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The Walton family pose as they appeared when The Waltons first premiered on CBS in 1971.

The picture was reproduced from a TV Guide magazine article dated November 20, 1993.

The Walton's Mountain Neighbors

The following table lists various facts about The Waltons. Please help me collect this information by correcting mistakes and adding information that is missing. My email address appears at the bottom of all pages.

Year One ***** ***** *****
Dr. Dan Holloway G.J. Mitchell The Foundling s1/e1
  • Local doctor who treats Holly, the deaf girl, who was left on the Walton's doorstep
  • His office is in Rockfish
Zabez (not mentioned) The Foundling s1/e1
  • Customer of Ike's who was being shaved when the children and Holly enter Ike's store
Russell baby (only mentioned) The Foundling s1/e1
  • Ike tells Anson Collier that the only newcomer or stranger to the area has been the Russell baby and the girl at the Waltons (Holly) s1/e1
Kitty Lou (not mentioned) The Foundling s1/e1
  • Tells Marcia Woolery that John-Boy is making fun of her s1/e1
Sam Holden Jack Ripley The Carnival s1/e2.
  • Night clerk at the railroad s1/e2
  • He and his wife have four children, with a fifth on the way s1/e2
Homer Ferguson Arthur Peterson The Carnival s1/e2.
  • Day clerk at the railroad, boss to Sam Holden s1/e2
  • Employed by the railroad for about 25 years s1/e2
George Anderson Leonard Stone The Calf s1/e3
  • The farmer down the road from the Waltons
  • Bought Bullet, the Walton's young bull
  • He is also mentioned in The Thief s2/e4 as the man who is running a poker game
Jake the Junkman James Nusser The Hunt s1/e4
  • The junkman who visits the Waltons from time to time s1/e4
  • Mary Ellen negociates with Jake to buy her junk for twenty cents plus a hat for Jim Bob and a parasol for Elizabeth s1/e4
Vernon Rutley Roy Engel The Typewriter s1/e5 and Ring s3/e6
  • The traveling junk man who buys Mary Ellen's junk, unfortunately part of it was the Baldwin sisters valuable typewriter s1/e5
  • Buys a teapot from Mary Ellen s1/e20
  • Sells Mary Ellen the purse that he bought from Mrs. Breckenridge (with a ring hidden inside it) s3/e6
Mark Peter Haas The Star s1/e6
  • Schoolmate of Ben
Melanie Jill Giraldi The Star s1/e6
  • Schoolmate of Ben who loses to Ben and Nancy at 4th grade spelling bee
Dennis Marshall Only mentioned The Boy from the C.C.C. s1/e8
  • John says he has a job training Dennis Marshall's new bird dog in Albemarle County
Frank (unknown) The Reunion s1/e13.
  • Classmate who fights Mary Ellen after he tells Jim Bob that he wears girl clothes
Daisy Burgess Adele Clair The Reunion s1/e13
  • Daisy owns a beauty parlor in Charlottesville where she performs manicures
  • Her house and business is on a street with a number '35'
  • She teams up with Homer Lee Baldwin in selling the Baldwin sister's Recipe s1/e13
Jefferson Davis "Old Man" Pickett, Sr. Regis J. Cordic The Minstrel s1/e14
  • Owns an apple orchard near Earlyville in Cumberland County s1/e14
  • Owner of Pickett's Manufacturing
Jefferson Davis (J.D.) Pickett, Jr. Lewis Arquette The Illusion s7/e8
  • Son of Old Man Pickett
  • Owner of Pickett Metal Products (Pickett's)
  • Made mess kits and canteens during the war
  • Erin's employer
  • Cousin Y.W.
  • J.D. is switching from defense work to making farm implements at Pickett Manufacturing s9/e11
Marlo (only mentioned) The Crisis s1/e24
  • Girl at school that children knew had polio and used crutches
Ladies Aid Society (only mentioned) The Crisis s1/e24
  • Evelyn, Alma, Servee, Merle, and other ladies make Olivia a signature quilt while she has polio
Lutie Bascomb Richard Bradford The Fire s1/e16
  • Father of Lois May
  • Mean and drunk man that confronts Miss Hunter on issue of evolution vs creation of mankind
  • Later, dies while burning down schoolhouse
Lois May Bascomb Laurie Prange The Fire s1/e16
  • Daughter of Lutie
  • has science abilities, but is controlled by her mean-spirited father who doesn't want her to turn evil like her mother
Lois May's mother Nancy Jeris The Fire s1/e16
  • Mother of Lois May
  • Left Lutie when Lois May was a child because she was scared of him
  • Lives in Wilmington, Delaware
Beaumont Scott McCartor The Fire s1/e16
  • Student
Addison Mark Montgomery The Fire s1/e16
  • Student who is assigned to collect ancient impliments for school science project
Jeanett Lisa Eibacher The Fire s1/e16
  • Student
Lester Adams (no actor) The Fire s1/e16
  • Student mentioned during class roll call
Jenny Pendleton Sian Barbara Allen The Love Story s1/e17

The Thanksgiving Story s2/e10
  • The second girlfriend of John-Boy, the first love of John-Boy s1/e17
  • She is an Episcopalian (belonging to the Protestant Episcopal Church) s2/e10
  • Has applied to the girl's college across the lake from Boatwright College s2/e10
Dave Pendleton. Gordon Rigsby. The Love Story s1/e17
  • Father of Jenny
  • Lives in Richmond, Virginia
  • Killed in automobile accident while driving on Route 29
Eula Pendleton Diane Shalet The Love Story s1/e17
  • The Step-mother of Jenny
Old Man Dolsom (only mentioned) The Love Story s1/e17
  • The man who makes dulcimers; he loaned one to John-Boy to play
Amy Pritchard (only mentioned) The Courtship s1/e18
  • The county librarian
  • Had an "encounter" with an Encyclopedia Britannica salesman
  • Mentioned as possible suitor for Cody Nelson
Widow Aldemen Trimain only mentioned The Courtship s1/e18
  • Mentioned as possible suitor for Cody Nelson
Matt Beckwith William Bramley The Gypsies s1/e19
  • Is helped by John with some plumbing work
  • Tries to drive the gypsies off of Walton's Mountain
Martha Beckwith only mentioned The Gypsies s1/e19
  • Matt Beckwich's wife
  • Olivia asks John to take her a casserole when he goes tomorrow
Drew Narrimer only mentioned The Gypsies s1/e19
  • John picks up used U-joints from Narrimer for Matt Beckwith
Wilson B. Guffy Garry Walberg The Deed s1/e20
  • The lawyer who helps John and Grandpa with their legal rights to the land
Mr. Moffett Robert Karnes The Deed s1/e20
  • Loan officer at the First National Bank of Charlottesville
Cissy Brubaker Jenny Sullivan The Deed s1/e20
  • Young woman, orginally from Jefferson county, who is staying at Mrs. Vandenberg's Boarding House in Wheeling, West Virginia while John-Boy is staying there working to help the family
  • She lived in Hickory Creek, just six miles from Walton's Mountain, where her father owns the livery stable, and has lived on her own in Wheeling for three months
  • Cissy is about twenty-two or twenty-three years old
Henry Ragland Kerry MacLane The Scholor s1/e21
  • Schoolmate of Erin who visits her and brings her gifts while she was sick
Everett Cooper Lou Frizzell The Bicycle s1/e22
  • Church choir director and freight train employee s1/e22
  • Asks Olivia to become lead singer in the church choir s1/e22
  • Also played Joe Murdock in s4/e4 and s7/e1
Martha Sheffield Ruth Warshawsky The Bicycle s1/e22
  • Choir member
Sarah Tyler Kathleen O'Malley The Bicycle s1/e22
  • Choir member
Cora May Merckel only mentioned The Bicycle s1/e22
  • Mentioned by Martha Sheffield as having relationship with the butcher at Carter's Ridge
Curtis Norton Ned Beatty (first)

Victor French (second)
The Bicycle (first) s1/e22

The Fulfillment (second) s2/e20
  • Blacksmith who marries Ann Harris s1/e22
  • Dog's name is Earl s1/e22
  • Calls his blacksmith business his "horseshoe factory" s2/e20
  • Adopts Stevie in The Fulfillment s2/e20
Ann Harris Norton Ivy Jones The Bicycle s1/e22
  • Born in Richmond, VA
  • Parents died when she was 14, Aunt Agnes raised her
  • Working as secretary in Buffalo, New York when Curtis and she met at Richmond high school reunion 3 months before s1/e21
