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Mary Ellen, Erin, Elizabeth.

Judy Norton (Mary Ellen), Mary Elizabeth McDonough (Erin), and Kami Cotler (Elizabeth) appear in the early days of Waltons Mountain.

The picture was reproduced from a magazine article dated November 20, 1993.

The Walton's Mountain Friends

The following table lists various facts about The Waltons. Please help me collect this information by correcting mistakes and adding information that is missing. My email address appears at the bottom of all pages.

Isaac 'Ike' Aloysies Godsey Woodrow Parfrey (first)

Joe Conley (second)
The Homecoming, Pre-2

The Foundling, s1/e1
  • Proprietor of Godsey's General Merchantile Store including gas pump, pool hall, and Godsey's Hall
  • Shaves Zabez in the store s1/e1
  • Reading Liberty magazine when the Walton children come into the store s1/e1
  • Gives the children a two-dollar money order ($2.11 with tax) when they need to send Grandma's glasses to be repaired s1/e2
  • Reads Liberty magazine when Mary Ellen comes in to look over a catcher's mitt she wants to buy for $2.98; later sells her a dress, and still later exchanges the dress for the mitt s1/e4
  • Ike tells the children about the problems in Germany since Hitler took over s1/e9
  • Catches Ham Denby, and his son Job, stealing food from his store s1/e12
  • Orders auto parts for actress Alvira Drummond and attends her show s1/e15
  • Ike beats up furniture to sell as antiques to women in Charlottesville, and allows Miss Hunter to use the pool room for a temporary classroom when school burns down s1/e16
  • Hires Harley Foster to fix cars for him s2/e5
  • After deciding to stay in the area, they find lodging at Rev. Dooley's s2/e5
  • Mother's maiden name is Brewster. She lived near Scottville, VA s2/e6
  • Ike was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army s2/e6
  • Ike takes Corabeth, John, and Olivia to French restaurant in Charlottesville called The Versailles s3/e6
  • Married Corabeth Walton s3/e16, John was best man
  • Shivareed Bob and Olivia Hill s3/e19
  • Leads local men to help John to build the new mill building for Walton and Sons Lumber Yard s3/e24
  • Makes sandwiches for the Long Island Studios movie company that is filming on the Mountain s4/e11
  • Helps John to locate Olivia, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth when they get lost in the forest s4/e15
  • The Godsey's take in Elizabeth while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18
  • To call Ike's store it's three long rings and a short ring s4/e23
  • Opens Godsey Hall in order to rent for activities such as dances. Ike spent $75 to install electricity and water into the facility located next to the store. s5/e6
  • Sells Mr. Shelby his 12 acres of land s5/e8
  • Adopt Aimee s5/e9
  • Grandfather Oil Johnnie McMahon s7/e14
  • Greatgrandfather Isaac Edelbert Godsey first settled WM s7/e23
  • Birth September 24, 1901s8/e21
  • Corabeth finds out about an affair Ike had with Pamela Morris in June 1941, and almost divorces him s9/e17
Corabeth Walton Godsey Ronnie Claire Edwards The Matchmakers s3/e16
  • First appearance, nicknamed "Corrie" in s3/e16
  • Lived on Walton's Mountain with parents when John-Boy was a baby
  • Her "Momma" died a month before s3/e16 at age of 79
  • Played the piano "To the Wild Rose" s3/e16
  • She is John's second cousin s3/e16
  • Wife of Ike Godsey, married in s3/e16, Olivia maid-of-honor
  • Makes divinity for a church bazaar from a Doe Hill recipe s4/e2
  • Corabeth says that her fourth cousin Jesse got blood on her quilt (which is suppose to be bad luck) but had eleven children, out lived three husbands, and died rich at 94 s4/e21
  • Corabeth has read the book Coming of Age by Martha Meade s4/e21
  • Originally from Doe Hill (real Doe Hill west of Staunton, VA) sx/ex and s5/e1
  • Thinks she is pregnant, but temporarily leaves Ike when she finds she is not pregnant, in fact is not able to have children s5/e1
  • Baptized during Baptist Church revival s5/e4
  • Adopt Aimee s5/e9
  • Cousin Sue Ellen s7/e15.
  • Brother Albert is minister graduated Jerome College in Savannah s7/e15.
  • Cousin Mary Margaret Fitz s7/e20.
  • Uncle Lucas (mother's eldest brother) s8/e8.
  • Operated Walton School of the Dance s7/e7 (also beauty parlor, hat store, tea parlor, real estate agent s9/e1)
  • Sister Orma Lee s9/e14.
  • Spinster Aunt Mitilda lives Doe Hill 5/9/82.
  • Schoolmate Roger Westerby met later in Charlottesville sx/ex
Aimee Louise Godsey Rachel Longaker (first & third)

