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thomas reads homecoming

From the Audio Renaissance Tapes, Richard Thomas reads The Homecoming, a novel by Earl Hamner, Jr. Richard Thomas, a veteran of 35 years in entertainment, is one of America's most highly-gifted, versatile, and respected actors.

In addition to his Emmy Award-winning portrayal of John-Boy on The Waltons, he has also appeared in dozens of television movies, feature films, and theatrical productions. The audio tape was produced in 1995.

The Walton's Mountain Locations

The following table list various facts about The Waltons. Please help me collect this information by correcting mistakes and adding information that is missing. My email address appears at the bottom of all pages.

Pre-series and Season One ***** ***** *****
Covesville, Virginia
  • The town that is mentioned on the radio where the bus went off the road on Christmas eve 1933
  • In reality, Covesville is on Route 29, north of Schulyer and south of Charlottesville
The Homecoming Pre-2
J & B Produce Company
  • The store where Charlie Sneed stole hams, turkeys, and canned goods on Christmas Eve 1933
The Homecoming Pre-2
Walton's Mountain Episcopal Church
  • Mentioned in The Homecoming as one of the three churches to ring in Christmas at midnight
The Homecoming Pre-2
Walton's Mountain Methodist Church
  • Mentioned in The Homecoming as one of the three churches to ring in Christmas at midnight
The Homecoming Pre-2
Hickory Creek, Virginia
  • Mentioned in The Homecoming, where John had to begin walking on his walk home from Waynesboro on Christmas Eve 1933 Pre-2
  • Mentioned in The Deed s1/e20 when Cissy Brubaker tells John-Boy that she grew up in the town. Her father owned the livery stable. Both were staying at Mrs. Vandenberg's Boarding House in Wheeling, West Virginia.
  • Hickory Creek is a small town in Fairfax County, Virginia; Hickory Creek also appears to be a tributary of the Rockfish River
The Homecoming and The Deed Pre-2 and s1/e20
Walton house
  • The home of the Waltons
  • Includes the house, shed, barn, chicken house, mill (including Walton and Sons Lumber Yard that was first mentioned in The Choice season 3/episode 20), and smoke house
  • The House is next to the Baptist Church, which is next to Druscilla's Pond, which is next to the Rockfish River s2/e16
  • The Waltons legally receive a deed for the Mountain (first settled in 1789) during The Deed s1/e20, after failing to get one during the Land Act of 1850 s1/e20
The Foundling s1/e1
Ike Godsey General Merchantile Store
  • The centrally located grocery store, post office, gas station, pool hall, Corabeth's real estate office, and Godsey's Hall
  • Operated by proprietor Ike Godsey
  • Sign outside store "U.S. Post Office Walton's Mountain Virginia" s1/e5
  • Another sign states "Teas and Coffee" s2/e21
  • Godsey's Hall established at the beginning of The Nightwalker s5/e6, after Ike spent $75 for new plumbing and electrical supplies and assorted labor and materials, and rents it out for $3 during the week and $5 on the weekends s5/e6
  • About one half mile from the Walton house (facing Ike's store the Waltons live to the left) s8/e3
The Foundling s1/e1
Baldwin house
  • The house of Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Baldwin
  • Previously owned by the sister's grandfather, and later by their Papa
  • Located down the road from the Walton house (to the right while standing facing the Walton's house)
The Star s1/e6
Halstead Place
  • The supposedly haunted house located just before Ike's store where Elizabeth became trapped inside a chest s1/e1
The Foundling s1/e1
Walton's Mountain School
  • The school attended by the children of Walton's Mountain
  • Sign outside school "Walton's Mountain School, Jefferson Co. Virginia" s1/e5 & s1/e16
  • Burns down after Lutie Bascomb sets it on fire (later rebuilt by the County Seat) s1/e16
The Foundling s1/e1
Sheriff's Office
  • Located in Rockfish
  • John visits Ep to check on Holly s1/e1
The Foundling s1/e1
Trestle at Rockfish
  • The train trestle, or bridge supported by towers, just outside of Rockfish s1/e2
The Carnival s1/e2
Rockfish Crossing Depot
  • The train depot in the town of Rockfish where the freight train is scheduled to stop every night at 9:30 pm s1/e2
  • Rockfish is about six miles from Walton's Mountain. The train from Rockfish to Richmond leaves at 6:30 pm s2/e21
  • C&C Railroad washes out at a trestle near the Depot s4/e14
The Carnival s1/e2
  • John, John-Boy, and Grandpa go to the train depot in Rockfish to help the carnival folks s1/e2
  • John-Boy and A.J. Covington unload an order of lumber s1/e11
  • The town about six miles from Walton's Mountain s2/e14.