  • Wife of Curtis, married between s1/e21 and s2/e20
  • Told by Charlottesville doctor that she is unable to conceive children s2/e20
  • Adopted Stevie after s2/e20
  • Curtis' nickname for her is "Annie" s2/e20
Stevie Norton Tiger William The Fulfillment s2/e20
  • Adopted son of Curtis & Ann Norton
Sarah Jane Simmons O'Connor Sissy Spacek The Townie s1/e23
The Odyssey s2/e2
  • John-Boy's third girlfriend, with Marcia Woolery the first, Jenny Pendleton the second
  • She was runner-up in the Intercounty Debating Contest s1/e23
  • Husband Riley O'Connor is mentioned, does not appear s2/e2
  • Daughter born during s2/e2, delivered by John-Boy at old Montgomery place
Widow Maybelle (also called Marjorie) Simmons Allyn Ann McLerie The Townie s1/e23
The Odyssey s2/e2
  • Mother of Sarah Jane
  • Husband died when daughter was young
Bobby Joe Only mentioned The Townie 1/e23
  • Mentioned by Jason as his friend
Rita May Only mentioned The Townie 1/e23
  • Mary Ellen shows G.W. a magazine from Rita May that features Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, wanting them to dance like them s1/e24
Halverson Only mentioned The Crisis 1/e24
  • John asks John-Boy and Jason to finish the Halverson timber order s1/e24
Year Two ***** ***** *****
Maggie McKenzie Linda Watkins The Journey s2/e1
  • Widowed woman with heart problems who drives to the seashore (with John-Boy's help) to remember her roots in Scotland and her anniversary to husband Michael (played in retrospect by Earl Hamner)
  • When married by the ship's captain that brought her to the U.S., he gave her a 1879 twenty-dollar gold piece as a wedding present; she gives it to John-Boy on her death-bed s2/e1
  • The couples' favorite restaurant at the seashore is the Mermaid Restaurant s2/e1
Michael McKenzie Earl Hamner (appears in flashback) The Journey s2/e1
  • Husband to Maggie McKenzie
  • Married in 1879 on the sixteenth of the month, 55th anniversary on 1934
  • Died in 1904 after 25 years of marriage
Riley O'Connor (only mentioned) The Odyssey s2/e2
  • Sarah Jane Simmons' husband.
  • Supposedly looking for work at WPA project either in Richmond or Washington DC
Granny Ketchum Frances E. William The Odyssey s2/e2
  • Mountain sage and herb grower, which she uses for medicinal purposes
  • Husband and daughter died of the fever thirty years ago
  • Gives John-Boy her white mule, Old Blue, upon her death
Marion (Appears, no actress name mentioned) The Odyssey s2/e2
  • Woman who Ike waits on as Widow Simmons walks into the store
Jimmy Alexander Only mentioned The Odyssey s2/e2
  • Boy who is told by Jim-Bob that he is going to win the prize for his tomato plants at the festival
Anker Barnes Ancel Cook The Separation s2/e3
  • Man that buys lumber off of John, then pays for it with a hog
  • John sells hog to pay electric bill that is past due
Fred "Oglethorpe" Hansen William Paterson The Separation s2/e3
  • Old dance partner of Esther, who calls the barn dance at the Livery Stable
Anker Barnes Only mentioned The Separation s2/e3
  • John goes to his home because he owes him money for lumber delivered
Ollie Harper John J. Fox The Separation s2/e3
  • Druggist in Charlottesville who delived all of Judge Baldwin's medicines (and sipped some Recipe on each trip), and where the Baldwin sisters and Zeb go to have a chocolate soda (and to deliver him some of the Recipe)
Stuart Lee Claybourne Dennis Dugan The Thief s2/e4
  • Son of Mrs. Claybourne
  • To marry Blanche Witherly
Amelia Claybourne Janit Balderan The Thief s2/e4
  • Daughter of Mrs. Claybourne
  • Attends Walton Mountain school after years of attending private girls schools
Mrs. Claybourne Diana Webster The Thief s2/e4
  • Mother of Stuart Lee and Amelia
  • Family who used to be rich, but lost their money about the time her husband died
Dewey Davis Roberts The Thief s2/e4
  • Butler of the Claybourne's
Mrs. Dockstedder Only mentioned The Thief s2/e4
  • Cook of the Claybourne's
  • Returned to her family in Georgia
Dodge Evenhauer Vern Rowe The Thief s2/e4
  • Resident of Walton's Mountain who owes John for past due bills
  • He and John exchange words over bills and John's character
Blanche Witherly Only mentioned The Thief s2/e4
  • Daughter of Creighton Witherly
  • Supposedly engaged to Stuart Lee Claybourne
Creighton Witherly Only mentioned The Thief s2/e4
  • Owns biggest house in the area
  • Daughter is Blanche
Mr. Denton Noble Willingham The Roots s2/e5
  • Owner of a peach tree orchard
Charlie Potter Richard O'Brien The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • Farmer who shots himself after tripping while chasing after Yancy who was only returning chickens
  • Favorite gun is a "22"
  • His milk cow is named "Bay"
Mrs. Potter Meg Wyllie The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • The wife of Charlie Potter
Floyd Carter David Moody The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • Farmer who receives chickens from Yancy, but takes them over to Lenny Blankwitz's family
Lenny Blankwitz Only mentioned The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • Floyd Carter takes chickens over to Lenny Blankwitz and his family
Mr. Kilgore Charles Kuenstle The Chicken Thief s2/e6 (also s2/e7)
  • Visits Yancy (probably along with his wife) while in jail
  • Returns chickens to Charlie Potter s2/e6
  • Listens to Grandpa tell tall tales of Teddy Roosevelt and Rough Riders s2/e7
Mrs. Kilgore Appears but actor name is not mentioned The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • (Probably) visits Yancy (with her husband) while in jail
Mrs. Blankfort Dorothy Meyer The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • Visits Yancy while in jail, and brings him fried chicken
Mrs. Pierce Only appears The Chicken Thief s2/e6
  • Buys groceries, and is waited by Ike at the store
George Porter Dana Elcar The Prize s2/e7
  • Pig farmer who wins greased pig contest at Jefferson County Fair
  • Insists that Ben's pig is his property and makes the Walton's pay him five dollars for it
Grace Patterson Louise Lorimer The Prize s2/e7
  • Wins first prize for her double-wedding-band pattern quilt at Jefferson County Fair (1934), but Grandma insists it's the same quilt she submitted at the 1929 fair
Hobart "Hobie" Shank Michael McGreevey (Wrote The Silver Wings s8/e10), father is Walton writer John McGreevey) The Braggart s2/e8
  • Stayed with Waltons four summers ago s2/e8 while at the orphanage
  • Returns to let John negotiate a baseball contract for him with St. Louis Cardinals. Unfortunately, breaks his pitching arm in fall from treehouse
  • Returns to Jefferson County Boy's Home to become athletic director
  • Is mentioned in s2/e20, suggests to the Waltons to let Stevie visit their home for a few days
Mrs. Baker Doreen Lang The Braggart s2/e8
  • Runs the Jefferson County Boys Home
Sam "Half Pint" Brady Christopher Gardner The Braggart s2/e8 Boy from Jefferson County Boys Home that Hobie Shank helps
Dr. Wolfe William Wintersole The Braggart s2/e8
  • Surgeon that operates on Hobie Shank's broken elbow at University of Virginia Hospital
Georgie Moosie Drier The Braggart s2/e8
  • (unknown role)
Norma Lee Shawn Shea The Braggart s2/e8
  • (unknown role)
Izzy Michael Reilly The Braggart s2/e8
  • (unknown role)
Graham Foster Charles Tyner The Fawn s2/e9
  • Tenant landlord who hires John-Boy to collect rents from 18 tenants each month
  • He owns Grofut house, Littlefield farm, Roswell house, among others
Mrs. Grofut Marjorie Morley Eaton The Fawn s2/e9
  • Woman who refuses to pay Graham Foster the rent until John-Boy fixes the roof
Mr. Grofut (only mentioned) The Fawn s2/e9
  • Husband to Mrs. Grofut, who is sick due to the leaky roof
George Simmons Steve Shaw The Fawn s2/e9
  • Family moved from Rutgersville after father found work in Norfolk.
