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avocado drive.

The book The Avocado Drive Zoo: At Home with My Family and the Creatures We've Loved is a "warm and personal, yet humorous, recounting of how Earl Hamner, his wife, Jane, and their two children have lived with and loved the animals in their lives."

The book was published by Cumberland House, Nashville, Tennessee in 1997.

The Walton's Mountain Travelers

The following table lists various facts about The Waltons. Please help me collect this information by correcting mistakes and adding information that is missing. My email address appears at the bottom of all pages.

Anson Collier Richard Kelton. The Foundling s1/e1.
  • The father of Holly
Ruth Collier Charlotte Stewart. The Foundling s1/e1.
  • The mother of Holly
Holly Collier Erica Hunton. The Foundling s1/e1.
  • The deaf child that was taught sign language by the Waltons
'Panhandle' Pete Harris Gino Conforti. The Carnival s1/e2.
  • Leader of the four carnival people that stayed in the Walton's barn
  • Performed as the Hobo Clown and player of the one-man band.
  • Married to Belle
'Beautiful' Belle Brown Barbara Davis. The Carnival s1/e2.
  • The Aerial and Tightrope Artist of the carnival people
  • Married to Pete
Tommy Trendel Billy Barty. The Carnival s1/e2.
  • Clown and descendent of Colonel Tom Thumb
  • Gave John-Boy his copy of the book Moby Dick>/i>
Marco the Magnificent John Harper. The Carnival s1/e2.
  • The Magician within the carnival people
Jake the Junkman James Nusser The Hunt s1/e4.
  • The first traveling junkman that travels around the area, frequently visiting the Waltons
Vernon "Vern" Rutley George Tobias The Typewriter s1/e5 (also s1/e20)
  • The second traveling junkman that travels around the area, frequently visiting the Waltons
  • Deals with junkman Davidson, who travels around the country
Colonel Tecumseh Henderson Jack Collines The Star s1/e6
  • Supposedly, the public relations expert who helps the Baldwin sister's cousin Polonius with attracting people to their 'star' (meteorite), but ends up trying to sell the Recipe s1/e6
  • He is from the Blue Grass Henderson's s1/e6
Polonius 'P.K.' Baldwin Iggie Wolfington The Star s1/e6
  • The cousin of the Baldwin sisters who tries to sell tickets to view the star (meteorite) but decides to sell the Recipe instead s1/e6
  • He is from Richmond, Virginia s1/e6
Miss Ethel Prissom Collin Wilcox Horne The Sinner s1/e7
  • A missionary who brings Rev. Matthew Fordwick to the Mountain for his first sermon after graduating from divinity school s1/e7
Gino Michael Rupert The Boy From The C.C.C. s1/e8.
  • The boy who runs away from the Civilian Conservation Corp
  • Says he is from up around Big Meadow
  • He is actually an orphan who grew up in Hell's Kitchen in New York City
  • His mother died, his father was killed in his store, and his sister was adopted from an orphanage
Professor David Mann Noah Keen The Ceremony s1/e9.
  • The father of the Mann family that travel to Walton's Mountain to escape Jewish persecution from Hitler's Germany
  • They stay at Dr. Harris' summer cottage, who lives in Richmond, Virginia
  • Professor Mann previously taught at Berlin University
Eva Mann Ellen Geer

(Ellen is Will Geer's daughter.)
The Ceremony s1/e9
  • The wife of Professor David Mann
  • Mother of Paul Mann
Paul Mann Radames Pera The Ceremony s1/e9.
  • The son of Professor David and Mrs. Eva Mann
  • Paul's bar mitzvah is performed at the Walton house on the day of his 13th birthday
Theodore 'Tip' Roosevelt Harrison James Antonio The Legend s1/e10
  • The WWI war buddy of John who is continuously reliving his exciting war days
  • 'Harold T. Harrison is Tip's ounger brother who actually owns the car and luggage Tip is using while visiting the Waltons
  • Harold Harrison lives at 432 North Maple, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A.J. 'Andy' Covington David Huddleston (first)