DeAnna Robbins (second)
The Great Motorcycle Race (first) s5/e9

Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain (second) Post-2 (5/9/82)
  • Adopted daughter of the Godsey's
  • Ten years old at s5/e9
  • Lived in Hampton Roads before adoption; father was a fisherman
  • Attended Miss Holcomb's Finishing School s8/e1
  • Later attended Wallace Preparatory School
Orma Lee Walton Staleup Ronnie Claire Edwards The Pearls s9/e14
  • Sister of Corabeth
  • Orma Lee and Vern Billy live in Guymon, Oklahoma. (Guymon is a real town in the panhandle of Oklahoma.) s9/e14
  • First husband Jesse Roy Macon (carnival motorcycle performer killed when she was 16), second husband (unknown), third husband Stanley G. Olsen, fourth (current) husband Vern Billy Staleup; Macon was killed while riding his motorcycle during an Oklahoma tornado. Orma Lee was widowed at sixteen years of age s9/e14
  • Madame Rosette was the first wife of Orma Lee's second husband s9/e14
  • Aunt Cordelia is the only sister of Corabeth's father s9/e14
Charlie Sneed William Windom (first)

Tom Peters (second)
The Homecoming Pre-2

The Hunt s1/e4
  • John's hunting partner
  • The "Robin Hood Bandit" in The Homecoming Pre-2 (Yancy Tucker is called Robin Hood Bandit in series s2/e6)
  • Has been the RHB since 1929 Pre-2
  • Nicknamed John-Boy "Sprocket" s1/e4
  • Descendent of a long line of farmers s1/e4
  • Mentioned as going with John coon-hunting s1/e23
Hawthorne Dooley Cleavon Little (first)

Theodore Wilson (second)
The Homecoming Pre-2

The Hunt s1/e4 & s1/e16
  • Local black minister Pre-2
  • Father and husband of large family including son Claudie Pre-2
  • Worked for the Baldwin sisters Pre-2
  • John's hunting partner when he, John, and Charlie Sneed hunt turkeys s1/e4
  • Helps Ike move desks for the temporary school set up in Ike's pool room s1/e16
  • Is mentioned as where Harley and Jody Foster seek living quarters after deciding to stay on the Mountain s2/e5
Claudie Dooley David Livingston The Homecoming Pre-2
  • Son of Hawthorne Dooley
  • Announces to the Walton's children that a missionary is giving out gifts at Ike's store on Christmas eve Pre-2
Miss Emily Baldwin


Miss Mamie Eudora Winfield Baldwin
Dorothy Stickney (first)

Mary Jackson (second)

Josephine Hutchinson (first)

