37 years) who retires on Walton's Mountain
  • Sister Elvira Perkins s9/e12
  • Marries Rose in The Heartache s9/e18
Cody Nelson

Eduard Franz
The Courtship s1/e18
  • Uncle of Olivia
  • Born in Howardsville, VA
  • Hung around Springer boys at Carter's Bridge while growing up
  • Went to college in Richmond
  • Employed as accountant with Great National Bank of Ohio in Cincinnati for 29 years
  • Age 64 in 1933, when he married Cordelia Hunnicut
  • John-Boy is his best-man
  • Died in 1953
Cordelia Hunnicut Nelson

Danna Hansen
The Courtship s1/e18
  • Wife of Cody
  • When a girl, Zeb protected her from Lester Richard and Freckles Clakeson
  • Planning to attend The Tea Dance in Richmond
  • Goes with Cody to The Rivana Club (ladies' night)
  • Married four times before Cody: (1) Venable Carleton from Albemarle county, died from heart attack in London, (2) Carter Queenfield Harrison of Lynchburt, VA, a writer whom she divorced, (3) Tommy Chester, a graduate of VMI, a military man she also divorced, (4) Augusta, a stockbroker who committed suicide after stock market crash.
  • Elizabeth is flower-girl at her marriage to Cody, Grandpa gives away the bride, Rev. Fordwick is the minister, and the Baldwin sisters are her bride's maids
  • Cordelia died 6 months after Cody


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