George Dzundza (second)
The Literary Man s1/e11

The Abdiction s4/e11
  • Writer who is traveling around the country s1/e11
  • Originally from Indiana where his parents had a farm s1/e11
  • Was inspired as a boy with the book Moby Dick s1/e11
  • Moved to Chicago at 15 to write his "big story" s1/e11
  • Worked as a stevedore with Carl Sandburg and met Stephen Crane, (Sherwood) Anderson, (Theodore) Drieser, and (Vachel) Lindsay during his travels s1/e11
  • Won 2nd place (watch) in his first writing contest, which he sold o Ike for $30 s1/e11
  • Age 45 during s1/e11
  • The book Moby Dick that John-Boy reads in this episode was a gift from Tommy Trindall in The Carnival(season one, episode two). s1/e11
  • A movie is filmed at the Tabor place and along the Rockfish River based on A.J.'s writings s4/e11
  • He makes $150 a week in New York City as a writer employed by the Long Island Studios
  • David Huddleson also appears in The Homecoming: A Christmas Story as Sheriff Ep Bridges
Homer Lee Baldwin Denver Pyle The Reunion s1/e13
  • The Baldwin sister's fourth cousin from Buckingham County
  • His father was from the Baldwin side of the family
  • Homer Lee says he is in investments, but he really has a record that stretches from Walton's Mountain to Rockfish s1/e13
  • He takes Miss Emily, Miss Mamie, John-Boy, and Zeb to the movie house in Charlottesville to watch the movie The Crooning Cowboy with Billy Jack Bibb s1/e13
Jamie Peter Hooten The Minstrel s1/e14
  • The traveling minstrel that befriends Mary Ellen and stays with the Waltons in the barn s1/e14
  • His father was from the Baldwin side of the family
Miss Alvira Drummond Pippa Scott The Actress s1/e15.
  • The actress that is stranded at the house when her Cadillac car fails and her driver abandons her without money or possessions
  • She has performed in the theatre and movies such as "Private Lives", "Crimson Lady", and "Romeo and Juliet"
Rex McKay Ray Sutton The Acress s1/e15
  • The driver of Alvira Drummond's car, who abandons her and presumedly (but incorrectly) takes all her money and possessions
Volta Gregory Sierra The Gypsies s1/e19
  • The head of the gypsies; husband to Franzia and father to Craska
  • From the country of Bulgaria
Franzia Karen Kondan The Gypsies s1/e19
  • The wife of Volta, and mother to Craska
Craska Barry Miller The Gypsies s1/e19
  • The son of Volta and Franzia
unknown name appears but baby actor is not credited The Gypsies s1/e19
  • The baby daughter of Volta and Franzia
Zena Celia Lovsky The Gypsies s1/e19
  • The older woman of the gypsies
  • Most likely the mother of Franzia
Zvelei Victor Argo The Gypsies s1/e19
  • The single man of the gypsies
Theodore Albert Claypool Sr. John Myhers The Townie s1/e23
  • Wealthy man from Charlottesville who searches for his son after finding money, gun, and car missing
Theodore "Ted" Albert Claypool Jr. Nicholas Hammond The Townie s1/e23
  • Spoiled boy from Charlottesville who dates Sarah Jane Simmons and tries to elope with her
Oscar Cockrell Peter Donat The Prize s2/e7
  • Old beau of Olivia's who returns to Walton's Mountain as he campaigns for the legislature for Jefferson County
  • He is one of the "Cake and Cookie" judges at the Jefferson County Fair
  • His father was a lawyer who was a friend to Judge Baldwin
  • His wife is Doddie Bowen, originally from Carter Ridge, they have no children and she is younger than he
Doddie Bowen Cockrell (only mentioned) The Prize s2/e7
  • Wife of Oscar Cockrell
Clyde "Preacher" Harroway Richard X. Slattery The Braggart s2/e8
  • Former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player who arrives to scout Hobie Shank's ability to pitch
Calvin Trask Brian Culhane The Braggart s2/e8
  • First baseman for Richmond Rebels of Triple A league
  • Bats against Hobie Shank to test his pitching ability
Miss Megan Pollard Catherine Burns The Substitute s2/e11
  • Teacher from New York City, a daughter of a famous professor (father died while they were preparing his works for publication), she is twenty-four years old
  • Substitute teaches for Miss Hunter when she must leave to help her injured sister
Todd Cooper Michael Glasser The Air Mail Man s2/e13
  • The pilot for the U.S. Post Office who flies a Stearman between Washington DC and Atlanta
  • Drops in on the Waltons after experiencing engine troubles
  • He learned to fly from his father, an aviator in WWI
Sue Cooper Julie Cobb The Air Mail Man s2/e13
  • Wife of Todd Cooper who is pregnant with the couples' first child
  • They once teamed as The Flying Coopers