Helen Kleeb (second)
The Homecoming Pre-2

The Typewriter s1e5 (Miss Emily is first mentioned in The Calf s1/e3 when she buys Olivia's memory quilt for $5. and Miss Mamie is first mentioned in The Hunt s1/e4 when Jake the Junkman says he drank the Recipe with the Baldwin sisters, and when Miss Mamie bought wild honey from Mary Ellen for 17 cents.)
  • Miss Emily often said, "Don't you know!"
  • Miss Mamie often responded by saying, "Oh, Emily!"
  • Prepared 'The Recipe' from a recipe handed down from family members
  • Attended Young Ladies Seminary 11/21/93
  • Miss Emily's long ago suitor Ashley Longworth first mentioned in The Homecoming Pre-2 and s1/e5
  • Miss Emily first kissed by Ashley Longworth on her nineteenth birthday (October 19) The Homecoming Pre- 2; she often said that he kissed her "out there under the maple tree and a shower of golden leaves swirled about in the autumn wind" s3/e21.
  • Owned a 1908 Olivetti typewriter that they loaned to John-Boy. It was bought new in 1908, the first typewriter in Jefferson County. Judge Baldwin typed a letter to President Woodrow Wilson and a series of articles for the New York Times protesting the eighteenth amendment. s1/e5
  • A meteorite crashes into the Baldwin sister's Recipe room s1/e6
  • Grandfather was called "The Colonel"
  • Father was called "The Judge" (Captain Matthew (also called Randolph) Baldwin)
  • Cousin Polonius 'P.K.' Baldwin from Richmond s1/e6
  • Baldwin sister's papa lived to be 87 years old s1/e7
  • Relative Rev. Matthew Fordwick, they are his cousins s1/e7
  • Miss Emily plays the one-arm bandit inside Ike's store, gets 'two lemons and a cherry' s1/e13
  • The Recipe is first explained (in the TV series) in s1/e13
  • Ike Godsey calls their making the Recipe as like two little girls by the roadside selling lemonade s1/e13
  • Fourth cousin Homer Lee Baldwin makes them a visit s1/e13
  • Miss Emily reminisces about Ashley Longworth taking liberties out by the maple tree s1/e13
  • Cousin Cora is from Washington D.C., and stayed with them when their Papa died s1/e13
  • Cousin Tyrone is from Buckingham County who was confined for driving his home-made chariot around his neighborhood s1/13.
  • Provides the Recipe to the actress Alvira Drummond s1/e15
  • Sisters were home schooled by their Papa s1/e16
  • Their house is broken into by Lutie Bascomb when he steals Recipe s1/e16
  • The license plates for the sister's car are 79-982 Virginia s1/e12 & e13.
  • Miss Emily almost tells the recipe of The Recipe by saying the first ingredient is, "fourteen level tablespoons of....", then is cut off by Miss Mamie s2/e21
  • Attended Episcopal Church saying Papa was deacon of church s1/e24 (but later attended Baptist church)
  • Miss Mamie's suitor was Octaveous Fairweather s3/e21 & s7/e11
  • Their mother did not like a statute that her husband had made based on Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee while in Florence, Italy on family's "Grand Tour" in 1901 s3/e21
  • Miss Mamie is attracted to WPA writer Porter Sims s4/e5
  • The Baldwin sisters take in Jason while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18
  • Miss Emily is president of the Rockfish Historical Society s4/e22
  • Miss Mamie's full name is Mamie Eudora Winfield Baldwin s4/e22
  • Miss Mamie is vice-president of the Rockfish Historical Society s4/e22
  • She and Miss Mamie say they have distant relatives in Culpepper, Virginia, who manufacture barrels s4/e23
  • Cousin Hilary Baldwin von Clinst (Baltimore branch of Baldwin) s5/e22
  • Cousin Raymond wrote risque books, adored basket weaving, had to leave town after a scandal.
  • Cousin Marvin had a twitch from dog fleas and later died
  • Cousin Elvira was peculiar about chasing bats in house
  • The sisters hire Olivia to make dresses for them from fabrics they got from their travels around the world s4/e20
  • First cousin's daughter Mary Francis Conover s7/e2
  • Greatgrandfather Fitius Lewis (or T.) Baldwin left Culpeper County as first Baldwin on WM in s7/e23
  • Both maiden-ladies are Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy s9/e11
  • Agent Fred Winthrop from the Alcohol and Tobacco Unit of the U.S. government take away their illegal Recipe machine s9/e11
  • "The Secret Room" that their grandfather used as his Recipe room is discovered by the sisters and Ike s9/e11
  • Relative Octavia s9/e20
  • Both sisters attended Sophie Belle's Finishing School for Girls s9/21
  • (Real-life mother and daughter named Stenson. Father was a county judge. Lived in a grand house in town of Keene, about 5 miles from Schuyler. After mother's death daughter went to rest home, house turned into county boy's home, eventually deteriorated after disuse.)
Captain Matthew (also called Randolph) Baldwin (only mentioned) The Typewriter s1/e5
  • Papa ('The Judge') of the Baldwin sisters
  • A judge on Walton's Mountain
  • Bought the first typewriter found in Jefferson County in 1908, where he wrote to President Woodrow Wilson and to the New York Times, protesting the eighteenth amendment (prohibition of alcohol) s1/e5
  • Lived to be 87 years old s1/e7
  • Captain in the confederate army s4/e5
  • Given a citation by General Lee during the War Between the States s4/e5
  • Brought up on treason charges for harboring union soldiers s4/e5
Verdie Grant Foster Lynn Hamilton The Scholar s1/e21
  • Sister Alice lives with her s1/e21
  • Sews a dress for Miss Hunter s1/e21
  • Learned to read from John-Boy s1/e21
  • She and Harley Foster (and Jody) met for the first time s2/e5
  • First husband died s2/e5
  • Met Harley Foster s2/e5
  • Son Albert s2/e5
  • Second husband Harley Foster (first met in s2/e5).
  • Daughter Esther (also called Sarah)
  • Step-son Jody Foster.
  • Adopted son Josh
  • Later, Alice lives in Ashville s6/e2
  • Verdie was born at 3:30 am 10/11/1898 in Brightwood, Virginia s6/e18
  • While growing up, Verdie and her parents lived upstairs to Frank Nelson and his wife s6/e18
  • Parents Edward (Ned) Nubie and Ethel Harris (died of TB) s6/e18
  • Grandparents Albert Harris (born October 15, 1831, bought by Unwin's in 18??, died August 27, 1887) and Etta (bought by Unwin's in 18??, died August 23, 1887), both died of an epidemic and were buried in church cemetary in Scottsville, Virginia (as slaves, they were owned by Unwin family) s6/e18
  • Greatgrandfather Randolph Harris (Seth Ado) s6/e18
Harley Foster (alias Leroy Harley) Hal Williams The Roots s2/e5
  • An automobile mechanic by trade s2/e5
  • Works for Ike repairing cars (first one being the Baldwin sister's) s2/e5
  • Second husband of Verdie
  • Born in Florida and raised in Simpson county
  • Awarded a Navy World War I commendation
  • First wife Lily is deceased
  • Harley Foster is in Detroit visiting his Uncle Jesse who has a broken leg and his Aunt Sarah who just had a baby.
Alice Royce Wallace The Scholar s1/e21
  • Verdie's sister
  • Came to take care of Esther's baby while Esther worked at Pickett's s7/e8
Esther (Sarah) Grant Joan Pringle The Scholar (first mentioned) s1/e21