  • Elizabeth and Aimee both like him s6/e16.
Zachary "Zack" Roswell Jim Gammon The Fawn s2/e9
  • Mentioned as renting from Graham Foster s2/e9
  • Note: Jim Gammon also plays Mike in s2/e21
  • Enters horse race in s3/e3
  • Shivareed Bob and Olivia Hill s3/e19
  • Played in Walton's Mountain Eight-ball Tournament s3/e22
  • Married to Elvira s3/e22
  • Helps, along with Ike, with the building of the new mill for Walton and Son Lumber Yard
  • Attended John's 25th high school (1911) class reunion s4/e4
  • In high school yearbook, voted as "biggest bull shooter"
Mr. Hennessey Matt Clark The Fawn s2/e9
  • The game warden that tells Erin she can not keep Lancelot, her wild pet fawn
Harold Beasley Jimmy Davila The Fawn s2/e9
  • Boy who likes Erin but is unable to live up to her "knight in shining armor" image
Charlie Todd Miller The Fawn s2/e9
  • Boy who takes the fancy hankie that Erin have to Harold Beasley and makes fun of it
Mrs. Littlefield, Beth Ann, and Sara May Mary Better, Donna Sanders, and (unknown) The Fawn s2/e9
  • Mother and her two daughters who are evicted from their farm due to their inability to pay back taxes
Buck Higgins Paul Sorensent The Thanksgiving Story s2/e10 and The Car s2/e24
  • Farmer that barters to sell Ben a Thanksigiving turkey for 3 cords of firewood and 1/2 bushel of walnuts s2/e10
  • Farms near Bascomb's Hollow s2/e24
  • One child mentioned (with whooping cough) s2/e24
  • Negociates (unsuccessfully) with John for the sale of his car (he for $35, John for year's firewood) for John-Boy, but he needs cash s2/e24
Mrs. Evelyn Richardson (unknown) The Substitute s2/e11
  • The woman who finds a substitute teacher when Miss Hunter's sister is injuried in an automobile accident
Adie Wilson, Martha Bronson, George Talbert, Jane Poster, Arthur Halfgood, and Betty Andrews (unknown) The Substitute s2/e11
  • Some of the students in the classroom taught by Miss Pollard
Lucile Younger (unknown) The Substitute s2/e11
  • The student who has a hearing problem while in substitute teacher Miss Pollard's class
Juanita Simons (only mentioned) The Bequest s2/e12
  • Olivia mentioned to Mary Ellen that Juanita Simons once dyed her hair and it turned "green as grass"
Naomi Atkins Janet Johnson. The Triangle s2/e14
  • Ben had a crush on this schoolgirl
Willie Dempster Brad Wilkin The Triangle s2/e14
  • Competition with Ben over Naomi Atkins
Tyler Crawford and Tylor Crawfut no name given and Robert Clotworthy The Honeymoon s2/e16 and The Graduation s2/e22
  • Gives Marcia Woolery his class ring s2/e16
  • Will stay on Walton's Mountain after high school graduation and work on his Daddy's farm s2/e16
  • Graduates with John-Boy (only boys to graduate) during s2/e22
Mr. Allerton (only name mentioned) The Honeymoon s2/e16
  • Gives Jason job advance of 50 cents for parent's honeymoon money
Mrs. Hays (only mentioned) The Honeymoon s2/e16
  • Goes with Easter to chaperon children's choir at Richmond s2/e16
Ken Lambert Charles Kuenstle The Heritage s2/e17
  • Man in Ike's store who agrees with Mrs. Brimmer when she tells the rumor of the Walton's selling the Mountain
Red Turner Ken Swofford (first), Merle Haggard (second) The Gift (first) s2/e18, The Comeback (second) s5/e3,
  • Lead country singer and guitarist for the local country band Red Turner and His Country Boys
  • Father of Seth, who died after s2/e18
  • Husband of Wilma
Wilma Turner Pat Quinn The Gift s2/e18
  • Wife of Red
  • Mother of Seth
Seth Turner Ron Howard The Gift s2/e18
  • Son of Red and Wilma Turner
  • Seventeen years old s2/e18
  • Enjoyed singing and playing the guitar and recorder
  • Built Jason a flippleflute, a recorder
  • Died sometime after The Gift
Dr. McIvers Rance Howard The Gift s2/e18.
  • Specialist that Doc Vance recommends to Wilma Turner, and who diagnoses Seth Turner with leukemia s2/e18
  • Rance Howard is the real father of Ron Howard (Seth Turner)
  • Treats Grandpa when he has a heart attack s3/e14
  • Treated John in the hospital when he collapses while building Waltons and Son Lumber Yard s3/e24
  • Tells Olivia and John that Olivia should not have another child because her body has reached its limit s4/e8
  • Is mentioned as the doctor who told Corabeth that she probably is pregnant, but finds out later that she is not pregnant (and unable to have children) s5/e1
Mrs. Jonelle Breckenridge Adrienne Marden The Cradle s2/e19
  • Piano instructor of Jason
  • Has daughter of same age as Erin
  • Used to teach high school music in Charlottesville (before getting married) and currently teaches private music lessons. s3/e20
Mrs. McMillon (only mentioned) The Cradle s2/e19
  • Substitute teacher from New York City who is also a dancer
Horace Brimley A. Wilford Brimley The Ghost Story s2/e21
  • Thinks he has pleurisy s2/e21
  • Tells John that he squandered his money when he bought all those books from the traveling salesman, and doesn't appreciate sending that drummer over to his house s2/e23
  • Helped to shivareed Bob and Olivia Hill s3/e19
  • Played in Walton's Mountain Eight-ball Tournament s3/e22
  • Orders lumber from John for his new barn, but cancels after getting better offer from Murdock Lumber s4/e14
  • He and his hunting dogs help to find Olivia, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth when they become lost in the forest s4/e15
  • Horace's wife is Amy s5/e13
Mike Jim Gammon The Ghost Story s2/e21
  • Mike's wife had pleurisy
  • Note: Jim Gammon also plays Zake Roswell in several episodes beginning with s2/e9
Luke Enright Kristopher Marquis The Ghost Story s2/e21
  • Mother (Alice) died about 4 or 5 years ago s2/e21
  • Father (Tom) is looking for a job in Richmond, and found one during s2/e21
  • Will be living in a boarding house with a big back yard
  • His puppy is named Fibber, from Charity's litter.