The Carnival s1/e2
Anderson farm
  • The farm just down the road from the Waltons
  • Farmed by George Anderson, who bought Bullet, the Walton's bull calf
The Calf s1/e3
Brian's cave
  • The cave where John-Boy sometimes wrote
  • Jim Bob and Elizabeth took Bullet, the bull calf, there to protect it against Mr. Anderson's plans to slaughter it
The Calf s1/e3
Nicholson farm
  • Farm where a wounded bear killed in calf.
The Hunt s1/e4
Rome Walton's old cabin on top of Walton's Mountain
  • The ruins of the site where Roan Walton first built a log cabin, the original Walton to settle the Mountain.
The Hunt s1/e4
John-Boy's Meadow.
  • The land that Grandpa passed on to John-Boy in his will
  • Sheriff Bridges is invited by John to hunt in John-Boy's Meadow s1/e8
  • Zeb talks about a bee hive on John-Boy's Meadow, it was named such on the day John-Boy was born s1/e12
  • Yancy Tucker tells John that he just shot some quail on John-Boy's Meadow s1/e12
  • The children mention they may go there to pick berries s2/e9
The Typewriter, The Boy From The C.C.C., The Fawn, The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e5, s1/e8, s1/e9, s1/e12
Arnold Printers
  • One of the businesses in Charrlottesville where Sheriff Bridges and Mary Ellen go to search for John-Boy's typewriter, which he borrowed from the Baldwin sisters s1/e5
The Typewriter s1/e5
Sangamon River
  • The river along where Grandpa wants to be buried next to the old, oak tree that stands by itself along the Sangamon River
The Star s1/e6
Albemarle County
  • The county just northeast of Jefferson County
  • In real-life it is northeast of Nelson County
  • Mentioned as where Dennis Marshall lives (John goes there to train his new bird dog) s1/e8
The Boy From The C.C.C. s1/e8
Big Meadow
  • The area where Gino says he is from
  • In reality, during the Great Depression (1930s) the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed buildings in the Big Meadows region within what is now the Shenandoah National Forest located in the northwestern part of Virginia
The Boy From The C.C.C. s1/e8
Charlottesville Cab Company
  • Although no location is seen, one of the company's cabs bring the Mann family to Walton's Mountain
  • The telephone number of the cab company is "257"
The Ceremony s1/e9
Dr. Harris summer cottage
  • Located on the edge of Druscilla's Pond
  • The Mann family stay there during the summer as they escape Hitler's Germany
The Ceremony s1/e9
The Old Tabor place
  • Abandoned house almost bought by A.J. Covington for $58.76 in back taxes s1/e11
  • Long Island Studios film scenes at the Tabor place, based on A.J. Covington's writings s4/e11
The Literary Man and The Abdication s1/e11 and s4/e11
Rockfish Hospital
  • The closest hospital to Walton's Mountain
The Literary Man s1/e11
  • The city of approximately 20,000 residents (in 1933) located north of Walton's Mountain on Route 29 s1/e12
  • In reality, Charlottesville is north of Schulyer on Route 29
The Dust Bowl Cousins s1/e12
Daisy Burgess Beauty Parlor
  • Charlottesville business and home of Daisy Burgess At "35" of an unknown street
The Reunion s1/e13
Buckingham County
  • The adjoining county next to Jefferson County
  • In real-life Buckingham County is the neighboring county southeast of Nelson County
  • Homer Lee Baldwin is from Buckingham County as are many of the Baldwin relatives
The Reunion s1/e13
Bijou Movie Theatre in Charlottesville
  • Movie theatre that was first mentioned when the Baldwin sisters, John-Boy, and Grandpa watch the movie The Croonin' Cowboy s1/e13
  • John-Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Ann Harris go to movie in s1/e21
  • Curtis Norton says that it is the nearest theatre to Walton's Mountain, 28 miles away s1/e22
  • Jason auditions and wins amateur contest at theatre in s1/e24 with marquee "Giant Amateur Contest Saturday March 24"
The Reunion s1/e13
Old Man Pickett's Apple Orchard
  • The Waltons pick apples in the orchard located near Earlysville in Cumberland County
The Minstrel s1/e14
Earlysville in Cumberland County
  • The town in Cumberland County where Old Man Pickett's apple orchard is located s1/e14
  • (In reality, Earlysville is in Albermarle County (near the airport), which is north of Nelson County (a.k.a. Jefferson County) and Cumberland County is southeast of Buckingham County, which is southeast of Nelson County.)