The Illusion (first appears) s7/e8
  • Mother is Verdie
  • The reason Verdie (her mother) wants to learn to read and write is so that she won't appear ignorant when she goes to her daughter's (Sarah) college graduation s1/e21
  • Graduated in Personnel Management from a northern university (now named Esther) s7/e8
  • Worked in New York City s7/e8
  • Works as Personnel Director at Pickett's Metal Products s7/e8
  • Divorced from ex-husband Clint s7/e8
  • Daughter Harriet (appears in s7/e8)
  • Age 26 in s7/e8
Jody Foster Erin Blunt (first)

Charles R. Penland (second)

T.K. Carter (third)

Charles R. Penlard (fourth)
The Roots s2/e5

The xxx sx/ex

The Festival s6/e16

The Hot Rod s9/e11
  • Son of Harley
  • Step-son of Verdie
  • Plays baseball with Walton family and learns to fight from James Trevis Clark s4/e3
  • Enlists in Navy s6/e16
  • Discharged from Navy after 4 yrs s9/e11
  • Joined Jim-Bob at Foster-Walton Garage e9/s11
  • Away at college during 11/21/82
Josh Foster Todd (first)

James Bond III (second)

Jason Moses (third)
The Stray s6/e2

The Festival s6/e16

The Hot Rod s9/e11
  • Raised by Grandma Beal in NC
  • Adopted son of Verdie and Harley
Sheriff Marmaduke Ephron 'Ep' Bridges John Huddleston (first)