Tom Enright (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21
  • His son is Luke
  • His wife, Alice, died about 4 or 5 years ago s2/e21
  • Will be working in Richmond and living in a boarding house with a big back yard
Alice Enright (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21
  • Her son is Luke
  • She died about 4 or 5 years ago s2/e21
  • Wife of Tom Enright
Rebecca Birdwell (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21
  • Told Olivia some gossip she heard from Rosa Paulet
Rosa Paulet (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21
  • Told Rebecca Birdwell some gossip
Henry Cottle Gil Rankin The Graduation s2/e22
  • Sells John Chance #2, probably for twenty dollars
Little boy (with horned-rim glasses) Jeff Cotler The Graduation s2/e22
  • Little boy that is shown the school by his mother
  • John-Boy shows the boy the school room, and sits him in his old desk
  • Kami Cotler's brother Jeff plays the little boy
Loretta (only mentioned) The Graduation s2/e22
  • Classmate of Mary Ellen
  • Mary Ellen wants to eat supper at her home when the family has no milk to drink
Elmer Bob Ancel Cook The Five Foot Shelf s2/e23
  • (unknown contribution)
Hyder Rudge Ed Lauter The Car s2/e24
  • Traded John-Boy his car for work around his house.
  • Husband of Martha
  • Son Hyde died while in the Merchant Marines at about age 20
Martha Rudge Bonnie Bartlett The Car s2/e24
  • Wife of Hyder
  • Son Hyde
Hyde Rudge (only mentioned) The Car s2/e24
  • Son of Martha and Hyder Rudge
  • Died in the Merchant Marines
Matt Nelson (only mentioned) The Car s2/e24
  • Owns a roadster
  • Walked Patty Ann Summers home from church
Lucas Avery Paul Fix The Conflict s3/e1
  • The representative in the Virginia legislature that represent the mountain people near Martha Corinne in Blue Rock Creek.
Patty Ann Summers (only mentioned) The Car s2/e24
  • Jason tells John-Boy he is interested in asking her out on a date.
  • She walks home from church with Matt Nelson
Polly Thompson Devon Ericson The First Day s3/e2
  • John-Boy drives her to Boatwright University after she missed her ride on the first day of classes
  • She realizes she is just a scared, little kid, after having problem after problem at college
Michael (Mike) West Ted Eccles The First Day s3/e2
  • The second freshman that John-Boy meets at Boatwright on the first day of classes
  • He is very self-assured, acting not like a freshman
  • Helps John-Boy at the Boatwright newspaper
  • Takes Mary Ellen to The Hop at Boatwright s3/e6
Mike Paxton Dennis Redfield The First Day s3/e2
  • The rude sophmore who gives John-Boy a bad time on the first day of classes s3/e2
  • Becomes John-Boy's roommate at Mrs. Butterworth's Boarding House e4/e23
Randolph Joel Kimmel The First Day s3/e2
  • The (supposedly) Student Chariman of Student Orientation who gave John-Boy a goat to be delivered to freshman orientation ceremony
Professor W.K. Ghote Laurence Dobkin The First Day s3/e2
  • The professor who was the Chairman of the English Department
  • The professor who became exasperated by John-Boy's antics on his first day of college
Andrew Clark Tom McAllister The First Day s3/e2
  • The new boy (from Tennessee) at the Walton's Mountain school
Selena Linville Kathleen Quinlan The Thoroughbred s3/e3
  • Has been attending college in the north s3/e3
  • She is casually dating Carl Jensen, but likes John-Boy, too s3/e3
  • Her grandfather is Colonel Linville
  • She wants to go off and fight the war in Spain, and calls John-Boy a coward when he won't go with her s4/e24
Colonel Linville Frank Janson (first) and Eduard Franz (second) The Thoroughbred s3/e3 and The Collision s4/e24
  • The grandfather to Selena s3/e3
  • His family has sponsored the Linville Cross Country Race for many years s3/e3
  • He has lost all the family's money, and is forced to sell the house and property (they will live in the tenant farm house) s4/e24
Carl Jensen Brendan Burns) The Thoroughbred s3/e3
  • His family owns a fancy horse ranch nearby s3/e3
  • He enters his horse Thunder Bay into the local horse race, against John-Boy's Old Blue mule s3/e3
Amy Partridge Ann Noland The Runaway s3/e4
  • Girl who asks John-Boy to acquire a ticket for her for the Bennett Holmby lecture at Boatwright s3/e4
Elwood Dobbs Geoffrey Lewis The Runaway s3/e4
  • Man who picks up Jim-Bob as he runs away from home s3/e4
  • John loads a lumber order for the man, who is based in Westham
Chester Pruitt and Charlie Prescott only mentioned The Runaway s3/e4
  • Most likely friends of Jim Bob s3/e4
  • Jason and Ben say Jim Bob is not with the two boys s3/e4
Thomas "Tom" Povich Richard Masur The System s3/e7
  • Boatwright student with a football scholarship, from a small coal town, Bridgetown, outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania s3/e7
  • Has part-time job coaling the furnaces for several fraternities at 5:30 am s3/s7
  • He wants to become a lawyer so he can represent the miners in his hometown s3/e7
  • Is accused of cheating on an exam, and John-Boy defends him s3/e7
Victor Povich Jacques Aubuchon The System s3/e7
  • Tom Povich's father s3/e7
  • Comes to Boatwright to take his son home, but changes his mind s3/s7
  • began to work in the mines at age eleven s3/e7
Ted Hanover Mark Miller The Spoilers s3/e8
  • Returns to the Hanover place with his family in order to change his life style s3/e8
  • Used to be a stockbroker in NYC s3/e8
  • Changes his mind, after realizing he isn't suited for country life s3/e8
  • Came from a New York City apartment s3/e8
  • Bertram Hanover's son (Bertram married Sabrina Wilkins) and is a stockbroker in New York City s3/e8
Susan Hanover Barbara Cason The Spoilers s3/e8
  • Wife of Ted Hanover s3/e8
Alicia Hanover Linda Purl The Spoilers s3/e8
  • Daughter of Ted and Susan Hanover s3/e8
Charles Hanover David Gruner The Spoilers s3/e8
  • Son of Ted and Susan Hanover s3/e8
Chad Marshall Michael O'Keefe. The Competition s4/e8 and The Elopement s5/e15
  • First love-interest of Erin.
  • VPI student.
  • Originally from Richmond.
  • Buys old Fairchild place.