The Minstrel s1/e14
Richmond, Virginia
  • The city in the direction where Yancy is going when he picks up hitchhiker Rex McKay, the driver of actress Alvira Drummand s1/e14
  • In real life, Richmond is the capital city of Virginia, about two hours east of Charlottesville.
  • Bob Hill (married Olivia, Olivia Walton's namesake) was born and raised in Richmond s3/e19
  • James Trevis Clark fights a 10-round bout in the Richmond Arena s4/e3
The Actress

The Shivaree

The Flamingo
  • The roadhouse where Yancy Tucker dropped off Rex McKay, the driver of actress Alvira Drummand. John-Boy drives to the roadhouse, fights the driver, and returns with a bloody mouth and black eye s1/e15
  • The road house is located between Walton's Mountain and Richmond
The Actress s1/e15
Bascomb home
  • The house of Lutie (father) and Lois May (daughter) Bascomb
The Fire s1/e16
Jarman's Bookstore
  • The Charlottesville bookstore where John-Boy buys a dictionary from working with Ike selling antique furniture
The Fire s1/e16
The Rivana Club
  • The dance club where Cordelia Hunnicut takes Cody Nelson for dancing
The Courtship s1/e18
The Tea Dance
  • An event in Richmond that Cordelia Hunnicut usually attends each year
The Courtship s1/e18
The Benson Place
  • The house that Matt Beckwich moves into
  • Located between the Walton house and Ike's store
The Gypsies s1/e19
Drew Narrimer's place
  • The house where John goes to locate used U-joints for Beckwith's plumbing job
The Gypsies s1/e19
First National Bank of Charlottesville
  • John tries to secure a loan at the bank from Mr. Moffett
The Deed s1/e20
Rock Creek dam
  • Grandpa mentions that John Tyler Moore built the dam, and in the process lost his thumb
The Deed s1/e20
Huck Feenie's Ice House
  • Ben says he could get a job at the ice house
The Deed s1/e20
Mrs. Vandenberg's Boarding House
  • Where John-Boy stays (second floor front) when working in Wheeling, West Virginia
  • Sign in front of house: "Mrs. Vandenberg's Boarding House -- Rooms by week or month"
The Deed s1/e20
Doud's Tattoo Parlor
  • Where Yancy goes to drop off some mysterious supplies in Wheeling, West Virginia
The Deed s1/e20
Slaughter Machine Shop
  • Where John-Boy works while in Wheeling, West Virginia
The Deed s1/e20
Carter's Ridge
  • Mentioned by Martha Sheffield as the town where the butcher lives who is having the relationship with Cora May Merckel
The Bicycle s1/e22
Norton House
  • House of Curtis, Ann, and Stevie Norton
  • Includes Curt's "horseshoe factory" and shed
The Bicycle and The Fulfillment s1/e22 and s2/e20
Simmon's House
  • House of Widow Simmons and her daughter Sarah Jane
  • Located on the other side of Walton's Mountain in a little back woods hollow
The Townie s1/e23
Elkton, Maryland
  • Ted Claypool and Sarah Jane Simmons attempt to drive to Elkton in order to get married
  • Elkton, MD is located in the far northeast corner of the state near Route 40
The Townie s1/e23
Crabtree Falls, Virginia
  • Town near Walton's Mountain where Dr. Miller, experimental medicine professor at U. of VA in Charollosville was born
  • He also contracted polio at 18 years old, prompting John-Boy to visit him for help with Olivia, who recently contracted polio
  • Crabtree Falls is located in the George Washington National Forest, Crabtree Falls Nature Center and parking area is located on state route 56, just 19 miles west of U. S. Highway 29 in Nelson County, Virginia or 6 miles east of the intersection of state route 56 and the Blue Ridge Parkway
The Crisis s1/e24
The First Baptist Church of Walton's Mountain
  • The local Baptist Church
  • First mentioned when Grandpa is going to ring the church's bells on Christmas Eve 1933 The Homecoming Pre-2
The Crisis s1/e24
***** Season 2 ***** *****
The Old Montgomery place
  • Old cabin where John-Boy goes to write in quiet s2/e2
  • John-Boy finds a pregnant Sarah Jane Simmons hiding there s2/e2