John Crawford (second)
The Homecoming Pre-2

The Foundling s1/e1
  • The Sheriff
  • His office is located in Rockfish
  • He tells John that he has never seen the lost girl Holly s1/e1
  • Ep tells Olivia to lock their doors and windows because four carnival people are roaming around the area s1/e2
  • Settles the dispute about Bullett the bull calf between George Anderson and John s1/e3
  • Helps Mary Ellen locate the typewriter she sold to Vern Rudley s1/e5
  • Is invited to hunt on John-Boy's Meadow with John s1/e8
  • Huddleston also played A.J. Covington in s1/e11
  • Ep investigates the case of Alvira Drummond's driver stealing her money and possessions s1/e15
  • Invetigates the school fire, and finds Lois May Bascomb has been beaten up by her father, Lutie s1/e16
  • Called by Dave Pendleton to see if his daughter, Jenny, has run away to Walton's Mountain s1/e17
  • Tries to keep the peace between Matt Beckwith and some gypsies that have broken into the Baldwin house s1/e19
  • Helps to bind Sarah Jane Simmons, who has gone off with Theodore Albert Claypool Jr. without her mother's permission s1/e23
  • Reads Literary Digests2/e6
  • Hunts down the Robin Hood Bandit, finally catching Yancy Tucker s2/e6
  • Arrests Wade Walton and confronts Ben with his illegal business of selling pine seedlings s4/e12
  • Investigates the claim that John's truck was spotted in Charlottesville transporting illegal bootleg whiskey, actually Homer Lee Baldwin is using the truck, unknown to John-Boy and Zeb s1/e13
  • Arrests Nifty Mulligan, a con artist, along with his granddaughter Bridget “Muffin” Maloney, but they escape in John-Boy's car s4/e19
  • Arrests Ben for breaking into Rockfish house s5/e1
  • Helps Judge Thornbury after he runs his car into the Rockfish soda shop s5/e1
  • Originally from Washington county, VA s5/e18
  • Awarded medal of Honor in WWI s5/e12
  • Husband of Louella, First wife died s5/e12.
  • Father of two sonss5/e12
  • Husband of Sarah, second wife, s5/e23
  • Adopted Joe and Claire Douglas s6/e10
Sarah Griffith Lynn Carlin The Hero s5/e18
  • Worked at Red Cross in Richmond s5/e12
  • Second wife of Ep s5/e12
  • Adopted Joe and Claire Douglas s6/e10
Joe Douglas (Bridges) xxxxxx The Runaway s6/e10
  • Brother of Claire Douglas
  • Parents died the year before
  • Says he is from Falls Church, Virginia
  • Adopted by Ep and Sarah Bridges
Claire Douglas (Bridges) xxxx The Runaway s6/e12
  • Sister of Joe Douglas
  • Ep and Sarah Bridges adopt her
Rev. Matthew Fordwick John Ritter The Sinner s1/e7
  • The first Baptist minister that appears in the series s1/e7
  • Brought to WM by missionary Ethel Prissom s1/e7
  • Baldwin sisters are his cousins on Uncle Elwood's side s1/e7
  • Just graduated from divinity school s1/e7
  • Twenty-one years old next month s1/e7
  • His mother, Sarah, lives in Richmond, Virginia s1/e7
  • The Baldwin sisters last saw him in Richmond during a family reunion twenty-one years ago in 1914 s1/e7
  • Becomes accidently drunk on the Baldwin sister's Recipe, but is eventually accepted by a thoughtful congregration s1/r7
  • His first words in his first sermon: I am a sinner. s1/e7
  • Brings polio-strickened Olivia with a signature quilt from the women of the Ladies Aid Society s1/e24
  • Attended Virginia Theological Academy s2/e10
  • Began to court Miss Hunter s2/e14
  • Married Rosemary Hunter s4/e1
  • His friend Will Ewing of Charleston officiated the wedding ceremony s4/e1
  • The Fordwick's take in Erin and Jim Bob while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18
