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thomas reads spencers

From the Audio Renaissance Tapes, Richard Thomas reads Spencer's Mountain, a novel by Earl Hamner, Jr. Richard Thomas, a veteran of 35 years in entertainment, is one of America's most highly-gifted, versatile, and respected actors.

In addition to his Emmy Award-winning portrayal of John-Boy on The Waltons, he has also appeared in dozens of television movies, feature films, and theatrical productions. The audio tape was produced in 1995.

The Walton's Mountain Quotes from Rose Burton

The following table list various facts about The Waltons. Please help me collect this information by correcting mistakes and adding information that is missing. My email address appears at the bottom of all pages.

"Family affairs should be left alone, unless they happen to be your own." Rose is at the supper table talking with the family about Corabeth and her sister Orma Lee. The Pearls s9/e14
"It takes two to tango, and it takes two to break it off." During breakfast, Rose tries to bring reason to the family, as the men side with Ike while the women side with Corabeth, over the reason for the Godsey's separation. The Indescretion s9/e17
"Girls who skip breakfast as a matter of course will end up marrying a dog or a horse." As Erin and Mary Ellen rush off to work at Pickett's (and do not eat breakfast), Rose directs her concern over them skipping breakfast. The (unknown) s?/e??
"Well, now, that’s just the ticket." What Rose says, in many episodes, in a tone as if she’s now solved whatever problem is being faced The (unknown) s?/e??


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