  • John-Boy delivers her daughter inside the cabin s2/e2
  • Mrs. Eva Hadley and her son, Lorin, move into the cabin after moving from Buckingham County; she is the daughter of Sarah Mongtomery's sister s5/e6
  • Flossie Brimmer's relatives, husband Willie, wife Marta, and daughter Katrina, live there briefly s6/e14
The Odyssey s2/e2
Livery Stable
  • Building used for barn dance
The Separation s2/e3
Ollie Harper's drugstore
  • Drugstore in Charlottesville where Grandpa and the Baldwin sisters visit
The Separation s2/e3
The Claybourne house
  • Large house owned by Mrs. Claybourne, son Stuart Lee, and daughter Amelia
The Thief s2/e4
The Witherly house
  • Largest house in the area owned by Creighton Witherly and daughter Blanche
The Thief s2/e4
Charlottesville garage
  • Garage where John buys two tires for his truck
The Thief s2/e4
Mr. Denton's peach tree orchard
  • Orchard where the Walton children, Verdie Grant, Harley and Jody pick peaches
The Roots s2/e5
Rev. Dooley's house
  • House where Harley and Jody Foster stay while settling on the Mountain
  • About one half mile from Verdie Grant
The Roots s2/e5
The Charlie Potter farm
  • Farm owned by Charlie Potter and his wife
  • Uually have about 30 chickens, a milk cow "Bay", a horse, and other animals
The Chicken Thief s2/e6
The Carter farm
  • Owned by Floyd Carter
The Chicken Thief s2/e6
The Yancy Tucker house
  • House owned by Yancy Tucker
The Chicken Thief s2/e6
The Maude Gormley house
  • House owned by Maude Gormley s1/e14
  • Also appears in The Chicken Thief s2/e6
The Minstrel s1/e14
The Nip-n-Tuck Cafe
  • Restaurant located on Route 29
  • Jane Aspen is employed there
The Chicken Thief s2/e6
Jefferson County Fair
  • Site of county fair full of rides, games-of-chance, and contests
  • Olivia enters her cake, Grandma her quilt, Ben's pig Rover is the greased pig (won by George Porter)
The Prize s2/e7
Jefferson County Boys Home
  • Home to orphan boys, including Hobart "Hobie" Shank, Sam "Half-Pint" Brady
  • Operated by Mrs. Baker
  • Their baseball team lost to Walton's Mountain team
  • Hobie Shank becomes their athletic director
The Braggart s2/e8
University of Virginia Hospital
  • Hospital where Waltons take Hobie Shank
  • Dr. Wolfe operates on Hobie Shank's broken elbow
The Braggart s2/e8
Brandigan's Hill Where the Walton children go (along with John-Boy's Meadow) to go berry picking. The Fawn s2/e9
The Grofut House The house where Mr. and Mrs. Grofut live as tenants to Graham Foster. They refuse to pay the rent until their roof is fixed, later Mr. Grofut becomes sick from the dampness. The Fawn s2/e9
The Littlefield Farm Farm where the Littlefield family live (including daughters Beth Ann and Sara May), but are evicted (because of taxes) and taken over by Graham Foster. They have lived on the Mountain nearly as long as the Waltons. The Fawn s2/e9
The State Game Park Nearby park where the game warden, Mr. Hennessey, considers placing Lancelot, Erin's fawn. The Fawn s2/e9
The Higgins Farm Farm where Ben barters with Mr. Higgins for 3 chords of firewood and 1/2 bushel of walnuts for the Thanksgiving turkey. The Thanksgiving Story s2/e10
Boatwright University (also called Boatwright College)
  • University in Westham, Virginia where John-Boy attends college, located about 28 miles from Walton's Mountain s2/e24 and s3/e11
  • In reality, the web site http://richmondspiders.ocsn.com/school-bio/rich-school-bio.html of The University of Richmond, once called Richmond College, says, "Earl Hamner, creator of the television show "The Waltons," attended Richmond College in the 1940s. The college John Boy Walton attended, Boatwright University, is based on Richmond College." Also, if you go to http://www.richmond.edu/about/history/, you will find out why Earl Hamner may have used the name "Boatwright" for the name of his college.