Kevin Sturgis James Carroll Jordan The Awakening s2/e15
  • A twenty-year-old medical student at the University of Virginia who really wants to be a painter
  • Mary Ellen mets him while wading in Druscilla's Pond
Charlie Harmon Noah Beery The Heritage s2/e17
  • Claims to be county surveyor, but really representative to corportion that wants to buy Walton's Mountain to build health resort
Bill Dietor Norman Andrews The Heritage s2/e17
  • Partner to Mr. Harmon
Mr. George Reed Ben Piazza The Five Foot Shelf s2/e23
  • Traveling book salesman (a printer by trade) from New York
  • Sells the Waltons the Harvard Classics 50 volume set of books for three dollars down and a little bit each month
  • His daughter is named Selena
Bennett Lawrence Holmby Herb Nelson The Runaway s3/e4
  • A author scheduled to give a noon travel lecture at Boatwright University
  • John-Boy enjoys the author's writings and is going there with Amy Partridge, a girl he met while waiting in line for tickets
Amy Partridge Ann Noland The Runaway s3/e4
  • A girl who is working at the Boatwright University bookstore while saving money to return to college
  • She asks John-Boy to get a ticket for her to the Bennett Holmby lecture, and they intend to go together
Joshua Williams David Selby The Romance s3/e4
  • Olivia's art teacher at the class Beginners Water Color held at the Charlottesville high school
Thomas "Tom" Povich Richard Masur The System s3/e7
  • Football player that broke honor code at Boatwright
  • Wants to become a lawyer so he can represent hometown coal miners
  • Works part-time coaling furnaces at Boatwright fraternities
Victor Povich Jacques Aubuchon The System s3/e7
  • Father of Tom Povich
  • Began working in the mines at age eleven
  • Lives in Bridgetown, Pennsylvania
Spanky Logan Lennie Weinrib The Marathon s3/e9
  • Vaudevillian, along with Helen Faye, from Scranton, Pennslyvania
Helen Faye Joyce Jameson The Marathon s3/e9
  • Vaudevillian, along with Spanky Logan, from Scranton, Pennsylvania
Steve Bates Don Miller The Marathon s3/e9
  • Dance partner, with Priscilla May, who try to win the marathon in order to get married
Priscilla May "PM" Ellen Moss The Marathon s3/e9
  • Dance partner, with Steve Bates, who try to win the marathon in order to get married
Mrs. Laura Sue Champion Joanna Moore The Departure s3/e12
  • The Norfolk owner of the boarding house who provides John a room to rent while working as a master machinist
  • She says she is now alone, probably implying that her husband Jimmy is deceased.
Stavros Panos A. Christi The Departure s3/e12
  • The man in love with Mrs. Champion
  • Is jealous of John because he thinks, because of John, Mrs. Champion doesn't like him anymore
Sis Bradford Darleen Carr The Beguiled s3/e17
  • Previously attended Sweet Briar College in Virginia. Now is attending Boatwright, and is in John-Boy's Chemistry class.
  • Ran a red light, forcing John-Boy to hit the curb (and blowing out his tire). Later, she stole John-Boy's Chemistry notes.
Professor Whitley Glen Gordon The Beguiled s3/e17
  • John-Boy's Chemistry professor
Robert "Bob" Hill Bruce Davison The Shivaree s3/e19
  • Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia s3/e19
  • Parents died when he was born s3/e19
  • Raised by his father's mother, who died last year s3/e19
  • Married Olivia, namesake of Olivia Walton s3/e19
  • Mother, Marni, was Olivia's best friend when young Olivia was born s3/e19
  • Marni died when Olivia was young in age s3/e19
  • Hobby: kite flying s3/e19
  • Dies in an accident (sometime before "The Loss") when car hits him while walking at night s4/e10
Olivia Hill Deborah White The Shivaree s3/e19 and The Loss s4/e10
  • Mother Marnie, died when she was very young s3/e19
  • Marnie and Olivia Walton were best friends s3/e19
  • Olivia Walton was Olivia's namesake s3/e19
  • Husband dies before "The Loss" s4/e10
  • Mother married in 1914, visited the Mountain at that time s4/e10
  • Is given the girl kitten from the Calico litter, called Calico the Second s4/e10
Ashley Longworth, Sr. Only mentioned The Typewriter s1/e5
  • Miss Emily Baldwin's long-lost suitor
  • First kissed Miss Emily on her nineteenth birthday s1/e5
  • Miss Emily emembers that he had one green eye and one blue eye s1/e13
  • Attended University of Virginia at Richmond s1/e13 and s3/e21
  • Talked about during conversation with Porter Sims s4/e5
  • Attended Virginia Military Institute (VMI) at Lexington
  • Stayed in Baldwin house 'blue room' s2/e10
Ashley Longworth, Jr. Jonathan Frakes (first)