  • Preaches along with Rev. Henshaw at the Baptist Church revival s5/e4
  • Officiates the wedding ceremony of Mary Ellen and Curt s5/e7
  • Father of Mary Margaret born s5/e8
Rosemary Hunter Fordwick Mariclare Costello. The Typewriter s1/e5
  • The first schoolteacher of the Walton's Mountain School
  • First to read one of John-Boy stories, and she recommends he submit it to a magazine s1/e5
  • Confronts Lutie Bascomb with regards to human evolution, and helps Lois May with her science abilities s1/e15
  • Is informed by Elizabeth that Verdie is being taught to read by John-Boy from her books s1/e21
  • Her sister is injured in an accident; the sister is married and lives in Norfolk; Miss Hunter takes a leave of absense to care for her injured sister s2/e11
  • Lives at Mrs. Brimmer's boarding house s2/e14
  • Buys two bottles of Olivia's Binckney's Bubble Beautifier s2/e19
  • First to suggest to John-Boy to turn early writings into his first novel s3/e20
  • Married Matthew Fordwick s4/e1
  • Mother of Mary Margaret born s5/e8
Mary Margaret Fordwick no actor name mentioned The Cloud Burst s5/e8
  • Daughter of Matthew and Rosemary Fordwick
  • Named after Rosemary's mother (Margaret) and Mary Ellen (Mary)
Yancy Tucker Robert Donner The Sinner s1/e7
  • Friend of John
  • Sells the Waltons some Rhode Island Red chickens for ten cents apiece s1/e7
  • Accidently sets the Walton barn on fire after drunkenly falling from a ladder with a lighted lantern s1/e7
  • Is nearly driven off the road by Ham Denby, Cora's husband s1/e12
  • Tells John that he just shot some quail on John-Boy's Meadow s1/e12
  • Has business deals with Doud's Tattoo Parlor in Wheeling, WVA and takes John-Boy with him s1/e20
  • Loses twenty-five cents to Grandpa playing pool s2/e6
  • Called the "Robin Hood" chicken thief because he takes chickens from people with plenty and gives to people with few s2/e6
  • Owns one "3030" gun s2/e6
  • Shivareed Bob and Olivia Hill s3/e19
  • Yancy take in Ben while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18
  • Yancy likes to make his special Red Devil chili and drink his "stump" liquor s4/e21
  • Becomes engaged to Sissy Walker s5/e3
  • Becomes baptized s5/e4
  • Graduated with Bachelor of Barbering degree s7/e12 (business isn't well after cutting off Casper Farley's earlobe).
  • Husband of Sissy. Married in The First Casualty s6/e8.
Sissy Walker Tucker Cissy Wellman The Come Back s5/e3
  • Barmaid at The Dew Drop Inn
  • Marries Yancy Tucker
Jane Aspen Cissy Wellman The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • Waitress at the Nip-n-Tuck Cafe who brings Yancy soup and kisses him while he is in jail
  • Cissy Wellman played both Jane Aspen and Sissy Walker
Mrs. Florence (Flossie) Brimmer Norma Marlowe The Triangle s1/e14
  • Owner of local boarding house
  • Miss Hunter is one of her boarders s2/e14
  • Boards Porter Sims for awhile, until he moves out to the Baldwin house s4/e5
  • Buys fish from Jim Bob for Saturday supper for her boarders s4/e5
  • Tells Jim Bob that the children came over to her house the night he was born s4/e16
  • Mrs. Brimmer take in Zeb and Esther while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18
  • Eye witness to Judge Thornbury drunkenly driving his car into Rockfish soda shop s5/e1
  • Brother-in-law Willie, wife Marta, daughter Katrina (relocated from Germantown, PA, live in old Montgomery place) s6/s14.
  • Died before The Empty Nest s7/e1
Patsy Brimmer Debbie Gunn (first)