The Thanksgiving Story s2/e10
Westham, Virginia City that is home of Boatwright University. In reality, the Westham area of Richmond is where the University of Richmond is located. Until 1949 or so, the old Westham Bridge was there. It is west of the replacement Huguenot Bridge; along with the road the Westham train station used to be on. The University is just north (http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=37.569821,-77.543693&spn=0.027688,0.033903&z=15) Zoom in to see the power lines that still cross at the Westham Bridge location, and some remains of the footings in the river. The Thanksgiving Story s2/e10
Druscilla's Pond
  • Local pond where Mary Ellen was wading when she was first kissed by Kevin Sturgis and where Grandpa tells John-Boy how he first went to the pond with Cissy (Grandma) during school. The Walton house is "the first house on the left, up the road" s2/e15
  • The glen (next to Druscilla's Pond) where John-Boy finds Hyder Rudge's car s2/e24
  • Where the children launch their new boat that they got from Mr. Carmichael s3/e10
The Awakening. s2/e15
Sea Spray Inn Resort (seaside, double suite #277) where John and Olivia honeymoon (on the 19th and 20th of the month) after 19 years of marriage, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They return the following weekend with the children and camp out. The Honeymoon s2/e16
Columbia, Virginia Town where John fixes the truck's fan belt after it slips off during honeymoon trip to Virginia Beach. Columbia is located east of Schuyler in Goochland County, lies on Route 6 at intersection of Route 690, between Scottsville and Richmond. The Honeymoon s2/e16
Crawford farm Tyler Crawford is said will work on his Daddy's farm after graduation from high school The Honeymoon. s2/e16
Rockfish River
  • Grandpa fishes for the old catfish s1/e18
  • River that flows near the Walton house. John often goes fishing at a spot past the Baptist Church and past Druscilla's Pond s2/e17
  • Grandpa tricks Murdock Wood Products Co. to float their lumber down the river, knowing 45 sandbars will stop them s4/e14
The Heritage s2/e17
Goochland County County that is two counties to the east of Jefferson County (Nelson County in reality), and where Zeb and Esther visited Zeb's brother Ben The Heritage s2/e17
Mineral Springs Only hot springs in the area, Grandpa and John-Boy go there to soak Zeb's ailing back s2/e17 The Heritage s2/e17
Cave The cave that John-Boy discovered when he was thirteen years carving John Walton, Jr.--Writer; Jason also finds the cave where he plays his harmonica; they both find another carving Z.W.–July 1, 1875 The Heritage s2/e17
Turner place House where the Turner family live: husband Red, wife Wilma, and son Seth The Gift s2/e18
Dr. McIvers office The medical office where Dr. McIvers practices medicine. The Gift s2/e18
Breckenridge house
  • The house where Mrs. Jonelle Breckenridge and her daughter live s2/e19
  • Called Mary Breckenridge s3/e20
  • Where Jason receives his first music lessons s3/e20
The Cradle s2/e19
Gormley house The house where Maude Gormley lives The Cradle s2/e19
Enright house The house where Tom, Alice, and Luke Enright used to live until Alice died. Tom and Luke live in Richmond after s2/e21. The Ghost Story s2/e21
Cottle farm The farm operated by Henry Cottle. He sells John the milk cow that they name Chance (#2), after the first Chance dies s2/e22. The Graduation s2/e22
Rudge house The house where Hyder and Martha Rudge live in s2/e24 The Car s2/e24
Flea Rock The place where young people go on dates, according to Jason s2/e24 The Car s2/e24
Higgins farm The farm operated by Buck Higgins. He tries to sell John his car for $35, but they are unable to agree with a price s2/e24 The Car s2/e24
Bascomb's Hollow Buck Higgin's farm is close by. The Car s2/e24
Blue Rock Creek The mountainous area where Martha Corrine lives The Conflict s3/e1
Ridgeline Route The road that leads to Blue Rock Creek The Conflict s3/e1
Martha Corinne Walton Home the home at Blue Rock Creek where Martha Corrine, Boone, Wade, and Vera Walton live. The Conflict s3/e1
James River The river passing by the mill just about Scottsville where Henry and his father worked The Conflict s3/e1
Scottsville, Virginia Town near where Henry Walton and his father worked The Conflict s3/e1
Hampton, Virginia Town where Vera (Mouren) Walton and her father Ben Mauren lived. The Conflict s3/e1