Louis Welch (second)
The Legacy s7/e19

A Wedding on Walton's Mountain Post-1
  • Arrives at the Baldwin house to deliver a letter from his father (Ashley Longworth Sr.) to Miss Emily
  • Deceased wife (Kathy) was nurse in London Post-1
Octaveous Fairweather only mentioned The Statute s3/e21
  • Miss Mamie's suitor (never kissed her) s3/e21
  • Her Papa scared him after finding our his family had only lived in Virginia for less than 100 years ss3/e21
Madeline Bennett Laura Campbell The Woman s3/e23
  • The poet that is a guest-lecturer at Boatwright College
  • She and John-Boy have a brief relationship
  • She wrote the book Summer Days and Other Stories
  • Born in Rockville, Maine, a town of 11,500 people
  • Left home at 17 years old during her birthday party
  • Lives in New York City
Lyle Thomason Dennis Kort s4/e2
  • Genius, who at sixeen years old, is a sophmore at Boatwright University, and will probably graduate within the year
  • Hometown of Emporia, Virginia
  • Father lost his blacksmith shop in 1932
  • Parents do not know how to read or write
  • Sent to University of Virginia at age 5 for psychometric tests
  • Went to special school in Chicago for ten years
James Trevis Clark Cleavon Little s4/e3
  • A fist fighter who comes to Walton's Mountain to train for a fight in Richmond
  • Hometown of Richmond, Virginia, grew up in the slums of 55,000
  • Has a call to preach
  • Unwillingly nicknamed "The Ebony Flash" by the boxing announcer
  • Weighs 161 pounds
  • Loses his fight to Iron Mike McCoy
  • Becomes the Walton's Mountain Church first pastor
  • Returns to Richmond as a leader in both the black and white community
  • Cleavon Little also appears in The Homecoming as Rev. Hawthorne Dooley
Rachel Stubblefield Sandra Deel The Propecy s4/e4
  • Once engaged to John.
  • Attended 25th class reunion.
  • Nicknamed "Rae"
  • Son, Charles, whose been married twice, daughter in Switzerland, and another son at Stone Mountain Military Academy
  • Lives on East Side of New York City
  • In high school yearbook, voted as "biggest hearbreaker girl"
G. Cleveland Cathcart James Ray The Propecy s4/e4
  • Nicknamed in high school "Grover"
  • Attended 25th class reunion.
  • Works for Federal Trade Commission in Washington D.C.
  • Married to Winnie
  • Senior class president, beat out John
  • In high school yearbook, voted as "most original man"
Winnie Tatum Cathcart (only mentioned) The Propecy s4/e4
  • Married to G. Cleveland Cathcart
  • A hypochondriac, according to Rachal Stubblefield
  • A "decided blonde", according to Olivia
  • In high school yearbook, voted as "prettiest girl"
B.C. Graddy Noble Willingham The Propecy s4/e4
  • An insurance agent from Danville, Virginia in Pittsylvanic County
  • Wife and three children: B.C. Jr., Melvin, and Ernestine
Mrs. Graddy Deanna Lund The Propecy s4/e4
  • Married to B.C. Graddy
B.C. Graddy, Jr. Jeff Cotler The Propecy s4/e4
  • Son of B.C. Graddy, Sr.
  • Jeff Cotler is Kami (Elizabeth) Cotler's real brother
Melvin Graddy Brian Part The Propecy s4/e4
  • Son of B.C. Graddy
Ernestine Graddy Nicole Henzel The Propecy s4/e4
  • Daughter of B.C. Graddy
Porter Sims Richard McKenzie The Boondoggle s4/e5
  • Federal Writers Project (Works Progress Administration) writer who visits to write about the area for a Virginia guidebook s4/e5