Vesper Oakes Virginia Capers The Collision s4/e24
  • The maid to the Linville's s4/e24
Carl Jensen Brendan Burns The Thoroughbred s3/e3
  • The rich son of the Jensen family
  • Competes against John-Boy on his thoroughbred horse Thunder Bay
Miss Monsell Nadyne Turney The First Day s3/e2
  • The admissions officer at Boatwright who helped John-Boy with his admissions test
  • She also admitted John-Boy on the first day of classes
Elwood Dobbs Geoffrey Lewis The Runaway s3/e4
  • The man who buys two loads of lumber from the Waltons
  • He owns a business in Westham, Virginia
  • He picks up Jim Bob along the road when he was running away from home
Don Millman Biff Warren The Romance s3/e5
  • Mary Ellen's boyfriend who wants to become a doctor, while Mary Ellen decides to first be a nurse, then a doctor
Joshua Williams David Selby The Romance s3/e5
  • The teacher of Olivia's beginning art class s3/e5
  • He shows interest in Olivia, and causes problems s3/e5
Audrey Butler Kathleen Cody The Ring s3/e6
  • John-Boy's date at The Hop
  • Denied entrance into Phi Lambda sorority because she is caught breaking and entering into building to retrieve Mary Ellen's ring
Ted Hanover Mark Miller The Spoilers s3/e8
  • The father of the Hanover family who move to Walton's Mountain from NYC because he is tired of city life
Susan Hanover Barbara Cason The Spoilers s3/e8
  • The mother of the Hanover family
Alicia Hanover Linda Purl The Spoilers s3/e8
  • The daughter of the Hanover family
  • Linda Purl also played Vanessa, Curt Willard's sister in s5e20
Charles Hanover David Gruner The Spoilers s3/e8
  • The son of the Hanover family
Bertram Hanover (only mentioned) The Spoilers s3/e8
  • The grandfather of the Hanover family
  • Born on WM but eventually moved to NYC and became a stockbroker
Sabrina Hanover (only mentioned) The Spoilers s3/e8
  • The grandmother of the Hanover family
  • Proposed to by Bertram when Esther said no to his first marriage proposal.
Daisy Garner Deirdre Lenihan The Marathon s3/e9
  • Clerk at Patterson's Five and Dime in Scottsville, Virginia
  • John-Boy's dance partner at the Dance Marathon s3/e9
  • Ex-fiancee of John-Boy
  • Daughter Melissa
  • Mother Mrs. Garner who lives in Lynchburg s6/e21.
Mr. Patterson Lindsay Workman The Marathon s3/e9
  • Owner-proprietor at Patterson's Five and Dime in Scottsville, Virginia
Mr. Carmichael (only mentioned) The Book s3/e10
  • The man who owns a big house on the Rockfish River
  • Gives the Walton children an old boat, that they hope to fix up
Professor L. Parks Paul Jenkins The Book s3/e10
  • The professor who teaches John-Boy's special writings class s3/e10
  • Married s3/e23
  • Tells John-Boy that when he was a young man he started a novel but never finished it because he went to work to help support his family s4/e23
Caspar Tice Robert Sorrells The Book s3/e10
  • A man that travels with Billy Bigelow and the Haystack Gang
  • Discovers Jason's singing talents in Ike's store
Bobby Bigelow Mayf Nutter The Book s3/e10
  • The leader of Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang s3/e10
  • Gives Jason a job for $3.50 a night to play with the band s3/e10
  • Plays at Friday night dance that is also on the radio s3/e22
  • Introduces Jason and Sally Ann as they sing a duet of a song that Jason wrote and composed "Will You Be Mine?"
Casper Tice Robert Sorrells The Book s3/e10
  • The manager for Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang
Timothy Collins Gerald McRaney The Book s3/e10
  • The newscaster that interviews John-Boy for his Roving Reporter" radio program
Sam Guffy Garry Walberg The Book s3/e10
  • The lawyer who advises the Waltons on the vanity press scheme
Ruth Thomas Elaine Heilveil The Job s3/e11
  • The blind woman who is read to by John-Boy
  • Contracted scarlet fever while a freshman at Boatwright, that left her blind
  • After training at an institute for the blind (probably Richmond Institute for the Blind) she returned to Boatwright University, was graduated, and eventually became a social welfare worker for the State of Virginia
Mrs. Eileen Thomas Peggy McCay The Job s3/e11
  • The mother of Ruth Thomas
  • Her husband died unexpectedly during Ruth's recovery
Mike Timberlake only mentioned The Departure s3/e12
  • Is mentioned to have left some books at the Walton house
Mike Paxton Dennis Redfield. The First Day s3/e12
  • Boatwright College student s3/e2
  • Honor Council President s3/e7
  • Roommate of John-Boy s4/e23
  • Crippled veteran s7/e14
Doc Whipple (only mentioned) The Departure s3/e12
  • The dentist who pulls Zeb's tooth and gives him laughing gas
Mike Timberlake (only mentioned) The Departure s3/e12
  • The boy who left books at the Walton house. Erin wants John-Boy to return the books to the boy's house.
Mason Beardsley John Beal The Visitor s3/e13
  • Good friend of Zeb's who moved away to Atlanta, Georgia about five years ago
  • Same age as Zeb
  • Married to Delia
  • He's a retired lawyer
  • Son James Lee
Delia Beardsley (only mentioned) The Visitor s3/e13
  • Married to Mason
  • Same age as Esther
  • Son James Lee
  • Died about two years ago
James Lee Beardsley George Garro The Visitor s3/e13
  • Son of Mason and Delia
  • A real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia
Miss Minnie Doze Madge Sinclair The Visitor s3/e13
  • The housekeeper to the Beardsley's for over twenty years (the only housekeeper they ever had)
  • Daughter is Rosie
Michael Murphy only mentioned The Birthday 3/e14
  • Erin describes the boy's purple shirt that he wore to school
Eustace Madden Warren Kemmerling The Lie 3/e15
  • Father of Nancy, ex-husband of Victoria
Nancy Madden Cindy Fisher The Star s1/e6 and The Lie s3/e15
  • Loses to Ben in 4th grade spelling bee s1/e6
  • Daughter of Eustace and Victoria Madden (who ran away when she was a baby)
  • Classmate of Ben (they like each other) who has Ben drive her to Charlottesville to meet her mother
Victoria Madden Hersha Parady The Lie s3/e15
  • Ex-wife of Eustace, mother of Nancy
  • Ran away from Eustace after giving birth to Nancy when she was about sixteen years old
  • Was living up north, but is moving to Florida to marry land developer Howard Burns
Ira Ric Militi The Lie s3/e15
  • One of the boys near Ben's age who wants to join Orin in a job a water boy in Howardsville
Orin Stuart Lee The Lie s3/e15
  • One of the boys near Ben's age found a job as a water boy in Howardsville
Donny Peter Neilson The Lie s3/e15
  • One of the boys near Ben's age who wants to join Orin in a job a water boy in Howardsville
Pete Wallace Don Barry The Lie s3/e15
  • Deputy Sheriff to Sheriff Bridges who confronts John-Boy after his car was involved in an accident in Charolottesville (which was really Ben's fault) s3/e15
  • His mother was feeling poorly, but is now feeling better s3/e15
Mr. Comley Beeson Carroll The Beguiled s3/e17
  • The man who sells tires from his farm s3/e17
  • Son Danny s3/e17
Danny Comley Willie Aames The Beguiled s3/e17
  • Sidekick of Jim Bob who likes to perform magic tricks s3/e17
  • Lives with his father 3/e17
Crowley (only mentioned) The Caretakers s3/e18
  • Ordered lumber from John s3/e18
Elmer Cane (only mentioned) The Caretakers s3/e18
  • Asked for a lumber bid from John s3/e18
Henry Townsend Dan Priest The Caretakers s3/e18
  • Recently lost wife (before episode s3/e17)
  • Hired Zeb and Esther as caretakers to his house when he took sales job in Charlottesville 3/e17
Easy Jackson Britt Leach The Caretakers s3/e18
  • Hired by John to help fill Crowley order s3/e18
  • Took over for Zeb and Esther in taking care of Henry Townsend house s3/e18
  • Played in Walton's Mountain Eight-ball Tournament s3/e22
  • Helps out at the Walton mill s8/e2
(minister) Lee Philips The Shivaree s3/e19
  • Married Bob and Olivia Hill
  • Directed the episode
Hyder Snow E.J. Andre The Shivaree s3/e19
  • Hunter who found Bob Hill wandering in the forest after his shivaree
  • Hunting dog Rooster
older Weaver boy (only mentioned) The Shivaree s3/e19
  • Went hunting with Hyder Snow
  • Worked at livery stable in Scottsville
Stevens (only mentioned) The Choice s3/e20
  • The order John and Grandpa are working on when they decide to expand the business s3/e20
Luke Morgan (only mentioned) The Choice s3/e20
  • Grandpa suggests they use Morgan's tractor to expand the driveway when discussing plans to expand the business s3/e20
Sally Ann Harper Erin Moran The Song s3/e22
  • Schoolgirl who sings with Jason on song "Will You Be Mine?"