Jensen farm Farm that raises thoroughbred horses, son Carl appears in horse race s3/e3. The Thoroughbred s3/e3
Linville Estate Home to Colonel (grandfather) and Selena Linville. Located in Thatcher Grove. The Thoroughbred s3/e3
Mrs. Ford's Boarding House Boarding house where Amy Partridge lives on Beaumont Street in Westham, Virginia s3/e4 The Runaway s3/e4
Dobbs (place of business) Dobb picks up a lumber order, and delivers it to his place of business in Westham, Virginia s3/e4 The Runaway s3/e4
U.S. Army Recruiting Office The Westham, Virginia recruiting office where John-Boy takes runaway Jim-Boy when he wants to join the Army Air Corp s3/e4 The Runaway s3/e4
Connie's Bakery Bakery in Westham, Virginia that Jim Bob stops in front of while running away from home s3/e4 The Runaway s3/e4
Charlottesville High School Where Olivia has her Tuesday evening class Beginners Water Color) The Romance s3/e5
Grohman's Department Store Charlottesville store where Mary Ellen buys thirty-seven cents pair of silk stockings s3/e6 The Ring s3/e6
Dillbring County Virginia county where Esther and Zeb went to their first dance s3/e6 The Ring s3/e6
Mrs. Breckenridge's house The house of Mrs. Breckenridge s3/e6 The Ring s3/e6
Hanover house The house of Ted, Susan, Alicia, and Charles Hanover (Walton house is first house on the right from the Hanover house) s3/e6 The Spoilers s3/e8
Patterson's Five and Dime The store in Scottsville that Mr. Patterson owns and previously clerked by Daisy Garner The Marathon s3/e9
The Rivana Dance Palace The dance hall in Scottsville The Marathon s3/e9
The Five and Dime The Scottsville store owned by Mr. Patterson and clerked by Daisy Garner The Marathon s3/e9
Carmichael house Mr. Carmichael owns the big house on the Rockfish River The Book s3/e10
Scottsville Barn Dance Hall The Scottsville dance hall where Jason auditions for Bobby Bigelow, and later plays with the band (the Haystack Gang) The Book s3/e10
Majestic Press Publishing company with offices at 201 North Main Street, Charlottesville, and at 3740 Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia. The Book s3/e10
Mrs. Champion's Boarding House The Norfolk boarding house, owned by Laura Sue Champion, where John stays while working as a master machinist along with Stavros, Mrs. Hester White, The Departure s3/e12
Mid-Town Hardware Store The Westham hardware store where John and John-Boy buy supplies, and run into two girls who talk with John-Boy but ignore John The Departure s3/e12
Seven Seas Bar The Norfolk bar where John and Stavros go for a beer, and later where John and John-Boy get into a fight The Departure s3/e12
Beardsley House The house owned by Mason and Delia Beardsley, and their son James Lee; located near a creek The Visitor s3/e13
Howardsville, Virginia City where Orin finds a job as water boy, and is joined by Ira and Donny (and maybe Ben). (Howardsville is a real town just a few miles southeast of Schuyler, Virginia.) The Lie s3/e15
Madden House The house owned by Eustice Madden, along with his daughter Nancy The Lie s3/e15
County Courthouse in Charlottesville
  • Where Ben's hearing is held when he is accused of a hit-and-run accident with John-Boy's car s3/e15
  • Where John-Boy and Jim Bob go to find out when Jim Bob was born s4/e16
The Lie s3/e15
Virginia Manor Hotel The hotel in Charlottesville where Nancy Madden and her mother, Victoria, meet for the first time The Lie s3/e15
Charlottesville, Virginia Mentioned numerous times throughout series. (Actual city in Virginia, about an hour north of Schuyler, home of University of Virginia.) The Matchmakers s3/e16
Doe Hill, Virginia Town where Corabeth grew up in, and lived with her parents until they died, and she married Ike. (Real town is west of Staunton, VA, at the intersection of Routes 250 and 200; near the border with West VA. The Matchmakers s3/e16
Harper's Drug Store Store in Charlottesville visited by Mrs. Cook while at photography studio. The Matchmakers s3/e16
Versailles Restaurant Fancy French restaurant in Charlottesville where Ike takes Corabeth, Olivia, and John while he courts Corabeth. The Matchmakers s3/e16
Comley House
  • Place where Mr. Comley sells automobile tires
The Beguiled s3/e17
Old cottage on top of Walton's Mountain
  • Place where Bob and Olivia Hill spend the second night of their honeymoon
The Shivaree s3/e19
Harper house
  • House of Sally Ann, and younger brother (Buber) and sister (Louann).
The Song s3/e22
Edwards Men's Shop
  • Retail shop next to hotel in Westham.