  • Wrote about the Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee
  • Discovers alarming information about the Baldwin sister's papa s4/e5
Dean Beck Ivon Francis The Breakdown s4/e16
  • Appeared in s4/e6
  • John-Boy's college English professor who suggests that he try for a position in the newly formed television department s9/e16
Bobby Strom Lee Purcell The Wing-walker s4/e7
  • The female wing-walker that John-Boy is assigned to write a newspaper article about s4/e7
  • She is disturbed by the fact that she was assaulted by a man when she was only fifteen years old
  • She and John-Boy have a short relationship, where she falls in love with him, but John-Boy only wants to be friends s4/e7
Rex Barker Tom Bower The Wing-walker s4/e7
  • The pilot of the airplane that Bobby Strom uses when she is a wing-walker s4/e7
  • Rex has a scar on his face when he kissed the ground too hard while piloting an airplane s4/e7
  • Bower later regularly appears as Dr. Curtis Willard, Mary Ellen's husband, beginning in s5/e7
Jennifer Persie (appears, no name) The Competition s4/e8
  • The eight-month-old baby girl that is under the foster care of the Waltons s4/e8
  • She is adopted by Jim and Ida Persie 4/e8
Jim Persie Gary Dontzig The Competition s4/e8
  • The husband who adopts Jennifer, after the baby girl stays with the Waltons s4/e8
  • Married to Ida 4/e8
Ida Persie Gary Dontzig The Competition s4/e8
  • The wife who adopts Jennifer, after the baby girl stays with the Waltons s4/e8
  • Married to Jim 4/e8
Blanche Pigeon Dee Anne The Competition s4/e8
  • The social worker from the county's Welfare Department who picks up Jennifer from the Waltons after they care for the child s4/e8
  • She is working the case of Jennifer who is adopted by Jim and Ida Persie 4/e8
Frank Taylor Morgan Paull The Emergence s4/e9
  • The ex-fiance of Marcia Woolery, who really only asked to marry her for her money s4/e9
Peggy Hill, Randolph Lee, Gloria Davis, Ewbank Swanson Marcia Kramer, Joel Kimmel, Deborah Newman, Damon Douglas The Emergence s4/e9
  • The college students, friends to John-Boy, who spend time with John-Boy during the Boatwright Dance on Thursday night s4/e9
Ira Ric Militi The Emergence s4/e9
  • The student who calls Samuel Miller "Simple Miller" s4/e9
Mr. Gordon Don Hanmer The Emergence s4/e9
  • The assistent superintendent of the Jefferson County Board of Education
  • Inspects the school and Olivia while she is the substitute teacher
Mrs. Meriwether Mavis Neal Palmer The Emergence s4/e9
  • The superintendent of the Jefferson County Board of Education
  • Visits Olivia after Mr. Gordon has problems with Olivia's untraditional teaching methods
Martin Walters James Karen The Abdication s4/e11
  • Director of the movie being filmed at the Tabor place and along the Rockfish River based on the writings of A.J. Covington
  • The movie company he works for is Long Island Studios
Todd Clarke Stephen Collins The Abdication s4/e11
  • The assistant to the director of the movie being filmed on the Mountain
  • Gets to know Mary Ellen, telling her about his dreams to be a director, while she tells him about her dreams to be a nurse
Gordon Farrell Brian Avery The Abdication s4/e11