  • Ben has crush on her, but earlier Sally Ann has crush on Jason
Buber and Louann Harper (appeared but no credits) The Song s3/e22
  • Younger brother and sister to Sally Ann Harper
Betsy Morgan Doney Oatman The Song s3/e22
  • Schoolgirl who runs errands for Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang
  • Cousin Hassie Longstreet is Betsy's cousin
  • Becomes Jason's girlfriend s4/e6
  • Her "Papa-Daddy" has a girlfriend over on Route 29 near Wittsdorph
  • Her mother went to heaven in July of 1931
Hassie Longstreet (only mentioned) The Song s3/e22
  • Cousin to Betsy
  • Banjo player for Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang
  • Likes Mary Lou Simpson
Mary Lou Simpson (only mentioned) The Song s3/e22
  • Is walked home from dance by Hassie Longstreet
Phyllis (only mentioned) The Song s3/e22
  • Sally Ann's best friend
Elvira Roswell May Jo Catlett The Song s3/e22
  • Married to Zack s3/e22
  • Looks for Zack while he is playing in Walton's Mountain Eight-ball Tournament at Ike's store
Oscar (only mentioned) The Song s3/e22
  • A member of the Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang
Mrs. Parks Sally Kemp The Woman s3/e23
  • Wife of Professor Parks
Gloria Webb Julie Rogers The Woman s3/e23
  • Classmate of John-Boy at Boatwright College in School of Journalism
Sally Barstow Kathy Cronkite The Woman s3/e23
  • Classmate of John-Boy at Boatwright College in School of Journalism
Walt Catlett John Carter The Venture s3/e24
  • Orders lumber for five new bungalows from the new Waltons and Son Lumber Yard, but cancels the order when John is hospitalized
Nurse Howard Caludia Bryan The Legend s3/e24
  • The hospital nurse that takes care of John while hospitalized in the oxygen tent
David Fletcher M. Emmet Walsh The Venture s3/e24
  • The newspaper publisher who hires John-Boy as a stringer
Barbara Marshall Celia Bonaduce The Venture s3/e24
  • Applicant for scholarship at Kleinberg Conseratory of Music who runs against Jason, but loses to him
  • Wants to play with Phil Spatalmie and His All-Girl Orchestra
(Music Judge) Jerry Crews The Venture s3/e24
  • The music judge that judges Jason and Barbara Marshall for the scholarship at Kleinberg Conseratory of Music
Miss Essie Davis (only mentioned) The Venture s3/e24
  • Tells Elizabeth at Ike's store about the poor house when the Walton house is in jeopardy for a loan default
Dean Beck George D. Wallace The Genius s4/e2
  • Asks John-Boy to help a fellow student: Lyle Thomason, a genius with few social graces
Clayton family (only mentioned) The Genius s4/e2
  • Family whose father is out of work and mother is pregnant with her seventh child
  • Comunity sponsor a church bazaar for them, to raise money
Eula Mae Lynn Carlin The Propecy s4/e4
  • Schoolmate of John
  • Chairperson of the 1911 twentieth-fifth high school class reunion, John is the one-person committee
  • Lynn Carlin also plays Sarah Griffith, the wife of Ep Bridge
Dr. Porter Beaumont Bruestle The Propecy s4/e4
  • Former president of Boatwright University
  • Tells John-Boy that writers rarely support themselves only by writing
  • Sends John-Boy a letter to back-off a little bit on his previous statement about the plight of writers
Abel Bingley David Clarke The Boondoggle s4/e5
  • Ice man s4/e5
  • Old beau of Esther Walton s4/e5
  • Drives Maude Gormley to the Walton house after she leaves the nursing home s4/e20
Professor Thaxton Jay Robinson The Breakdown s4/e6
  • Jason's music professor at the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music s4/e6
  • Teaches Advanced Theory and Counterpoint to Jason, Hollis, and Felicia, reviews Jason's and Hollis' recital music, and attends the recital s4/e22
Professor Hoadley Ivor Francis The Breakdown s4/e6
  • John-Boy's boss at the Boatwright library when he is hired as a NYU student worker
Bobby Bigalow Mayf Nutter The Breakdown s4/e6
  • The leader of the singing group "Bobby Bigalow and the Haystack Gang" s4/e6
  • Jason is a member of the group s4/e6
Betsy Morgan Doney Oatman The Breakdown s4/e6
  • Lives with her father, her mother died in July 1931 s4/e6
  • She is Jason's girlfriend s4/e6
Chad Marshall Michael O'Keefe The Competition s4/e8
  • Forestry student from VPI who visits the Mountain for research on a forestry paper s4/e8
  • His father works for a newspaper in Richmonds4/e8
  • He falls in love with Erin, although initially interested in Mary Ellen s4/e8
Samuel Miller Bob Marsic The Emergence s4/e9
  • Student is has difficulty reading because of poor eyesight s4/e9
  • Son of Mr. and Mrs. Miller, farmers s4/e9
  • Nicknamed "Simple Miller" by school children s4/e9
  • Olivia helps him find corrective glasses s4/e9
Mr. Rueben Miller and Mrs. Miller Sam Gilman and Jan Burrell The Emergence s4/e9
  • Parents of Samuel
John Martin Renshaw William Philips. The Propecy s4/e4 and The Celebration s6/e13
  • John's friend who operates Renshaw & Son dry goods store in Rockfish
  • His mother owns the store
  • In high school yearbook, voted as "biggest heartbreaker boy"
Mrs. Renshaw (only mentioned) The Propecy s4/e4
  • John Martin Renshaw's mother
  • She has a drinking problem
  • She forecloses on her mortgages
Mr. Fletcher ??? The Breakdown s4/e6
  • John-Boy's boss at the newspaper
  • John-Boy's reference when he applies for a library job at Boatwright 4/e6
Joleen Gunther unknown The Competition s4/e8
  • Brings her baby into Ike's store after visiting her mother, Olivia holds the baby
Dr. Culler Vernon Weddle The Loss s4/e10
  • The vet that visits the Waltons to check Chance (who hot her hoof caught in barbwire) and Calico (Elizabeth's pregnant cat)
Lair Basham Jon Lorner The Nurse s4/e13
  • Old man who has a bandage on his left foot
  • His daughter-in-law is sick, and eventually dies
  • His grandchildren are Violet, Sue, and a boy (no name given)
  • NOTE: In The Fire (1/16) the character Lutie Bascomb may be the same man as Lair Basham.