The Woman s3/e23
Margaret Lane Dress Shop
  • Retail shop in Westham where John buys anniversary dress for Olivia
  • John is introduced to Madeline Bennett by John-Boy
The Woman s3/e23
Westham Train Station
  • Madeline Bennett arrives here for her lecture at Boatwright College
The Woman s3/e23
Town of Faber
  • Town where Grandpa took Jim Bob and Elizabeth to see a fortune teller
The Venture s3/e24
Kleinberg Conservatory of Music
  • Where Jason auditions for music scholarship s3/e24
  • Where Jason goes to college
The Venture s3/e24
Emporia, Virginia
  • Where Lyle Thomason was born s4/e2
  • In real life Emporia, Virginia is located south of Richmond, VA at the intersection of I-95 and Route 58
The Genius s4/e2
Walton's Mountain Church
  • The church built by the black members of the community s4/e3
  • James Trevis Clark was its first pastor s4/e3
The Fighter s4/e3
Renshaw & Son hardware store
  • Store operated by John Martin Renshaw in Rockfish s4/e4
The Prophecy s4/e4
Danville, Virginia
  • City where B.C. Graddy and family live in Pittsylvanic County s4/e4
The Prophecy s4/e4
Mrs. Brimmer's Boarding House
  • Boarding house run by Mrs. Brimmer s4/e5
  • A.J. Covington stays in one of her rooms s4/e11
The Boondoggle s4/e5
Morgan house
  • House of Betsy Morgan and her father s4/e6
The Boondoggle s4/e5
  • The town on Route 29, where Betsy Morgan's father goes to see his girlfriend s4/e6
  • It is not a real town in Virginia
The Boondoggle s4/e5
Elks Hall
  • The place in Charlottesville where Bobby Bigalow and the Haystack Gang play for the Harvest Benefit Dance s4/e6
The Boondoggle s4/e5
Al's Barber Shop
  • Men look outside the shop's front window as an airplane flies by s4/e7
The Wing-walker s4/e7
Flander's Field
  • The air field where Bobby Strom walks on a wing of an airplane s4/e7
  • It's about 26 miles away from the Walton house
The Wing-Walker s4/e7
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI)
  • The university where Chad Marshall attends
  • In real life VPI is located in Blacksburg, Virginia
The Competition s4/e8
Blue Ridge Coffee Shoppe
  • The restaurant in Westham where John-Boy and Marcia Woolery eat a tuna fish sandwich and hamburger (everything but onions) and two root beers
The Emergence s4/e9
Marcia Woolery's house
  • The house that Marcia Woolery inherits after her father passes away (her mother passed away earlier)
  • The bank forecloses on the house after she is unable to pay the mortgage
The Emergence s4/e9
Rockfish Bus Station
  • John-Boy picks up Uncle Cody Nelson at the bus station s1/e18
  • The bus station where John-Boy picks up Marcia Woolery s4/e9
  • The sign states, "Bus Station -- Rockfish, Virginia" s4/e9
The Emergence s4/e9
Miller farm
  • Farm owned by Mr. and Mrs. Miller, and son Samuel
  • They grow corn
The Emergence s4/e9
Federated Store
  • The store in Charlottesville where Marcia Woolery gets a job after interviewing with Mr. Keaton, the employment manager
The Emergence s4/e9
Jefferson County Courthouse
  • Courthouse where Wade Walton is fined for running moonshine s4/e12
The Estrangement s4/e12
Afton, Virginia
  • Town where Vera Walton has relatives living nearby s4/e12
The Estrangement s4/e12
Richmond, Norfolk, and Newsport News, Virginia
  • Cities along the coast of Virginia where Wade Walton runs moonshine for Grandfather Boone s4/e12
The Estrangement s4/e12
Westham Woodworks
  • Business in Westham, Virginia, where Wade Walton worked for awhile s4/e12
The Estrangement s4/e12
Basham place
  • Home of Lair, Essie, Violet, Sue, and a (unnamed) young boy
The Nurse s4/e13
Murdock Wood Products Company
  • Former location of the old Daukins place
The Intruders s4/e14
Old Daukins place
  • New location of Murdock Wood Products Company
The Intruders s4/e14
Delilah Milhouse house
  • House in Rockfish whose burglar alarm keeps going off
The Big Brother s4/e19
White Arrow Bus Lines
  • Bus station in Westham s4/e19
  • The manager of the bus station is Rudyard Davis s4/e23
  • John-Boy worked there briefly while trying to save $50 for a downpayment on Mr. Johnson's printing press s4/e23
The Big Brother s4/e19
The Jefferson
  • The picture show in Westham that Ben and Jim Bob see the movie The Dawn Patrol
The Quilting s4/e21
Office of the County Supervisor
  • The office of Joe Wheeler in Rockfish
  • Where the Baldwin sisters go to present Wheeler their petition to save the old Whitley house
The House s4/e22
The Old Whitley Place
  • Located on the corner of Jefferson and Elm in Rockfish