  • The leading actor in the movie being filmed on the Mountain
  • Plays the character Luke who is married to Nancy, and they must decide whether to stay in their mountain home or explore the world
Sylvia Marsh Ellin Gorky The Abdicatione s4/e11
  • The leading actress to the movie being filmed on the Mountain
  • Plays the character Nancy
Allen McCreary Frank Ferguson The Fox s4/e17
  • Member of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders during 1898 Battle of San Juan Hill (Spanish-American War) in Cuba
  • Coordinates Charlottesville reunion of the Veterans of the Spanish-American War
Bob Allerton George Chandler The Fox s4/e17
  • Was wounded during the Battle of San Juan Hill (Spanish-American War) in Cuba
  • Zeb saved his life when he put a red bandana around his wounded leg and carried him to an aid hospital
Elaine Allerton Arline Anderson The Fox s4/e17
  • The wife of Bob Allerton
Bridget (Muffin) Maloney Vicky Schreck The Big Brother s4/e19
  • A young con artist who scams money from the Waltons, Ike, and the Baldwin sisters to make bail for her grandfather, another con artist
  • From Lancaster, Pennsylvania s4/e19
  • Her mother is married to Mr. Hapwell, her stepfather s4/e19
  • Going to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet her Aunt Claudie s4/e19
Nifty Mulligan. Bert Conway The Big Brother s4/e19
  • A con artist who teams with his granddaughter "Muffin"
  • While he is in jail "Muffin" is conning money from people to pay for his bail
Ezekiel L. Henshaw John Karlen The Baptism s5/e4
  • The hell-and-brimstone preacher that preaches at the Baptist Church Annual All Day Revival Meeting
  • He and Rev. Fordwick also baptize many of the members of the Baptist Church
Ted Lapinsky Todd Susman The Home Front s8/e1
  • Private in Jason's army unit who is Jewish and lives in Albany Park, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) s8/e1
  • Favorite hangout is Fat Irving's (best hot dogs on the north side) s8/e1
  • Father operates a delicatessen; three sisters; and Uncle Morris lives with family (after Aunt Minnie died) s8/e1
Betty Howell Pamela McMyler The Tempest s9/e9
  • The woman from from Lockeburg, Florida, who claims to Mary Ellen that Curt is now living in her hometown s9/e9
  • Betty's mother lives in Raleigh; her father is dead s9/e9
Bernadine Penelope Windust The Carousel s9/e10
  • The biological mother of Cindy Walton (and father's name is Derrick Shepard)
Wesley Northridge Richard Eastham The Lumberjack s9/e19
  • The father of Paul Matthew Northridge s9/e19
  • The owner of Northridge Lumber, a competitor of John Walton s9/e19
  • His wife is deceased s9/e19
  • His maid is Rosy s9/e19
  • He graduated from Yale University s9/e19
Octavia Mary Wickes The Hostage s9/e20
  • The Baldwin sister's cousin who visited them
  • The sister's Papa called Octavia "Little Miss Fix-It" when she was a girl
  • She has retired as a legal secretary for the U.S. Treasury Department
  • Octavia says she is writing a book entitled "Octavia's Oven Adventures"
  • Octavia is a gourmet cook, using many Republican recipes from the Teddy Roosevelt administration
  • Octavia was a patient at the Delaware Correctional Institute
  • Octavia admits to Ike that she is a kleptomaniac


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