Mrs. Essie Basham Tamar Cooper The Nurse s4/e13
  • Is sick with a rheumatic heart condition
  • Mother of Violet, Sue, and a boy
  • Father-in-law is Lair
Violet Basham Shannon Terhune The Nurse s4/e13
  • Older daughter of Essie Basham
Sue Basham Kim Durso The Nurse s4/e13
  • Younger daughter of Essie Basham
(Young Boy) Basham (appears but no actor's name appears in credits) The Nurse s4/e13
  • Young son of Essie Basham
Nora Taylor Barbara Eda-Young (first), Kaiulani Lee (second), Nancy Priddy (third) The Nurse s4/e13, The Wedding s5/e2, The xxxxxxxx sx/ex
  • Public health (county) nurse
  • Helps the Basham family when the mother Essie is ill s4/e13
  • Dates Curt Willard before he and Mary Ellen begin dating s5/e7
Zelda Magnard Audrey Christie, The Rebellion s4/e13
  • Shared Organist duties with Grandma and Jason at Baptist Church
Courtney Karen Purcil The Intruders s4/e14
  • Dates Ben, he shows her around the house, but she breaks up with him
Frank Willis Hal Riddle The Intruders s4/e14
  • Manager of Rockfish Railroad Depot
  • Associated with the C & O Railroad
Minnie Brubaker (only mentioned) The Intruders s4/e14
  • Grandpa helped to get her mule out of a swamp
Vernon Rutledge (only mentioned) The Search s4/e14
  • John uses his car to search for Olivia, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth when they become lost in the forest
Joe Murdock Lou Frizzell The Intruders s4/e14 ???, The Empty Nest s7/e1
  • Owner of Murdock Wood Products Company (Murdock Lumber)
  • Also plays church choir director Everett Cooper s1/e21
Bill Cobbs Bill Lucking The Intruders s4/e14
  • Manager of Murdock Wood Products Company
Ferris Cal Haynes The Intruders s4/e14
  • Employee of Murdock Wood Products Company
Parsons Tom Howard The Intruders s4/e14
  • Employee of Murdock Wood Products Company
Grier Paul Harper The Intruders s4/e14
  • Employee of Murdock Wood Products Company
Ed Knightley James O'Connell The Test s4/e20
  • Middleman contractor who hires John to make rocking chairs for a hotel, but when the hotel's boiler blows up the hotel cancels the main contract and he has to cancel John's contract s4/e20
Stella Lewis Abby Dalton The Test s4/e20
  • The Owner of Miss Stella Lewis Modiste, a woman's dress shop in Westham
  • Hires Olivia to sew dresses for her shop at twelve dollars a week
  • Grew up around Walton's Mountain
  • Stella never married, but was attracted to Ox Bodrey and Ollie Fryer when in high school
Mr. Clarence Johnson Walter Brooke The House s4/e22
  • The owner of the Jefferson County Times newspaper s4/e22
  • Assigns John-Boy to write his first editorial on the demolition of the old Whitley place s4/e22
  • Sells the newspaper to return to his roots in a small town in Florida s4/e23
  • Sells John-Boy the first printing press he used for $550: $50 down and $15 a month s4/e23
Rosie (not mentioned) The House s4/e22
  • An employee of the Rockfish newspaper s4/e22
Hollis Rusty Keller The House s4/e22
  • Plays the violin while Jason plays his guitar in a music recital s4/e22
  • One of the students at Kleinburg who attends the class Advanced Theory and Counterpoint taught by Professor Thaxton s4/e22
Felicia Sherry Hursey The House s4/e22
  • One of the students at Kleinburg who attends the class Advanced Theory and Counterpoint taught by Professor Thaxton s4/e22
Joe Wheeler Bill Sorrells The House 4/e22
  • The county supervisor of Jefferson County s4/e22
  • Has to put up the sign to condemn the old Whitley house s4/e22
  • Has to deny the petition of the Baldwin sisters to save the Whitley place s4/e22
Joe Wheeler's Secretary Jane Lambert The House 4/e22
  • The secretary to the county supervisor of Jefferson County s4/e22
Tillie Shanks Lucille Benson The Fledgling 4/e23
  • The woman that operates the coffee shop and diner located within the White Arrow Bus Lines bus station s4/e23
  • She makes her "special" burgers (and sells them for fifteen cents) with a jigger of red wine (that her husband makes) for every pound of meat s4/e23
Rudyard Davis Eddie Firestone The Fledgling 4/e23
  • The man that operates the White Arrow Bus Lines bus station s4/e23
  • She hires John-Boy but has to let him go when the family man who previously had the job returned to town broke s4/e23
Mrs. Butterworth Virginia Gregg The Fledgling 4/e23
  • The woman who owns and operates Mrs. Butterworth Boarding House in Westham s4/e23
  • The house is located across the street from the bus lines s4/e23
Mr. Jarvis Lew Brown The Go-Getter s4/e23
  • Owner of Jarvis Used Car Lot
Elsie Warren Only mentioned The Go-Getter s4/e23
  • Person that Jason says he can catch a ride with to school, after John-boy moves out of the house
Ariel "Effie" Robins Karen Teitelman The Collision s4/e24
  • Elizabeth's new friend who seems to have everything that she does, only better s4/e24
  • It turns out that she is being raised by her aunt, after her mother and father died s4/e24
Meg Phillips Doreen Lang The Collision s4/e24
  • The aunt of Ariel "Effie" Robins s4/e24
Buck Vernon Barry Cahill (first), Archie Lang (second). The ?, The Victims s?/e?, s9/s15
  • Local junk dealer.