  • The Rockfish house comes between the men, John and Zeb, and the women, Esther and the Baldwin ladies
  • The women want it restored like it appeared during their youth when it was the scene of dances
  • The men have a contract to tear it down, but save the wood within the house
  • John-Boy has the job of writing an newspaper editorial about the house
  • Ultimately the house is demolished but Zeb salvages a stained glass window for Grandma's bedroom, and all is forgiven
The House s4/e22
Episcopal Church
  • Mentioned (in John-Boy's newspaper editorial) as possibly receiving wood from the old Whitley house for its kneeling rail s4/e22
  • Located in Rockfish s4/e22
The House s4/e22
Rockfish Library
  • Mentioned (in John-Boy's newspaper editorial) as possibly receiving wood from the old Whitley house for its tables s4/e22
The House s4/e22
  • A customer for the White Arrow Bus Lines in Westham is looking for a bus ticket to Culpeper s4/e23
  • Culpeper, Virginia is a city in north-central Virginia at the intersection of Route 29 and Route 522 north of Schuyler, Virginia
The House s4/e22
  • A customer for the White Arrow Bus Lines in Westham is looking for a bus ticket to Lynchburg s4/e23
  • Lynchburg, Virginia is a city in central Virginia along Route 29 south of Schuyler, Virginia
The House s4/e22
  • A customer for the White Arrow Bus Lines in Westham is looking for a bus ticket to Rutgersville s4/e23
  • (In reality Ruckersville is a small town in Greene county, which is located north of Charlottesville.)
The House s4/e22
  • The man who quit his job at the White Arrow Bus Lines went to Roanoke with his family for a job s4/e23
  • Roanoke, Virginia is located in southwestern Virginia near Interstate 81 and Route 220 s4/e23
The House s4/e22
The Colonial
  • The name of the movie house in Westham s4/e23
  • The movie One Hundred Men and a Girl is playing there when Ike and Corabeth visit the theatre (as does Mike Paxton) s4/e23
The House s4/e22
The Jefferson County Times newspaper office
  • The office of the newspaper operated by Mr. Clarence Johnson s4/e22
  • Mr. Johnson sells the newspaper and moves the equipment to Florida s4/e23
The House s4/e22
  • Staunton, Virginia is located at the intersection of Interstate 64 and Interstate 81 in west-central Virginia, just west of Waynesboro s4/e24
  • John takes Elizabeth along with him to Staunton after she makes aprons for Olivia and Grandma s4/e24
The Collision s4/e24
Linville mansion
  • The house where Colonel Linville lives, along with maid Vesper Oakes s4/e24
  • While staying at the house during a break from collage, Selena Linville learns her grandfather has lost the house and property s4/e24
The Collision s4/e24
Linville mansion
  • The house where Colonel Linville lives, along with maid Vesper Oakes s4/e24
  • While staying at the house during a break from collage, Selena Linville learns her grandfather has lost the house and property s4/e24
The Collision s4/e24
Rockfish Soda Shop, Pool Hall, and Bakery
  • The soda shop is where Judge Thornbury crashed his car into, with the bakery next door, and the pool hall acros the street
The First Edition s5/e1
Garrettson house
  • The house where Ben and local Rockfish boys are caught breaking in, even though they only were playing poker
The First Edition s5/e1
Charlottesville Progress newspaper
  • The newspaper that is mentioned (along with the New York Times by Judge Thornbury to John-Boy
The First Edition s5/e1
Blue Ridge Chronicle newspaper
  • The newspaper that is begun by John-Boy in the Walton shed
The First Edition s5/e1
Fluvanna County
  • Grandpa has a cousin in Fluvanna County. s3/e3
  • Fluvanna County is located east of Nelson County and northeast of Buckingham County.
  • Where Grandpa and Grandma were married at the Mount Shiloh Church in June s5/e2
The Separation and The Virgil s3/e3 and s5/e2
Cookson Drugstore
  • The drugstore in Rockfish that puts an advertisement in John-Boy's newspaper: "Pimento-cheese sandwich, and a green river at Cookson Drugstore in Rockfish" s5/e2
The Virgil s5/e2
Dew Drop Inn
  • The roadhouse along Route 29 owned by Thelma s5/e3
  • Jason is its piano player s5/e3
The Virgil s5/e2
Steeden's Hollow
  • Where Jenny Carter and Ben go to neck during the Baptist Young Peoples Union picnic s5/e5
  • Where Olivia and John also went to neck in their younger days s5/e5
The Firestorm s5/e5
Zack Roswell's Barn
  • Zack Roswell is said to rent out his barn for $6 s5/e6
The Nightwalker s5/e6


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