Eileen McDonough (second)
The Wedding s5/e7, The xxxxx sx/ex
  • Jim Bob's first girlfriend
  • Niece of Mrs. Brimmer
  • Sends Olivia, from St. Louis, Mrs. Brimmer's favorite ring after her death
Maude Gormley Merie Earle The Minstrel s1/e14
  • Sang songs to Jamie on his world travels to write down regional songs s1/e14
  • Given eggs by Yancy s2/e6
  • Buys three bottles of Olivia's Binckney's Bubble Beautifier s2/e19
  • "Primitive" painter
  • Makes coconut creme pie for church bazaar to raise money for Clayton family s4/e2
  • Gives the Waltons her goat Myrtle s4/e7
  • Mentions to Ike and John-Boy that her cat Prudence is missing s4/e17
  • Sent to old folks home by her son, Leonard, but eventually escapes s4/e20
  • John-Boy and Grandpa give her one of their rocking chairs in exchange for the pleasure of Myrtle s4/e20
  • Awarded twenty-five dollars at Rockfish exhibition s6/e9
Leonard Gormley John Wheeler The Test s4/e20
  • Maude's son s4/e20
  • Sends her mother to a nursing home in Westham s4/e20
Marcia Woolery Tammi (or Tami) Bula The Foundling s1/e1
  • John-Boy's first girlfriend s1/e1
  • John-Boy is suppose to take her to a school dance, but cancels to help Maggie MacKenzie drive to the coast s2/e1
  • Wears Tyler Crawford's class ring (senior year) and dates him s2/e16
  • Writes in John-Boy's high school Autograph Book: "How do I love thee, let me count the ways.
  • Graduates with John-Boy s2/e22
  • Moved to Richmond, and returns home one year, three months later s4/e9
  • Has been employed as a stock girl in Richmond s4/e9
  • Is engaged to Frank Taylor s4/e9
  • Tries to sell her deceased parent's home, in order to help buy a business for her fiance s4/e9
  • Gets the stock girl position at the Federated Store in Charlottesville s4/e9
Martha Rose Coverdale Travis Cindy Eilbacher The Carnival s1/e2
  • Mary Ellen's classmate and rival
  • Tells the Walton children how great the carnival was when she sees them in Ike's store s1/e2
  • Enters Ike's store with G.W. Haines to buy two-cents of peppermints s1/e4
  • Tattles on John-Boy to Miss Hunter when he helps Ike sell (fake) antique furniture rather than go to school s1/e16
  • Attends Jefferson County Fair with G.W. s2/e7
  • Dyes her hair with the "Jean Harlowe" look s2/e12
  • Goes to The Hop with her brother Tedrow s3/e6
  • Tells Mary Ellen that calling her mother "Mrs. Walton" is sophisticated s4/e9
  • Marries Russell Travis
  • Falls off ladder (several broken ribs and bruises on her face) and is treated by Doc Willard and Mary Ellen s5/e8
Russell Travis Ron Hajek The Cloud Burst s5/e8
  • Husband of Mary Rose
Tedrow Coverdale . The Ring s3/e6
  • Martha Rose's brother
  • Takes Martha Rose to The Hop s3/e6
George William 'G.W.' Haines David Doremus The Hunt s1/e4
  • Mary Ellen's first boyfriend
  • Walks with Martha Rose Coverdale to Ike's store to buy peppermints s1/e4
  • Plays catch with Mary Ellen with her new catcher's mitt s1/e4
  • Is jealosy when he finds that someone sent Mary Ellen flowers s2/e15
  • First dance with Mary Ellen s1/e24
  • Attends Jefferson County Fair with Martha Rose s2/e7
  • Played John Smith in Thanksgiving school play s2/e10
  • Comes a-courtin' when he hears Mary Ellen is having her quilting party s4/e21
  • Erin's boyfriend
  • Killed in The First Casualty s6/e8
  • Parent's name George and Louise
George Haines Lin McCarthy The First Casualty s6/s8
  • Father of G.W.
Louise Haines Jean Allison The First Casualty s6/e8
  • Mother of G.W.
Zuleika Dunbar Pearl Shear The Burnout s4/e18
  • Stays at Mrs. Brimmer's boarding house as she goes from her hometown of Richmond, Virginia, to her sister's place in Wheeling, West Virginia s4/e18
  • Her friends call her "Zu" s4/e18
  • Organized and announced the Jefferson Country Day Beauty Contest s5/e5
  • Bought Mrs. Brimmer's boarding house s7/e1
Fanny (also Fannie) Tatum Dorothy Newman (first)