  • Collects German books for Rev. Fordwick symbolic book-burning s5/e5
Judge Graham Thornbury Conrad Janis The First Edition s5/e1
  • Local judge who is involved in crashing his car into the Rockfish soda shop while being drunk s5/e1
Joe Michael McDonough The First Edition s5/e1
  • One of the boys who had a double-date with Mary Ellen and Erin s5/e1
  • Could he be a brother to Mary McDonough (Erin) s5/e1
Chuck Brad Rearden The First Edition s5/e1
  • One of the boys who had a double-date with Mary Ellen and Erin s5/e1
David Spencer Robert Merritt Woods The Virgil s5/e2
  • An intern at the University of Virginia (at Charlottesville) Medical School s5/e2
  • Talks with John-Boy and Mary Ellen about the possibility of taking Dr. Vance's place as the communitiy's doctor s5/e2
  • Dates Mary Ellen s5/e5
  • Practices for their wedding ceremony, but Mary Ellen decides not to marry him s5/e7
Dr Spenser Peter Brandon The Wedding s5/e7
  • The father of David Spencer s5/e7
  • Says he plans to add his son to his practice in Richmond s5/e7
Mrs. Spencer Jean Howell The Wedding s5/e7
  • The mother of David Spencer s5/e7
  • The wife of Dr. Spencer s5/e7
Len Bookings (only mentioned) The Virgil s5/e2
  • He is the head of the volunteer fire department in Rockfish s5/e2
  • Erin calls him at the firehouse while she is practicing at the telephone switchboard s5/e2
Tom Logan Field The Comeback s5/e3
  • The drunken customer of the Dew Drop Inn s5/e3
Texas Ellen Nickles The Baptism s5/e4
  • The young barmaid that Ben talks with while visiting the Dew Drop Inn with Yancy s5/e4
Jenny Carter (only mentioned) The Firestorm s5/e5
  • The girl that Ben went necking with during the Baptist Young Peoples Union picnic s5/e5
Florabelle Tait Jennifer Rogers The Firestorm s5/e5
  • The girl who wins the Jefferson County Beauty Contest s5/e5
The Rhythm Kings: Lou on saxaphone, Tex on banjo, and Eddit on drums Brian Longley (sax), Larry McNeely (banjo), and ERalph Henley (drums) The Nightwalker s5/e6
  • The musicians part of Jason's band 'Jason Walton and the Rhythm KIngs' who played at the dance at Godsey's Hall s5/e6
Mrs. Eva Hadley Peggy Webber The Nightwalker s5/e6
  • The women who moved into the old Montgomery place, along with her son Lorin s5/e6
  • She is the daughter of Sarah Montgomery's sister s5/e6
Lorin Hadley Gary Tomlin The Nightwalker s5/e6
  • The son of Eva Hadley s5/e6
  • He was born mute; his talents are making wicker baskets and whistling s5/e6
  • The Baldwin sisters hire him to repair their wicker chairs s5/e6
Old, tall Paul Tucker (only mentioned) The Nightwalker s5/e6
  • The man who, Grandpa says, was years ago killed after he was hunted down after stealing cattle s5/e6
  • Supposedly, according to Grandpa, his ghost still haunts the area s5/e6
the Haley's (only mentioned) The Cloud Burst s5/e8
  • Doc Willard goes to the Haley's whose children apparently have come down with the measles s5/e6
Darlene Jarvis (first) Debi Richter s5/e14, (second) Melody Thomas s5/e23. The Ferris Wheel s5/e14
  • Daughter of owner of Jarvis Used Car Lot.
Rev. Caldwell Vernon Weddle. The Elopement s5/e15
  • Walton's Mountain Methodist minister.
Lucas Farnham Christopher Gardner John's Crossroad s5/e16
  • Schoolmate of Elizabeth s5/e16
Fern Lockwood Linda March The Recluse s6/e3
  • Recluse.
Ruby Davis Heather Totten The Spring Fever s6/e15
  • Ben's girlfriend.
Rev. Hicks only mentioned The Homecoming Pre-movie 2
  • Walton's Mountain Baptist minister that married John and Olivia
Evelyn Winfield Julie Gibson The Ordeal s6/e19
  • Schoolteacher.
Cyrus Guthrie Lloyd Nolan The Return s6/e20
  • Owner of Guthrie Coal Mine Company.
  • In operation until 1935.
  • Reopened during s6/e20.
Tommy Satterfield Glenn Withrow The Homefront s8/e1
  • Son of Calvin and Mrs. Satterfield
  • Older sister Pearl lives in Hickory Ridge with her husband, Joe s8/e1
  • Favorite fishing hole is along Pickerwillow Creek s8/e1
  • Died on troop ship traveling to England.
Ada Corley Virginia Gregg The Ordeal s6/e19
  • Local herb doctor.
Clarence Kenny Marquis Grandma Comes Home s6/e22
  • Schoolmate of Elizabeth.
  • Gave her 4-H project pig Jay-Bez s6/e22.
Grandma Floyd Madeleine Taylor Holmes The Diploma s8/e3
  • Old woman in the Mountains.
Ronie Cotter Janette Lane Bradlury (first), Ellen Geer (second) The Diploma s8/e3 and The Pledge s9/e2
  • Takes care of Beasley children on the Mountain
Sweet Billy Cotter Les Lannom (first), Richard Lineback (second) The Diploma s8/e3, The Pledge s9/e2
  • Brother of Ronie. Dies during s9e2
Lady Beasley Tamar Howard. The Diploma s8/e3
  • Mother recently died
  • Father does not raise children
Sam Beasley Rick Slyter The Diploma s8/e3
  • Mother recently died
  • Father does not raise children
Marcy Thatcher Antoinette Stella The Violated s8/e8
  • Wife of Frank
Frank Thatcher Kelly Ward. The Violated s8/e8
  • Husband of Marcy
Joe Bascomb John Steadman The Violated s8/e8
  • Old-timer
Abe Macon McCalman The Violated s8/e8
  • Deputy Sheriff
Son Slater Jordan Clarke. The Violated s8/e8
  • Charlie Slater's nephew
Betsy Randolph Patsy Rahn The Silver Wings s8/e10
  • Wife of Matt, Air Force Major killed in war s8/e10
Jeb Sanders Jonathan Banks The Wager s8/e11
  • Part of #1 team in Run & Ride Race
Sam Barker Mitch Carter The Wager s8/e11
  • Part of #1 team in Run & Ride Race
Hazel Lamphere Susan Krebs The Idol s8/e15
  • Schoolteacher that died of brain tumor
Steve Prince Philip Linton. The Remembrance s8/e18
  • Dated Norma, friend of Drew
  • Elizabeth had crush on him before Drew
Norma Becky Perle The Remembrance s8/e18
  • Dated Steve Prince
Deputy Sheriff Walt Hendrix John Carter The Hot Rod s8/e18
  • Confronts Kenny Ellis when he assaults his wife and barracades himself inside his house s9/e15
  • Also appeared as man who buys John-Boy's Meadow s?/e?; and appeared as man who gives John a lumber contract s/?e?.
Deputy Sheriff Ernie Allen Michael McDonough The Victims s9/e15
  • Could this actor be a relative of Mary McDonough?
Laurie Ellis Carol Jones The Victims s9/e15
  • Wife of Kenny
  • John-Boy tutored Laurie in English while in school s9/e15
  • Kenny and Laurie are renting Mary Ellen's house s9/e15
  • Kenneth Ellis Junior is born to the couple sometime after s9/e15
Kenny Ellis Ben Andrews The Victims s9/s15
  • Husband of Laurie
  • WWII veteran that has post-war mental problems
  • Drove a truck during the war, and driving a truck back on Walton's Mountain
Deputy Sheriff David Bull Dana Craig The Indescretion s9/e17
  • Serves Ike divorce papers from Corabeth s9/e17
Fester and Pip Wrayburn Jeff Cotler (Kami's brother) The xxxxxx sx/ex
  • Sheriff Bridges ties his shoestrings s5/e23
  • Also played Pip Wrayburn in s6/e11
Frank Sims Alvy Moore The Indescretion s9/e17
  • Husband of Bernice who makes preserves
Dr. Cole Ken Sansom The Heartache s9/e18
  • Treats Rose for her heart condition s9/e18
Rance Crooks Al Hopson The Hostage s9/e20
  • Dies and wills his house and his granddaughter (Sissie) to Job Moonie s9/e20
Sissie Crooks Debbie Lytton The Hostage s9/e20
  • Granddaughter of Rance Crooks s9/e20
Job Moonie Gary Grubbs The Hostage s9/e20
  • Tries to take Sissie as his wife after she is left to him by her dead grandfather s9/e20
Eula Mae Moonie Fran Ryan The Hostage s9/e20
  • Mother of Job s9/e20


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