Sheila Allen (second)
The Actress s1/e15 (first)

The xxxxxxx (second)
  • Owner and switchboard operator of local phone company
  • She listens on to the telephone conversation of actress Alvira Drummond and her New York Agent s1/e15
  • Erin's first employer
  • Mail box outside Miss Fanny's house is "F. Tatum Route 124"
  • Fanny works at the Rockfish Valley Telephone Exchange s5/e2
  • She teaches Erin how to operate the equipment on her first day of work s5/e2
Drew Cutler Tony Becker The Fulfillment s2/e20
  • Boyfriend of Elizabeth
  • Only child
  • Attended college in Williamsburg, Virginia
Mrs. Mary Breckenridge Adrienne Marden The Ring s3/e6
  • Tries to find her ring that is hidden inside purse she sold to Vernon Rutley (that Mary Ellen bought)
  • Taught high school music in Charlottesville before being married s3/e20
  • Teaches private music lessons s3/e20
  • Provides first music lessons for Jason s3/s20
  • Encourages Jason to apply to Kleinberg Conservatory of Music s3/e20
  • Makes four pies for church bazaar to help Clayton family s4/e2
  • Her husband was a professor s4/e16
  • She convinces Jason to have John-Boy write several articles for her and the Historical Society s4/e16
Professor Breckenridge (only mentioned) The Secret s4/e16
  • Born and buried at Crab Tree Falls s4/e16
  • Enjoyed the history of the early settlers of the area s4/e16
Thelma Dorothy Shay The Comeback s5/e3
  • First owner of the Dew Drop Inn s5/e3
  • Hired Jason to play piano
  • Maid of honor at Yancy's and Sissy's wedding s6/e8
  • Last appearance The Return s6/e20
  • Sold the Dew Drop Inn before s7/e21
Callie May Jesse Jordan (Jesse maiden name) Dorothy Tristan The Torch s7/s21
  • Second owner of Dew Drop Inn, bought s7/e21
  • Rehired Jason to play piano
  • HS ex-girlfriend of John
Rev. Hank (Henry) Buchanan Peter Fox The Hawk s6/s1
  • Second Baptist minister
  • Father is a minister, too s6/s1
  • Enjoys fishing s6/e1
  • Also appeared as Rev. Mosely in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion 11/21/93 and A Walton Wedding 2/12/95
Rev. Andrew March Sean Thomas Roche The Yearning s7/e11
  • Third Baptist minister
Rev. Bradshaw Nolan Leary The Burden s7/e15
  • Fourth Baptist minister
Rev. Tom Marshall Kip Niven The Beginning s9/e13
  • Fifth Baptist minister
  • (First appeared as the character Lt. Clarke Oler s7/e17)
  • Graduated divinity school with honors s9/e13
  • Awarded Purple Heart, Silver Star while in 107th Europe s9/e13
Doris Thurwell Marshall Joanna Kerns A Wedding on Walton's Mountain, first post-movie
  • Wife of Rev. Marshall (married during movie).
  • Daughter of Dean Thurwell, a deacon at University Chapel in Lexington, Virginia
Doc Shackleford Brian Morrow The Star s1/e6 (also s1/e17)
  • Doctor that treats Zeb for a heart spasm s1/e6
  • Second doctor to appear in the series
  • Treats Jenny Pendleton after her father is killed s1/e17
Dr. Vance Victor Izay The Literary Man s1/e11
  • Third doctor to appear in the series
  • Originally practiced at Rockfish Hospital s1/e11
  • Doctor that performed surgery on Jim Bob for acute appendicitis s1/e11
  • Treats Olivia who has polio s1/e24
  • Treats Maggie MacKenzie for a weak heart s2/e1
  • Treats Ben who has the fever that is going around s2/e2
  • Jelly Judge at Jefferson County Fair s2/e7
  • The Vance's take in Mary Ellen while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18
  • Vance prepares to leave Walton's Mountain for a job offer in Charlottesville because he can't afford to stay in the poor area s5/e2
  • He helps to operate on Grandma who has a burst appendix s5/e2
Mrs. Vance Dee Carroll The xxx sx/exx
  • Wife of Dr. Vance
Graham Thornbury Conrad Janis The First Edition s5/e1
  • Judge who is involved in an accident in Rockfish


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